The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Mississippi

places to visit in mississippi

Mississippi is a state that has something for everyone. From lush green fields and beautiful beaches to casinos in cities like Gulfport or Biloxi with their own debauchery when it comes down south of Beale Street – Mississippi will not disappoint any visitor!

The mighty Mississippi River dominates the state and defines its western border. The glittering Gulf of Mexico lies just beyond, in this delightfully diverse region known as “The Delta.” As such you’re sure to find many music lovers here who enjoy blues-style songs at live performances or clubs where they can dance under bright lights until dawn without worry about traffic jams!

Top 10: Vicksburg


The city of Vicksburg is set in a scenic spot on the Mississippi River. Located just across from Louisiana, this small town famous for being at one point under an intense siege and bringing about victory to America’s Northern states during their Civil War with Southern counterparts has become something not only worth seeing but remembering as well!

It’s a shame that Vicksburg is only known for General Ulysses S. Grant’s famous victory, but it has much more than this to offer visitors! You’ll find beautiful old buildings and attractive streetscapes in its center as well as on each side of the river where you can take romantic carriage rides or enjoy boat trips while enjoying some quality hiking.

Top 9: Tunica


The town of Tunica is a hidden gem in the United States. Once home to notorious poverty, it’s now known across America for its stunning scenery and booming economy thanks largely due to gambling casinos that have brought new life into this once impoverished area!

Now, you can enjoy the glitzy casinos of Tunica with all their luxurious rooms and suites. You’ll never run out of things to do here! In addition, there are a plethora of slot machines as well table games like poker or blackjack that are perfect for anyone who loves gambling on live entertainment without having any bets placed at all (though some people may want this). For those looking for something different than just slots or cards though – Memphis is located within close proximity so it won’t take long before your thirst has been slaked too;-)

Top 8: Oxford


Oxford is a picturesque town located amidst the North Central Hills region. The university, which was named after this prestigious English seat of learning in 1478 by Sir William Johnson for his assistance with settling Native American land claims upon its founding; life here revolves around education and youthful ambition to study at one or more schools that Oxford has produced multiple notable alumni from throughout America’s history – including Ulysses S Grant who would later become president during 1869 until 1873!

As one of the most beautiful and historic college towns in America, Athens is both a lively party town with its wild side but also has some seriously classy neighborhoods for those who want to get away from all that noise. With stunning architecture spanning centuries-old buildings on campus as well as modern structures designed by famous architects like starchitect Frank Lloyd Wright or Iannie Makelle Architects; you are sure to find something here just right!

With the vibrant student population, Oxford hosts a staggering number of concerts and cultural events. On top of this, it has many great restaurants where you can sample its famous nightlife!

Top 7: Gulf Islands National Seashore

Gulf Islands National Seashore

A destination for outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers alike, the Gulf Islands National Seashore is a series of beautiful barrier islands. Home to lots of wonderful white sand beaches as well as wilderness areas in between them that offer an incredible scenic view–the breathtaking scenery offers untold amounts of fun Recreation opportunities!

The beautiful Gulf Islands are a hidden treasure trove in the Florida Keys. With their pristine beaches, lush forests, and wild wetlands it’s no wonder that they were designated as an Important Bird Area by Partners For RenewableNatural Resources for over 1500 species of birds!

The islands vary greatly from island to island but all have one thing in common: stunning natural beauty waiting just beyond your toes when you step onshore after swimming among fish or diving with turtles off nearby coral reefs.

Gulf Islands National Seashore is a Florida jewel, with its pristine environment and diverse birdlife. Hiking through the park’s lush jungles or cycling along nature trails are great ways to spend time outdoors while enjoying breathtaking views of Tampa Bay in all directions! Visitors can even go snorkeling off shore if they want some peace-and-quietness–the beautiful water will make up for any lack you may have felt about leaving your air conditioning at home.

Top 6: Natchez Trace Parkway

Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway is a spectacular 715-kilometer long national parkway that stretches from Nashville, Tennessee all the way to Mississippi. It’s fantastic for hiking and cycling with many scenic stops along the way!

The scenic route through the Ohio Valley is a winding, two-lane highway that offers travelers an experience of what was once Native American footpaths as well as explorers and farmers. Along this journey, one will find historic sights such as ancient battlefields with burial mounds alongside monuments or museums from pre-colonial times all leading up to modern-day America.

The Natchez Trace Parkway has it all: rich history, heritage, and culture; magnificent scenery with sparkling waterfalls as well as phenomenal views. Along this route in Mississippi, there are also some great towns for visitors such as Tupelo or Jackson to stop off at!

Top 5: Tupelo


Lying in the northeast of Mississippi, Tupelo is a small but quaint town famous for being Elvis Presley’s home. Located along America’s most traveled road – The Natchez Trace Parkway- it can be seen as either an interesting side trip or your final destination if you’re traveling through this part of the country!

In the middle of this bustling metropolis sits a revitalized restaurant scene that’s perfect for foodies, and some beautiful murals have popped up to add color to every corner. Visitors can explore the Birthplace Of Elvis Presley museum or go down into Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo if they’re looking at something more outdoorsy – there are also fun markets taking place during certain weekends!

The country road outside of Tupelo leads you to some great American Civil War battlefields. From here, I can point out all the most scenic attractions on my way through Mississippi—a state full of history and natural beauty!

Top 4: Natchez


Natchez is a city that sits on top of a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, and it borders Louisiana. The old historic center in Natchez has stunning antebellum homes with Southern charm to make you feel like you are back home again!

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the town’s humble beginnings. The small settlement became a place of immense wealth and power as soon as trade began pouring into its streets from all directions–before long these riches were enough for anyone’s tastes in this picturesque landscape rich with beautiful homes worth more than any other spot on earth!

Natchez is a city that has plenty of history and heritage to offer, but also provides visitors with an exciting atmosphere. The final stop on the Natchez Trace Parkway features lovely nature in addition to great live music venues where you can get your groove on!

Top 3: Biloxi


In Biloxi, you can find a plethora of casinos with themes that range from delightful and romantic to downright gaudy. The city is most famous for its bling-filled areas such as casino common rooms or slots floors where some people may be known only by their nicknames like “Bling Queen.” Yet there’s more than just flashy gambling going on in this area– visitors will also enjoy scenic beaches along sparkling turquoise waters while exploring our state’s oldest historic district full of restaurants offering Creole cuisine at affordable prices.

Visitors to Biloxi can relax on the golden beaches or enjoy water-related activities like sailing and boating while they’re here. In addition, those who want an all-day trip should visit New Orleans in order to combine their vacation time with an exploration of both cities!

Top 2: Jackson


The capital of Mississippi and home to a vibrant music scene, Jackson is an overlooked destination that travelers should not miss. It has museums with some great historic buildings as well!

The Museum of Mississippi History and Civil Rights Museum are two popular tourist attractions in the state. The former offers a fascinating look at what makes this Magnolia State unique, while the latter highlights one important fight for racial equality here: “The Right to be Free.” Besides these magnificent museums, there is also Fondren District with its boutiques catering specifically to art lovers or coffee addicts like myself!

As “The City of Soul”, Jackson is a town full to the brim with great live music. Weekends are especially good for discovering blues and jazz in every corner you turn!

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Top 1: Clarksdale


Set on the banks of a beautiful river, Clarksdale is an old and quiet city at the heart of America’s Delta blues scene. In the early 20th century, many African American musicians developed this style here before migrating north to perform in major cities such as Chicago or New York City where they are still famous today for their contribution towards making modern music history!

The Delta Blues Museum is a captivating attraction for travelers to explore the depths of this intriguing pastime that’s now been brought back from extinction. Visitors can find markers and monuments relating in some way, shape, or form with delta music all around town – not just at Central Park where big-name blues acts regularly perform during their tour dates. In addition, there are plenty of cultural events happening year-round as well!

The city of Clarksdale, Mississippi is a great base if you want to explore the blues. It lies just two hours from most major attractions on this famous trail and both lively college town Oxford as well as bigger nearby metropolis Memphis are only an hour or so away for those who wish to venture further into what other sights await them around here!