The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Texas

places to visit in texas

Texans are fiercely proud and they have a lot to be proud of. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or cowboy culture it’s all found on the map for those who want some exploring done! As your next trip takes shape just remember that Texas has got everything: from antebellum mansions with their Southern charm; modern-day metropolis like Houston where nightlife never sleeps; scenic towns full of rich Texan traditions such as San Antonio de Valero located at River Walk (itself said by many people among one of America’s most beautiful cities). Here are the best places to visit in Texas:

Top 10: Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon

The Palo Duro Canyon is a must-see for any traveler in Texas. Cutting through the High Plains region, this widowed beauty proves that it’s not all cows and blue skies! The red rocks are exposed which creates an amazing sight to behold but there’s more than just gaping holes here – Native American tribes like Apache still call home within these walls decades after they were forced out by European settlers coming over from Europe or Spain at different times throughout history.

Hikers will find themselves surrounded by the beauty of nature as they explore this park. They can keep their eyes peeled for animals such Aoudad sheep, whitetail deer, and even mountain lions! On your hikes, you may enjoy horseback riding through scenic overlooks or dining at one of several outdoor restaurants that dot around its surroundings like a canyon within Canyonlands National Park itself.

Top 9: El Paso

El Paso

The town of El Paso is a great spot for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle that we often see in big cities. The city’s most famous landmark, Sun City has incredible views as it sets over the Franklin Mountains each night with its gorgeous landscape spanning across Chihuahuan Desert gardens just one example among many other things this destination offers!

El Paso is a great place for outdoor adventures. Get your hiking shoes ready, because there are plenty of trails that will take you through the mountains and along scenic views! If camping isn’t really your thing but still want some time outside with friends or family then head over to McKelligon Canyon where they have an awesome campsite right by one of their waterfalls (you can even bring pets). And if road trips do more than just make driving tiring – try out Transmountain Road which leads into Mexico without any tolls!

Top 8: Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is not one of the most popular parks in Texas, but it’s an essential part to any visitor. The huge area allows for scenic drives throughout and there are miles worth seeing on foot too! Try Window View Trail if you’re looking for something more challenging than just hiking around all day long; Chimneys may be better suited that way while floated downriver provides relaxation without even leaving your car at home (you could bring fishing poles though).

Top 7: Dallas


Dallas is a shopper’s dream with more stores per capita than any other American city. You can also visit one of the many amusement parks in Dallas or attend an outdoor rodeo for some local Texas flavor!

The state’s third-largest city, it houses The Sixth Floor Museum dedicated to John F Kennedy Jr.’s former workspace from where Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots that killed him over 40 years ago – history has never been so close at hand here on Lamar Street just off Dealy Plaza near downtown.

Top 6: Galveston


The beaches of Galveston are a popular spots for vacationers. It’s not just the beautiful view that makes this destination so appealing, but also its miles upon miles worth in sandy shores with seafood restaurants galore on every corner!

Galveston is an incredible destination that shouldn’t be missed. You can check out some of Galveston’s older architecture, like the Strand National Historic Landmark District, or stroll through Moody Gardens which are both perfect for anyone who wants to make a splash in nature’s water (or on land!). Other options include Pleasure Pier where you might see free Bolivar Ferry rides happening regularly as well as exploring aviation history at Lone Star Flight Museum while there too!

Top 5: Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country

The Hill Country is home to a variety of cultures, all blending together in harmony. The natural beauty here draws people who want an escape from the hustle and bustles that often surround them at home with their everyday lives or on vacation destinations around Texas. Head out into nature for some hiking through Enchanted Rock State Natural Area; enjoy swimming near Fredericksburg with its German history as well – this area was settled by Germans hundreds of years ago!

Fredericksburg is a haven for travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can enjoy wine tastings, authentic German cuisine at your favorite beer garden or shop Bavarian souvenirs in this quaint town’s outdoor market when it blooms with bluebonnets during springtime!

Top 4: Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore

The Padre Island National Seashore is a small, thin island that stretches the coast of Texas from Corpus Christi to its Mexican border. Surrounded by water on every side and decorated with beautiful beaches everywhere you look, this place has an innate beauty all it’s own- one which visitors can enjoy for hours without ever leaving!

The Padre Island National Seashore is a special place for bird watching in Texas, with wildlife and an important spot to visit if you are looking forward to some time away. South Padre Island provides tourists many opportunities including beach vacations as well family fun or serious nightlife adventures!

Top 3: Austin


Known for its slogan, “Keep Austin Weird” this city definitely feels a little different from the rest of Texas. The population is youthful and creative thanks in part to the University Of Texas at Austin which serves as the Live Music Capital of the country – so don’t miss the chance to tour their iconic pink capitol building which was famously taller than US Capitol Building!

The LBJ Presidential Library is a must-see for those who love history, architecture, and natural beauty. The grounds contain more than 150 acres that include walking trails winding along Barton Creek as well as views of Congress Avenue Bridge where you can see one million bats fly out at sunset every night!

Top 2: Houston


If you want some of the best places in Texas to visit, then head on down south. The biggest city and one such popular spot are Houston where there are tons (literally) for everyone! And if not just sightseeing or shopping- why not take part in NASA Mission Control? You can do all this while sipping your favorite drink at one stop: Discovery Green Park which lies right next door.

Houston has a lot of great attractions, but one that you cannot miss is the Downtown Tunnel System. It’s located in the Warehouse District and it’s full of history! You can also soak your head at the 60th-floor observatory for an awesome view or go see what animals are living underwater at Aquarium before catching some outdoor performances from TUTS Theater Under The Stars.

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Top 1: San Antonio

San Antonio

San Antonio, the third-largest city in Texas (and home to one of our favorite restaurants) is located on the South Texas Plains. Nestled by tall buildings and cypress trees downtown San Antionio’s heartbeat can be found thanks to its abundance of restaurant options with open-air dining; all overlooking the beautiful River Walk which has become quite popular among tourists over time!

The Alamo is a national landmark where the iconic Battle of the Alamo was fought, but it’s also home to many historic buildings in downtown San Antonio. For more history, there’re 19th-century homes that you can tour and an extensive collection at this Institute Texan Cultures museum.