The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Arkansas

things to do in arkansas

Arkansas is a state of natural beauty, home to the Ozark Mountains and Ouachita Mountain ranges. Green forests covered in verdant forest landscapes as well as rivers that roar past rocky outcrops make Arkansas an outdoorsman’s paradise!

Arkansas is a state of contrasts. The natural wonders are unmatched, and so are the little towns to visit in between them – Eureka Springs for its rich history or Hot Springs with all it has to offer: mineral baths, spas treatments that will relax your muscles after long days on end hiking through rugged terrain… Little Rock deserves mention too as this bustling metropolis not only houses Arkansas’ capitol building but also acts as a cultural center where many events showcasing local talent take place every night.

Top 10: Bentonville


Nestled in the Northwest of Arkansas, Bentonville was once a sleepy little town that has since been transformed by its booming business. Known as Walmart’s headquarters and birthplace – which is where they got their name from- this quaint city now offers visitors all sorts of amenities to keep them entertained for days on end!

A small, but bustling town center is home to many artisanal stores and cafes. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art stands out as one of the more pleasant museums in this area with its modern architecture that perfectly suits their collection.

Bentonville is a small, welcoming city that sees plenty of visitors during the week. Weekends are much quieter and more relaxing though as it’s not very crowded either! On top of all this, you have access to some amazing places like Eureka Springs or Branson right near home while touring attractions such as Yellowstone Park can be found just off in another direction from here too.

Top 9: Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park

The Petit Jean State Park is a wonderful spot for those who love exploring nature. The name comes from an 18th-century French woman’s tragic death, and the park was made in her honor to preserve this land forevermore!

As the story goes, she disguised herself as a man so that she could accompany her lover on an expedition. On her deathbed, though everyone knew who was really behind all those daring deeds and groundbreaking discoveries! And now from atop this lofty mountain peak, you can enjoy sweeping views over Arkansas River valley dotted with epic caves or forests…

Hiking in Evergreen State Park is a must for travelers. The hike to its most enchanting attraction, Cedar Falls plunges you 29 meters down the face of jagged cliffs with breathtaking views all around!

Top 8: Mount Magazine State Park

Mount Magazine State Park

The 839-meter Mount Magazine, Arkansas’ highest point and namesake for the state park it dominates with its hulking presence. Rising over forests hillsides of the stunning scenery that lead down to one side where you can see into an Equestrian Center or other buildings in small towns below – all while gazing out across this majestic landscape!

There are many hiking trails and cycle paths for visitors to explore, while rock climbing is available in the higher reaches. At the visitor center, there’s an exhibit on pristine nature as well as protected wildlife that guests can enjoy at their leisure or take advantage of if they’re planning a camping trip here!

Mount Magazine State Park is an excellent place to visit for those who enjoy a weekend getaway. With many lakes and pristine scenery, this park provides visitors with plenty of activities they can take part in while exploring the area’s natural beauty!

Top 7: Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds State Park

Digging for diamonds is a dangerous and time-consuming process, but the rewards make it worth every minute. Since John Huddlestone first found two glimmering crystals all the way back in 1906 people have been coming from across America to try their luck at Crater of Diamonds State Park -the only place where you can get your hands on some rare earth minerals too!

Over the years, a remarkable 29000 gems have been unearthed by visitors. These precious rocks can be kept and sold to gem traders or simply admired for their beauty in any one of our many museums across Skyrim’s landscape! Visitors will find both amethyst geodes as well as diamond discoveries at this diverse museum which was specifically designed with travelers like yourself in mind.”

One can find a variety of things in this historic diamond mine. Visitors will enjoy the lush surroundings and two diamonds per day on average, while in 1990 Shirley Strawn found what is considered to be perfect ever discovered; Crater Of Diamonds State Park preserves her legacy as well!

Top 6: Fayetteville


Fayetteville is the third-largest city in Arkansas, and it lies deep within Ozark Mountains. As home to the University of Arkansas’ main campus, there’s a youthful feel about town with plenty of restaurants or shops for you to discover on your travels!

Thanks to its large student body, it also has a thriving arts and culture scene. The town offers live music concerts in the downtown square with some beautiful old buildings for you to explore or head out into nature at one of many parks scattered throughout this picturesque area!

Fayetteville is the center of life in this city. Public buildings and boutiques are found alongside historic landmarks, nightclubs to keep you busy all weekend long or just when you are thirsty for something new on Fergus Street (Dickson St.), weekly farmers’ market every Saturday morning at 10 am which brings fresh produce into town right up until they close their doors around 6 pm – what better time than now? There’s tons more outdoorsy stuff not too far off either if hiking trails aren’t quite enough but then again there isn’t anything wrong with getting cozy inside during wintertime either!

Top 5: Buffalo National River

Buffalo National River

The Buffalo River is one of the most beautiful National Rivers in America, with its magically meandering waters that pass through picturesque landscapes. Since 1972 it has been protected and can be enjoyed for what it currently offers – free-flowing streams passing by awe-inspiring scenery without any development or pollution!

Along the banks of this land, there are lush forests and sparkling waterfalls. You can find everything from massive limestone bluffs to cave-riddled rock formations; not only does it have an abundance of scenic beauty but also provides countless outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors looking forward to what might lie ahead!

The sound of flowing water and bird songs are what make this place so beautiful. Hiking upriver will reveal ancient bluffs shelters, while kayaking or canoeing takes you past stunning views along the way. You can even explore some historical sites like old cabins which used to house early settlers!

Top 4: Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a beautiful little town that has been preserved for future generations to enjoy. The Victorian-style cottages and mansions are wonderful along with the winding cobbled streets in this enchanting valley hidden away by Ozarks mountains!

Founded in 1879, this historic resort town was once home to numerous cold-water springs. With its heyday long gone and now on the National Register of Historic Places for preservation purposes; visitors can still enjoy delightfully different looks along their journey through Union City’s winding streets lined with Victorian mansions that proudly display their heritage as well as stately piles built at turn offs where life happened before there were cars!

Eureka Springs is a popular tourist destination due to its unique architecture and heritage. Visitors can go hiking, biking, or horseback riding in the nearby mountains and forests while wanderer through town as well!

Top 3: Ozark National Forest

Ozark National Forest

The Ozark National Forest is a vast tract of land in Arkansas that offers breathtaking scenery and landscapes. It usually comes with its own smaller counterpart, St Francis – but not always! The higher mountains found within this forest make it one of those few places where you can see what life would have been like to live during pioneer times when people first arrived here many years ago.

Together, they have more than 600 kilometers of hiking trails for visitors to explore. The mountains are lovely with old-growth forests and bubbling streams coursing through them–so much so that it’s one heckuva lot (that’ll do) if you’re looking for mountain getaways!

Ozark National Forest is a great place to get away from it all. Vacationers can enjoy swimming, fishing, and boating on its beautiful waterways while campers wake up in the morning with the natural beauty surrounding them every day of their trip!

Top 2: Hot Springs

Hot Springs

The Ouachita Mountains are home to a ravishing resort city called Hot Springs, which was named after its healing waters that have long attracted people from all over. Founded in 1832 and developed into an attractive spa town by the late 19th century with elegant bathhouses springing up around thermal springs this small Midwestern state has been host so much colorful history including gambling and bootlegging during Al Capone’s time as well!

With its beautiful architecture, Hot Springs is a must-see for anyone who appreciates Art Deco or Neoclassical style. A trip here will show you the various bathhouses on Bathhouse Row that are protected as part of the National Park Service land preserve – it’s worth taking in all these historic buildings and learning about their heritage! You could also enjoy mountain scenery while hiking trails near the town; there are many different natural areas where one can go exploring outside city limits too if they don’t want any crowds during peak times (weekends).

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Top 1: Little Rock

Little Rock

The city of Little Rock, Arkansas is the capital and largest in size. It’s also on the banks or an important river that runs through central Arkansas; named after rocks once used as landmarks that now act as border crossings between cultures for this region!

The vibrant yet laidback vibe of this historic city can be felt in the streets, where one landmark after another catches your eye. There are impressive landmarks and museums that lie alongside galleries for artsy types; theaters with great plays to see on their roster – all topped off by some peace-parks perfect if you need a break from walking around town!

Little Rock is an excellent destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking, biking, and boating are all available in this scenic landscape where you’ll have no problem finding fantastic cafes to fuel your adventure along with some good old-fashioned American food too!