The Top 15 Best Places to Visit in South Italy

south east italy

Southern Italy is a region of diverse cultures, traditions and history. This part from the Adriatic Sea to Sicily has seen so much change over time thanks to its accessibility by water that connect it with other regions across Europe as well as Africa Minor Asia etcetera! Today’s inhabitants include Greeks Roman Etruscans Arabs Normans Byzantines And many more…

Southern Italy has some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe including dramatic coastlines, picture perfect beaches and charming coastal islands. The best known regions for tourists are undoubtedly Amalfi Coast and La Cinque Terre on Mediterranean; this area is regarded as one of Europe’s finest natural sceneries. Southern Italy is a land of rich history and culture. With so much to offer, Southern Italian tours are always worth your time! Along with the iconic sites like Palermo Cathedral or Castello Nuovo there’s still plenty left for discovery such as Lecce’s Town Center fulla boutiques hidden within its winding streets and alleyways just waiting to be explored by those who know how find them best (perhaps because they’re locals). If you want an authentic experience while visiting this beautiful region then make sure not only do take part in some activities; but go beyond what most tourists would typically do – explore off-the beaten track areas too!!

Top 15: Naples


The vast, bustling metropolis of Naples is a fascinating place. I was there for business and entertainment purposes; it’s not just one stop shopping but rather an estimated six million people per day pour into this port city – which accounts for about 20% of all economic output in Italy! There are so many things to do between work or play here like viewing ships loading up their cargo at the massive commercial docks on your way into town (which you can also see from above) among other points-of-interests such as beautiful churches filled with art inside.”

Nowhere else in Italy can you find such a diverse selection of historical sites as Naples. The city has some awe-inspiring domineering castles, like the Castle Nuovo which was built by Charles V for his son Alfonso on top one thousand year old temple ruins and over 500 years older than Rome itself!

Museums filled with cultural treasures from around Europe are also abundant here including ones dedicated to Egyptian antiquity – all just be ready because this isn’t your average museum; it includes reconstructions done so professionally they even fooled scientists who studied these artifacts before deciding where their next dig would take place (not surprisingly Mount Vesuvius).

Top 14: Lecce


Lecce is lovingly known as the Florence of the South due to its opulent historical structures. Located far south, this city has long been a main hub for many regions that trade in Southern Italy and it’s also famed for being home-brewed with beautiful light because most buildings were created from Lecce Stone – which was mined locally!

Lecce is a hidden gem in Italy. It has an endless supply of things to do for all types and ages, with history galore as well! When you’re not admiring Lecce’s many historic buildings or relaxing on one its squares – like Piazza del Duomo(the most famous), head over the Villa Comunale gardens which are breathtaking at any time but especially so during sunset when they turn into rose-colored pools filled by gold light from above…

Top 13: Bari


Bari is a fantastic coastal town located half way up the Adriatic coast of South Italy. The city has an extensive harbour, some gorgeous beaches and delightful historic old town center with narrow streets packed full of interesting structures just waiting to be explored by you!

Bari is a beautiful city with many different things to see. Within the old town, you can find the impressive Castello Svevo and Cathedral of San Sabino while in modern Bari there are also several museums–most notably Archaeological Museum as well as Civic Museum for all your civic needs! If shopping or dining sounds like more fun than museum-ing then head on over to one of these designer establishments where quality service will make up for any lack thereof when it comes time do some window shopping 🙂

Top 12: The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful and world renowned regions in all Italy. The dramatic scenery, gorgeous towns that hug mountainsides offer you a vacation with interesting historical sites to see while there!

This picturesque region features some of the most idyllic coastal towns in Italy – such as Amalfi, Erchie and Minori. This protected area is home to picture perfect multi-coloured houses that stack up against hillsides providing unrivalled views across Mediterranean Sea from your seat on one these trains or buses!

Top 11: Pescara


The people of Pescara seem more relaxed than those in other parts of Italy. They don’t wear their hair or clothes like they’re trying too hard, but instead exude an air that says “I’m comfortable.” The harbor is one place where you can see this attitude – there are fishing boats lined up next to expensive yachts and sailboats with their sails set as if waiting for a breeze from above so the water will carry them across open seas!

The Ponte del Mare is a suspension bridge that has an impressive cycling and walking track running its entire length. The golden beaches of either side are packed full with amenities, making them perfect spots to soak up the sun or relax after being active in one way or another!

Top 10: Catanzaro


The city of Catanzaro is one that prides itself not only on its beautiful natural scenery but also features a comprehensive array of parks for visitors. One such place can be found at the Biodiversity Park where there are botanical gardens and playgrounds available to children alike- making this destination an excellent tourism spot not just in terms of history or nature; it offers so much more than what you would expect!

If you’re looking for some great scenery while traveling in Southern Italy, head out of town and take a hike on one of the many trails surrounding Cascata Campanaro. If hiking isn’t your thing then don’t worry because there are also plenty more things to offer nearby: Ponte Bisantis bridge which spans over Fiumeralli torrent–one can never have too much architecture when they visit southern Italy! Plus Catanzarosa has an amazing beach in its form-the Lido di Capoterra next door from where locals go every day during summer vacation time (you should check it out).

Top 9: Palermo


Palermo is the capital of Sicily and holds an important place in its history – it serves as both a cultural center for southern Italy, containing some great landmarks from around this region. The cathedral’s architecture shows how different empires have shaped what we know today: with styles ranging from Byzantine to Norman French all on display within one structure (it also has Arab influence)!

The Palermo Archaeological Museum is a masterpiece of Ancient History, containing some magnificent relics and artifacts that date back as far into Roman days. For those who want to get off the beaten path, there’s also an underground network where you can visit catacombs with over 8000 preserved bodies from monks living here in Capuchin Abbey or roam through markets bargain hunting among locals!

Top 8: Brindisi


Brindisi is a city that has been around since ancient times. It’s home to many important historical events and people, such as the hero Diomedes who founded it back in 500 BC! The first thing you should know about Brinzisti – aside from its amazing port- are all of those shipping vessels bobbing up and down on either side; they make for some really fantastic scenery while out at sea or if your favorite spot happens not be facing outward toward open water (a rare situation!).

Brindisi is a city that has been strongly influenced by its maritime history. The Isola Sant’Andrea, located in the northern part of Brindisi and containing an old castle with fantastic views out to sea makes for one interesting stop on your tour around town!
This also means there are plenty of historic structures such as Monumento Italian Sailors or even Cathedral which make up this diverse area within Italy’s second-largest inland territory after Turin (a region well worth exploring).

Top 7: Barletta


The Castello Svevo in Barletta, Italy is a gorgeous Norman castle with impressive battlements. The city itself has some of the best beaches on this side of Europe and it’s also home to many historical sites that are worth seeing!

If you enjoy walking, the Lungomare Pietro Mennea and Lido provide opportunities to stretch your legs. The area around Barletta is well maintained for tourists with its many beaches that are all within close proximity of each other (less than an hour by car). There are also several interesting museums in this region which makes it worth a visit!

Top 6: Foggia


Foggia is a city in close proximity to the Parco Nazionale del Gargano. This park has been known as one of Italy’s granaries and it provides fertile farmland for farmers, who bring their products here before selling them abroad or with local distributors – Foggia also acts as an important transport hub between North-eastern Sicily (a region well known primarily from its Sicilian cuisine)and Puglia: this part of southern Italia contains incredible nature reserves such extinct volcanic mountains that rise up outta nowhere on clear days when you’re lucky enough

Foggia, Italy is a perfect destination for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustles of modern life. The architecture in this city speaks volumes with breathtaking views that will take your breath away! And don’t forget about all those parks; they’re great places too when you need some fresh air or just want an escape from it all.

Top 5: Capri


Capri is a small island off the western coast of Southern Italy that lies in close proximity to the Amalfi Coast and Naples. This gorgeous destination can be easily reached by boat or plane, so it’s easy for anyone who wants an unforgettable experience! When you first step foot onto Capre I will astound your senses with its beautiful scenery; take some time to explore Piazzetta square before making any major decisions about what activities are best suited for this amazing place- perhaps sitting at one table while enjoying wine might work better than taking them all on together?

With endless activities to keep you busy, it’s hard not to get bored with Capri. Explore the Blue Grotto caves or take a boat ride around the island! But if your tastes lean more towards adventure than relaxation, then hike up Monte Solaro for some of Italy’s most breathtaking views while also enjoying incredible parties until sunrise in this lively destination.

Top 4: Catania


The second-largest city on the island of Sicily, Catania can be found on its easternmost coast. With its surrounding communes and towns making up a metropolis that houses 7th place within Italy’s rankings! For those interested in historical sites or attractions there are plenty here to explore for all ages; you’ll find something new every time your eyes land upon it as they do when strolling down any street during daylight hours (or late at night).

The Cathedral of Catania and Ursino Castle provide insight into the history of Sicily while Mount Etna provides a trip for those who want to see what it’s like high up in an active volcano.

Top 3: Ischia


The island of Ischia is much larger than Capri, which sits at either end. And both islands have volcanic terrain and a range of mountains on them with rocky ground. The main sites are impressive Aragonese Castle in the center that has been sitting proudly for centuries as well an all-time favorite spot to enjoy views from above – especially when you can see your own reflection below!

Ischia is an Italian island that contains some beautiful villages, a busy port, and divine natural gardens. The island also has many beaches with hidden bays making it the perfect place to relax in between exploring all Ischia offers!

Top 2: Parco Nazionale del Gargano

Parco Nazionale del Gargano

The immense national park of Gargano on the Adriatic coast is famous for its dramatic scenery and beautiful coastlines. The region has hiking trails, mountains lakes stretch of rocky coastline with cliffs that provide visitors an opportunity to enjoy their stay in Southern Italy as well fantastic beaches such as Manfredonia Vieste offering you hospitality like no other place can offer!

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Top 1: Messina


The city of Messina is both an important historical site and a modern-day epicenter for transportation on the island. The Straight of Messina, which connects this bustling metropolis with mainland Italy through a short boat ride across water-filled straits, has regular ferries that provide access to Reggio Calabria as well as Villa San Giovanni.

The city of Messina is a haven for history buffs. The museum has artifacts from every era and displays them with sensitivity, while also providing information on how each object connects to what happened in its time period or location.

A walking tour will allow you to see many highlights including the magnificent cathedral right next door; its famous bell tower sitting piazza-side makeup part of this destination’s beauty that cannot be missed when visiting!