The Top 25 Best Places to Visit in the USA

places to visit in usa

The USA is a land of opportunity, where anyone can make their fortune. The United States has always prided itself on its commitment to freedom and democracy- it’s what made America an ideal refuge for persecuted European Jews during the height of World War II; this country was built by immigrants who wanted nothing but peace from government tyranny so they could pursue happiness as they saw fit! Today we celebrate our diversity with one very important message: come find your own slice o’ American Pie here in “The Greatest Nation On Earth.”

America is a diverse country with many different landscapes, from the warm beaches of Hawaii to sweeping mountains. There are also multicultural cities such as New York City itself—and if you’re looking for more than just outdoor activities then this list has some great suggestions!

Top 25: Aspen

There are many things to do in Aspen that will make you feel like a true adventurer. There is no shortage of activities, such as snowboarding at one of its famous resorts or hiking through some beautiful scenery while exploring nearby towns and villages with their delicious restaurants!

The town of Aspen is home to some stunningly beautiful scenery. There are four ski slopes in total, with the largest being Ajax Mountain and Buttermilk Mountains down the valley from it – all boasting large areas where you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding on their own terrain at your leisure! This was once a mining community dating back as far as the late 1800s when silver was discovered here; this influence shows up architecture-wise too through old brick buildings like Wheeler Opera House (built 1893).

Aspen is a beautiful place to visit all year round. It has awe-inspiring scenery, and there are plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy in the mountains or on one of their many lakeshore trails!

Top 24: Atlanta


The bustling city of Atlanta is a Southern gem. Though it’s known mostly as the state capital and home to Delta, this modern metropolis also features an array of beauty with three urban skylines rising up from rolling hillsides that offer picturesque scenery made all the more precious due to their proximity to nature at large–from ancient oak trees for those who want some shade or magnolia flowers just because they can! The people here are so friendly too; I felt like we had been friends our whole lives when you asked about where my parents live!”

Atlanta is a city with many top attractions. The CNN Center, World of Coca-Cola, and the Georgia Aquarium are some places you should visit when in Atlanta for sightseeing! You’ll be able to enjoy Southern culture at its finest as well from quaint neighborhoods where visitors can go on walks or drives through historic districts that offer antebellum homes like the one featured prominently in “Gone With The Wind.”

Atlanta is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the arts and culture scene, sports life, or outdoor adventures like fishing on one of Atlanta’s many rivers- there will be an activity available when it comes down to what interests each person here!

Top 23: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of the most visited national parks in America. It’s prized for its jaw-dropping beauty that makes up magnificent granite cliffs, mountains, and waterfalls to the abundant wildlife found here while you’re also treated with groves from giant sequoia trees which are among some of the oldest living things on earth!

You’ve been to Yosemite before, right? It’s such a beautiful place. The most famous part of this park is Jersey Valley and it has some incredible scenery that you won’t want to miss out on seeing for yourself- especially with all these amazing waterfalls like Bridalveil Fall of Yosemite Falls!

The scenic views of Glacier Point are breathtaking, and visitors can awe over them on a drive like Tioga Road that stretches all the way from California to Massachusetts. Hiking tours offer opportunities for wildlife viewing in addition to black bears bobcats and various bird species found within Yosemite National Park’s borders. Not only does this park have historic landmarks such as The Leconte Memorial Bridge or Ahwahnee Hotel but there is also information about these attractions available at visitor centers which provide more insight into what makes them so special too!

Top 22: Portland


Portland, Oregon is a city that straddles the Willamette River and sits in the shadow of Mount Hood. The largest Pacific Northwestern hub for nature tourism with abundant attractions like rose gardens to offer its visitors from all over America as well as many outdoor activities available year-round such as fishing on one side or hiking up Mt Tabor another popular spot located just outside downtown Portland where you can also enjoy views overlooking Multnomah Falls which makes this place so special because during any weather condition there will still be something worth seeing!

A popular, central point for locals and tourists alike is Pioneer Square. This charming square has chess boards that are perfect to play games on as you enjoy the calm surroundings of art pieces around this area or go shopping at one of many stores with an Oregon feel! It’s also next door into downtown Portland where there’s plenty going on including modern highrise buildings mixed in among old historical landmarks such as The Portlandia Statue which was made by artists from across America when they were commissioned back in 1932-1934 during President Roosevelt’s “New Deal” plan.

Portland’s downtown is the perfect place to explore, but if you want an urban escape with all of Portland’s best qualities and amenities then head just outside this bustling district. Tasteful architecture can be found throughout these trendy neighborhoods: there are beautiful gardens like International Rose Test Garden or Tom McCall Waterfront Park waiting for your arrival as well!

Covering thousands of wooded acres within city limits, Forest Park is the nation’s largest park with many hiking and biking trails. The Oregon Zoo provides endless family fun while Mount Hood forest near Portland offers an amazing excursion for all sorts of outdoor activities such as climbing or skiing!

Top 21: San Antonio

San Antonio

San Antonio is a city steeped in both rich history and modern-day appeal. Located just south of the Texas-Mexico border, San Antonio provides visitors with more than they could ever ask for: from its beautiful architecture (especially downtown) to top-notch museums like The Alamo museum where you can learn about American folk heroes Jim Bowie or Davy Crockett as well as four Spanish missions that were once used by missionaries centuries ago while preserving our past for future generations!

The Riverwalk is a must-see for visitors to San Antonio. It’s full of cafes, restaurants, and hotels that line both sides of the river in the downtown area right next door with museums that offer glimpses into its colorful history as well an array of cultures including Spanish/Mexican mix along with Western Cowboy lifestyle
I highly recommend stopping by Six Flags Fiesta Texas when you are there!

Some of the most interesting things to do in San Antonio are helicopter rides and ghost hunting tours. While not everyone may be feeling up for an adventurous day out, those who want something less rigorous can enjoy exploring with their feet at nearby attractions like Cascade Caverns or Natural Bridge caverns which have been around since 1875!

Top 20: Savannah


The Southern city of Savannah is a destination for tourists from all over. The charming scenes in this beautiful, laid-back place will transport you back to the days when life was simpler and people were friendlier than they are today!

Savannah is a beautiful old city with many historic sites. One of the most popular areas in this quaint, Southern-style town is its Historic District which includes mostly beautifully preserved homes from throughout history; you can see where some notable figures lived like the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low (creator for Girl Scouts), one African American Baptist church that pre dates emancipation by 54 years as well as impressive Cathedral Saint John The Baptist!

The city is filled with historic squares and lovely parks, huge oak trees that provide plenty of shade for tourists on sunny days. The Victorian homes are impressive along the riverfront while Factor’s Walk leads down to an area where you can find shops full of gallery-quality artwork as well restaurants offering cuisine from around the world at prices reasonable enough so everyone in your group will be happy!

Take a trip to Savannah, Georgia, and explore the Historic District with its Civil War forts. Visit state-of-the-art cultural centers like The Jepson Center For Arts or Telfair Academy. You’ll also find many parks that offer lovely scenery while you’re here such as Forsyth Park! Take day trips offsite from this beautiful city into nearby islands like Tybee Island & Oatland Wildlife Center where tourists can enjoy sunbathing on beaches free from worries about their safety because these areas are considered safe by locals!

Top 19: Philadelphia


Philadelphia is more than just the city in which America’s founding fathers signed a document that would change our country forever; it was also home to many historical events. For example, Philadelphia became known as “the birthplace of freedom” when the Declaration Of Independence author Thomas Jefferson penned words here on July 4th, 1776! And while we’re talking about signing documents–Philly natives are well acquainted with ’em too because locals refer proudly call themselves “believers.”

The largest city in the mid-Atlantic region, Philadelphia is a modern metropolis with many attractions for visitors. One of its most popular sites is Independence National Historic Park and it’s easy to see why: The park includes important buildings like Olde City Hall or Constitution Hall which were once used by George Washington himself!

Philadelphia is a city steeped in history and it’s worth exploring the old Eastern State Penitentiary, where many believe ghosts haunt its halls. The Pennsylvania Convention Center has interesting tours for those who want to get spooky! Visit Society Hill or Germantown if you’re looking at some colonial-style homes while you are there, too; these neighborhoods are both sure to be exciting places full of flavorful culture as well.

Philadelphia is a city with plenty of museums for the artsy individual. From there you can find some great pieces to take home, including The Philadelphia Museum Of Art! This place not only houses one of America’s largest collections but also stands as an inspiration in itself thanks to its well-known display from “Rocky.”

Top 18: Sedona


Sedona is one of the most popular destinations in Arizona, and it’s easy to see why. The town itself has an art scene that will make you feel at home with its vibrant colors while also providing spiritual retreats for everyone who visits. Not only do Sedonas red sandstone formations provide some stunning backdrops but they’re perfect spots for outdoor activities like hiking or rock climbing too!

Sedona is a land of stunning natural beauty, perfect for artists and photographers. The landscape offers an abundance to see from Coffeepot Rock to Cathedral Rock with more than its fair share of photo opportunities! For those looking for architecture; Sedona has plenty in the form of this centuries-old Catholic church built into one rock overlooking it all called “The Chapel Of The Holy Cross”.

I have been to Sedona and it is a beautiful town with scores of golf courses, art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and numerous boutiques specializing in everything from Native American arts and crafts to New Age healing crystals.

Top 17: San Diego

San Diego

The San Diego harbor is a natural wonder, and it’s no surprise that this coastal city has been one of America’s most popular vacation destinations since before World War II. The climate here makes for great year-round traveling – you can enjoy mild temperatures with plenty to do all over town!

The City of San Diego, California was established as the first Spanish mission in 1769. Visitors today can see some preserved buildings from this old-town historic district which houses shops and restaurants along with points of interest like maritime museums that have sailing ships including one considered to be the oldest active ones – The Star Of India. Other museum displays show natural history, artwork, and the relationship between Navy Seals & dolphins who were trained here too.

San Diego is more than just a beautiful city with great beaches. It also has family-friendly attractions like SeaWorld and the Birch Aquarium to entertain you while your children are enjoying some time at San Diego’s premier zoo, which can be found in Balboa Park among other things that make this place so special! There’s always something new happening here too – from surfing lessons on Point Loma all of the way down by Pacific Beach where people enjoy whale watching or seal spotting as well.

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Top 16: Denali National Park

Denali National Park

The third-largest national park in the United States, Denali National Park is home to Mt. McKinley – North America’s highest peak and located among jagged mountains near Anchorage Alaska Interior. The word “Denali” means “The High One” native Athabaskan language which refers to this majestic mountain range called ‘Alaska Range’.

Scores of people come to Denali National Park every year in search of amazing wildlife, engage in a number of outdoor activities, and awe at the breathtaking landscapes.

At over 14 million acres (56 thousand square kilometers), it has become one of my favorite parks that I recommend visiting if you have time on your hands!

The Denali National Park is so large that it can only be seen as a whole through hiking or dog sledding. A single road winds its way across the park connecting visitor centers, trails, and lookout points for wildlife with gorgeous panoramic views of this majestic land. The first few miles are open to private vehicles but beyond them, visitors need transportation arranged by organized bus tours; these narration-filled trips provide valuable information on what you’ll see in Alaska’s largest national preserve!

The park has a lot to offer visitors including stunning scenery like Mt. McKinley, rivers and lakes that are picturesque such as Savage River or Wonder Lake, wildlife species that can be seen in the area include grizzly bears, caribou wolves. There’s also plenty of outdoor activities available for those who want them: hiking fishing whitewater rafting sled dog demonstrations!

Visitors to the park will find a number of hotels, restaurants, and cafes outside its entrance. There are also mercantile stores that sell camping supplies as well as groceries within Denali National Park itself!

Top 15: New Orleans

New Orleans

From its rich history to the delicious food and unique architecture, New Orleans is a must-see for any traveler. The most famous aspect of this city may be its music scene which features jazz but also has an abundance of other types like zydeco or blues. A major attraction after Katrina was that it became more affordable than ever before so now there are plenty of ways in order stay entertained while exploring all these great places!

A land of history and culture, New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in America. The architecture here can be seen with its Iron Balconies that form a prominent part of Bourbon Street; famous places like St Louis Cathedral are also found here among other historical districts for you to explore! There are antebellum mansions as well Creole cottages reflecting this beautiful city’s roots which offer tours about ghosts while visiting their gravesites too-all adding more flavor than ever before into what was already an intriguing location.

There are so many ways to have a memorable experience in New Orleans that will leave your heart full and soul satisfied. Whether it’s an exciting riverboat cruise through moss-draped swamps or one sweet ride on the streetcar, there is always something new waiting around every corner! And when do you want some time off from all those fests & parades? The city offers great outdoorsy activities like horseback riding tours as well as cultural visits such as plantation houses where history unfolds before us each step of our journey into these uniquely American places known simply by their names: Creole Country; Bayou country – which also happens to be my own personal home state (Louisiana).

Top 14: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

An awe-inspiring force of nature, Niagara Falls is not just one of the world’s most famous natural wonders; it also has become a popular family destination for adventure travelers.

The magnificent beauty and immense volume attracted millions in recent years from all over Canada as well as America to come to see this iconic Canadian site!

There are many places to view Niagara Falls on both sides of the river. One place that you should go to is Queen Victoria Park, which has an imposed illumination and fireworks display every night during summertime!

Niagara Falls is a place where you can experience the power of nature in any way that suits your taste. Visitors walk beside rapids or enjoy aerial tours from platforms high above in order to feel as close as possible to plunging waterfalls, while others opt for more traditional boat rides and cable car rides alike. The choice depends entirely on one’s preference–whether they’re looking for excitement during this trip!

Top 13: Boston


Boston is a city that keeps history alive. It has the oldest liberty bell in America and houses other historical sites like Paul Revere’s house or King George III Park, where you can commemorate colonial times by walking among old trees just one block away from Boston Common-the heart of this historic metropolis!

Boston is a city steeped in early American history. The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party both occurred here, as did Paul Revere’s house (now preserved) which served as an important lookout post for warning patriots about approaching soldiers during colonial times. Today you can see his Old North Church up close-the building with its iconic bell tower from 1817 that helped send out signals when British troops arrived nearby!

The oldest and most prestigious university in America, Harvard University stands proudly outside of Boston. Home to some beautiful scenery such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade which has been held for centuries and also features an amazing park that surrounds it! The Charles River Esplanade offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities whether they’re looking to just take a walk or go on vacation camping with their family dog (which is what I would recommend).

Top 12: Miami


One of the most vibrant cities in America, Miami is best known for its Latin culture and sizzling nightlife. Located on Florida’s southeastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean, this major port city manages to attract tourists from all over planet earth with its exciting attractions-a melting pot where you can find anything your heart desires!

As one of Miami’s main draws, it offers beaches that range from family-friendly to party scenes. Across the bay from this resort city on an island sits South Beach known for its Art Deco architecture and glamorous vibe! A visit into Vizcaya Estate provides you with a glimpse into early 20th-century history in Florida as well.

The Everglades is one of the most unique ecosystems in America. The brimming swamps, sub-tropical jungles, and flooded wetlands are home to crocodiles, manatees, and Florida panthers! A great way to experience this natural wonder is by airboat ride through its beautiful landscape that will leave you speechless with its beauty.

Top 11: Seattle


Seattle is the largest city in America’s Pacific Northwest region. Home to global giants like Boeing, Starbucks, and Amazon it has a coastal seaport location that earned them their nickname as “Emerald City”. A thicket skyline with towering skyscrapers can be seen in this lush environment due to rainforests’ beautiful scenery produced by good weather conditions such as frequent rains or sometimes even snowfall during certain seasons here on earth – making all those who see its beauty feel amazed at how wonderful nature really outdoes itself when given enough opportunity!

Seattle is a city that has given the world many music artists. It’s known for its grunge scene but also hosts more popular bands like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam! You can learn about this history at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture while trying some seafood traditional for locals or take your pick between hiking in beautiful pine forests located nearby.

When you’re looking for things to do in Seattle, there are many options. Take a walk through Pioneer Square and see some historical buildings or go on an animal adventure at Woodland Park Zoo while also getting your fix of nature sanctuaries like Discovery Park. If mountains sound better than ocean waves then head over Green Lake where visitors can enjoy hiking trails as well as outdoor activities such as skiing, sailing, and kayaking!

Top 10: Hawaii


The stunning beauty of Hawaii lies far off the coast of California, in between two large islands that make up this volcanic archipelago. Made up of 137 small but beautiful island gems, visitors can enjoy some time exploring these scenic landscapes with plenty for them to see and do while they’re here – there are beaches galore as well exotic wildlife such as local birds who nest on cliffs high above sea level!

The beauty of Hawaii is breathtaking. From the rugged NaPali Coast to plunging Waimea Canyon and idyllic beaches, there are so many places that witness this paradise with your eyes as you explore its natural wonders or enjoy some time spent outdoors like surfing on a beautiful day!

Hawaii is a unique place that still has many of its original characteristics. Visitors can enjoy the rich culture and heritage while staying at any one out of over thirty-five luxury resorts on offer throughout this beautiful archipelago, all with their own set scenic beauty to be discovered!

Top 9: Orlando


Orlando is a place where dreams and magic become reality. With several amusement parks, visitors can meet their favorite storybook characters or reenact live famous movie scenes like on an exciting roller coaster ride through the iconic castles at Universal Studios Florida!

Orlando is a great destination for all sorts of travelers. From the theme parks to downtown, there’s plenty more than you would think! The botanical gardens and conservation parks showcase Florida’s amazing flora from orchids to alligators; lakes teeming in fish make it an ideal spot as well. And if sports lovers are looking into something different besides golf courses when they visit Orlando then look no further because this paradise has everything including beautiful lakes where fishermen can get their game on – literally!

Top 8: Washington DC

Washington DC

The capital of America, Washington is a city located on the East Coast. Home to many diverse cultures and iconic landmarks such as The White House or Lincoln Memorial; it also has many other attractions like Vietnam War Memorial which are all within one beautiful parkland called National Mall where you can find them easily among lush greenery!

Washington is home to many important museums, some of which are part of the Smithsonian Institute. The National Zoo and Historic Churches make for great attractions while in Washington DC; one popular day trip from here would be visiting Civil War battlefields at Gettysburg just an hour away by car or train!

Top 7: Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The second-largest city in the USA, Los Angeles is located on a coastal stretch of southern California surrounded by mountains and valleys. It’s often regarded as “The Entertainment Capital Of The World” because it has stars from all different walks of life that have made their mark here; you can even see where these celebrities lived through tours or go visit some homes they owned!

The laid-back, seaside vibe of Santa Monica is perfect for those who prefer a little more peace to their travels. There’s the old pier with its beautiful view and aquarium that will keep you entertained as well! If your going on an adventure be sure not to forget about Disneyland – it was actually America’s very first theme park (what were they thinking!).

Los Angeles is a mecca for culture-seekers, with some of the most popular attractions being in this city. The Getty Center holds America’s finest art museum and Universal Studios Hollywood has hosted countless Academy Awards ceremonies as well! You won’t want to miss out on visiting both historic landmarks such as Griffith Park or Knott’s Berry Farm where families can enjoy themselves at leisurely theme parks while listening to backstories from their favorite characters on stage rides that are guaranteed fun for all ages!

Top 6: Chicago


Chicago is known as the Windy City for its iconic tall buildings, including Sears Tower which stands at 10 tallest in America. Chicago also has an extensive history of music with jazz being one genre that originated here before it became popular elsewhere across genres like rock n’ roll or rap today!. The city offers plenty to see from famous museums like Shedd Aquarium where you can find sharks up close!

Chicago is a great city for foodies. It’s home to some of the best deep-dish pizza, hot dogs with all sorts of toppings you can imagine – maybe even ones that are not on this list! And there are so many ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago where people from different backgrounds live side by side.”

Chicago is a place of great historical significance. From its namesake, the Great Fire that destroyed many buildings and left only Old St Patrick Church standing tall in 1871; to Cadillac Palace Theatre where you can see current Broadway shows on their exquisite interior just like it was back when first opened in 1926… Chicago has plenty for any visitor who wants more than just relaxing beaches with palm trees or sampling some deep-dish pizza from one of those famous places!

Grant Park is a huge, sprawling public park with beautiful gardens and recreational facilities as well as Buckingham Fountain. Located in the heart of Chicago’s downtown area it’s not hard to see why this space has been the host for many events over time- ranging from concerts by Michael Jackson or Oprah Winfrey right up until today where you’ll find popular festivals taking place here during warmer months!

Top 5: Yellowstone


Yellowstone National Park is a land of hot springs and boiling pots, where you can see wildlife in their natural habitat. In 1872 this area was set aside as America’s very first national park to preserve the beauty of the incredible geysers for future generations!

The most famous geyser in the park is Old Faithful Geyser. It’s one of Yellowstone’s most predictable geographical features, erupting almost every 91 minutes and producing an impressive heat wave that can reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 Celsius). The colorful hot spring at Grand Prismatic Spring produces vibrant shades from green-tinged bacteria around mineral-rich edges where it falls underwater with little red pigment–a result of pigmented algae growing just below its surface! Other fascinating traits include sterile zones due to high temperatures found within these ” bleach pools,” making them perfect locations for visitors looking to get wet without getting burned by boiling lava rocks on top:)

Yellowstone is a haven for wildlife. From bears, elk, and deer to wolves you’ll find it here that wild things roam free in this beautiful landscape of steaming hot geothermal features!

Top 4: Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city in the middle of Nevada, known for its casinos and luxurious shows. There are many famous names such as Caesar’s Palace that visitors can enjoy when they go there- it has everything from gambling to performances by showgirls! The fountains at Bellagio offer an impressive sight with their breathtaking displays while other landmarks include replicas or Eiffel Tower alongside Egyptian Pyramids on Main Street called “The Strip.”

Las Vegas is a city that offers more than 55 golf courses to its residents, and there are also state parks for rock climbing or hiking nearby. Lake Mead provides all sorts of water sports within the limits it decides on!

Top 3: San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful city in northern California that offers tourists plenty of things to see and do. Of course, the most famous attraction for visitors is its iconic landmarks–the Golden Gate Bridge (number one) as well as cable cars with steep inclines which present scenic views across this proud peninsula.

San Francisco is a city rich in history and culture known for its lovely Victorian homes, of which Chinatown-The most famous with its colorful array of shops. A popular waterfront district lined with souvenir shops & seafood restaurants where tourists can take the ferry across to Alcatraz Island; it’s also home to Fisherman’s wharf where you’ll find lots more options on what kind of fish or crab dish suits your fancy!

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Top 2: Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an unforgettable sight to see. It’s a massive natural wonder that was carved out by the Colorado River over several million years and now measures 277 miles long, 1 mile deep & 18 miles wide! The overwhelming size makes for breathtaking views you won’t soon forget as well as many other tourist attractions in America which make this place so great.

The Grand Canyon is the world’s most famous natural wonder, and it can be found within a few different parks. The park has awe-inspiring landscapes from sand dunes to waterfalls as well as wildlife viewing opportunities for those who want their fill of nature before settling in at one of many historic sites where you’ll learn more about America’s history when settlers first came through or taking part in an adventure such hunting wild boar than climbing down into this amazing place!

The most popular part of the Canyon is on its south rim. You can find many historic sites such as El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon Railway Depot, and a lot more! The Northrim also has some cool places but it’s not quite as crowded so that would be perfect if you want an up-close experience with nature without being bombarded by other people all day long.

There’s plenty to explore on the trails, and if you want a really long hike to go for the Rim-to-Rim Trail. But don’t forget that it is also an unrelenting desert climate so make sure your water supply lasts!

The Havasupai tribe has been living in the Grand Canyon for centuries. The waterfall that they call “Havasu,” falls 120 feet into a natural pool of turquoise water, giving visitors an experience like no other! Other activities available to enjoy are whitewater rafting and jeep tours through this beautiful parkland paradise – among other things on offer at Skywalk Overlook.

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Top 1: New York City

New York City

New York City is the jewel in America’s crown, an urban area packed with iconic places and buildings. World-renowned for its concentration of skyscrapers and famous attractions like Times Square or Central Park; New York has been featured often in Hollywood films as well which makes it feel familiar territory sometimes thanks to all these appearances on screen.

New York is a true world city made rich by the people who’ve flocked here from all over. The five boroughs that makeup New York City are famous, and there’s so much culture: Korea Town for one thing; multiple Chinatowns—including Little Italy remains–and communities of Jewish to African American make this place truly stand out as an international destination!

You can tour New York City’s most notable landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center. One important historical site is Ellis Island where millions first arrived in America for immigration before it was even a country!

New York is a city of the world’s greatest museums and art galleries. From the Metropolitan Museum to Guggenheim, there are so many magnificent sights you can see in Manhattan alone! The Theater District also has its own Broadway theaters where tourists will be able to enjoy their vacation by catching shows while shopping around Times Square for souvenirs before heading home again-time goes fast when being entertained like this!!

For those who need to catch their breath from the hustle and bustle of New York City, Central Park is just what you’re looking for with its wide-open green spaces surrounded by trees.