The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Florida

places to visit in florida

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustles of your daily life, Florida is just what you need. With miles upon miles of white sand beaches where people come in search of peace or find paradise at their toes (and sometimes both!), this former Spanish colony has everything that will make any vacationer happy – even if they don’t take advantage its much sought after theme parks like Walt Disney World Resort District located near Orlando International Airport!

Come to Florida for a taste of the tropics. The state offers more sun, sea, and sand in the south where you can find 120 miles long stretch along Florida Straits with its beautiful beaches on either side that are perfect for relaxing or exploring adventure underwater through scuba diving lessons at nearby reefs; snorkeling amongst our colorful fish population under crystal clear water teeming over coral gardens as if they were fountain salt crystals Just remember not to forget about Orlando – home to famous amusement parks such as Disney World! Here are my top places:

Top 10: Panama City Beach

The town of Panama City Beach offers 27 miles (43 km) of white sand beaches on the Emerald Coast. This is a popular destination for residents from southern states as well as tens of thousands of high school and college students during spring break season – who enjoy sunbathing, swimming in emerald green waters, or fishing near their favorite beachfront restaurants while family members go through an amusement park together!

Top 9: Naples

One of the most beautiful cities in America, Naples is also one of its wealthiest. The shoreline has been developed with residential and tourist areas alike to ensure visitors can enjoy both an exquisite beach scene as well as wildlife refuges nearby for their adventures!

The Everglades, Florida Panther National Wildlife Reserve, and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary make up just a few of the many attractions in this state. Naples has an artsy vibe with shopping districts that are worth checking out if you’re looking for some fun activities while visiting!

Top 8: Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a quiet, natural travel destination well-suited for families. Wildlife refuges take up more than half the island and provide opportunities to spot wildlife like alligators in their native environment while also providing sanctuary from development on nearby hotspots such as Fort Myers or Tampa Bay.

It’s known locally that there have been pirates around these parts because legend has it they used Sanibel? in hiding out after plundering ships off our coastlines back when this area was still largely uncharted territory before Europeans set foot here!

Sanibel Island is a quiet, natural travel destination that’s well-suited for families. Wildlife refuges take up more than half of this long narrow island and it may have harbored pirates in its days as an important spot on maps because local legends say so!

Top 7: Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a sophisticated cultural center with an increasingly upmarket social scene. Located on the Atlantic Ocean about 23 miles (37 km) north of Miami Beach it’s also known as “the Venice of America” due to its expansive canal system which extends for over 100 kilometers, making this area one-of-a-kind in all aspects!

The city has a lot of tourist infrastructure with plenty and variety in the area. From hotels, golf courses to museums; there’s something for everyone here! The most popular section is commonly referred to as “The Strip” which hosts many restaurants along its the street side that offer food from all over around world cuisine including Americanized dishes like ribs or pizza also found at their local gas station if you’re feeling homesick too 🙂

Top 6: Clearwater Beach

If you want to feel like a true celebrity, head on down to Clearwater Beach in Florida. This beautiful destination is home to not only to pristine white sand beaches but also to all sorts of activities and fun things for visitors such as fishing dolphin tours or kayaking! It’s no wonder why USA Today readers ranked it #1 last year with its miles upon miles worth exploring while strolling along this picturesque coast line.

Come to Clearwater Beach for a day of family fun and relaxation. The pier has everything you need, including outdoor entertainment that will keep everyone entertained all afternoon long! Head down the street if drinking fountains or showers sound good after being out in this beautiful sunburned weather too long?

Top 5: Everglades

The Everglades is a natural treasure trove of unparalleled variety. The swathes of sawgrass prairies and mangroves stand out in the Western Hemisphere as unique entities, combining to form one massive ecosystem that contains swamps full of alligators – not just rats!

Located in South Florida, much of the Everglades are protected within the Everglade National Park and provide habitat for a variety of birds, fish, animals & reptiles including endangered species like manatees. One can take tours or experience outstanding natural scenery at one’s own pace when visiting this national park!

The Shark Valley Visitor Center is a popular place to spend time if you’re visiting the area, not just for its educational displays but also because it has tram tours. Here visitors get an opportunity to spot wildlife such as alligators and turtles among other things while enjoying fantastic views from their perch high up in one of these observation towers!

The Gulf Coast Visitor Center is a great starting point for visitors interested in exploring the Ten Thousand Islands. They can arrange boat tours that will take you through maze-like mangroves to see all sorts of animals, including dolphins and pelicans! For something more refined than solo kayaking but still close by there are also rental options as well so don’t be afraid if this sounds like an adventure looking out over water rather than the solid ground would suit your tastes better:)

The visitor centers of Ernest Coe and Flamingo also offer a variety of tours for people who want more than just an airboat ride through the Everglades. One popular option is ranger-led hikes, which will give you access to some impressive natural scenery with minimal crowds! Hiking trails are available along riverbanks or in vast swamplands where wildlife can be seen up close – including alligators if that’s your thing (it probably isn’t). Lastly, there’s biking–although these scenic areas aren’t very velodrome friendly… yet 😉

Top 4: Tampa Bay Area

The Tampa Bay area is a must-see for any adventurer. This large natural harbor and its many cities, such as Tampa or St Petersburg give you plenty of opportunities to explore the city life while also enjoying family-friendly activities like Busch Gardens with their best roller coaster rides in Florida!

St. Pete Beach is a treasure trove for people who enjoy beachcombing. The clear water and white sand beaches make it one of the best places in the United States, according to TripAdvisor readers!

Top 3: Orlando

Orlando is the theme-park capital of America, with more than just Disney World and Universal Studios. You can also find Gatorland or SeaWorld in this bustling city that’s home to 2 million people! The climate here makes it less susceptible to hurricanes as well which means you’ll have no trouble visiting your next vacation destination (or even living). One other thing about Orlando? It has one of its largest colleges right there on campus: the University of Central Florida !!!

Top 2: Miami

Miami is a vibrant city in Florida with its Latin culture and sizzling nightlife. Located near the coast, Miami also manages the world’s largest number of passenger cruise ships that come through it every year!

The people of Miami are a melting pot of cultures, with an exciting array of attractions. There are family-friendly beaches to party on (South Beach), and historic Art Deco architecture in downtown areas like Coconut Grove where you can find restaurants serving authentic Cuban food or boutique shops selling unique jewelry designs from all over Latin America!

Top 1: Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a 120-mile long chain of tropical islands curving around the base of the peninsula, connected to the mainland by way of various bridges. The most spectacular being Seven Mile Bridge in Lower Keys which has been used for filming both movies like True Lies and Fast 2 Furious before its curve was replicated digitally during production on Independence Day (1996).

The Overseas Highway, a US highway that runs from Key Largo in the south to Key West near Cuba. This famous road was named for its use as an escape route by soldiers during World War II and now serves tourists looking at beautiful views of Florida’s coastlines along with many other species found nowhere else on Earth!

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The Florida Keys are a great place to get away, and the first one that you come across is Key Largo. Home of an underwater statue dedicated for all those who lost their lives at sea- Christ Of The Abyss by Mike Fafauli; it can be observed only through scuba diving or snorkeling in this area! Another larger key with lots going on would have to be Big Pine where tourists might see some deer playing around before starting up their vacation activities from there.

Islamorada Key’s “Sport Fishing Capital of the World” moniker is an apt description not only for its abundant sport fishing but also because they have become one-of-a-kind diving spots. Located in Marathon, you can enjoy all these amenities and facilities with tourists from around Florida coming here every year; it makes for lively commerce at any time! The Seven Mile Bridge has been named by many as being among their favorite parts about visiting this location–and who could blame them when we’re talking America on a Budget?