PrivadoVPN Review – New VPN Worth Using?

PrivadoVPN Review


PrivadoVPN Overview

PrivadoVPN is a new VPN vendor that has recently started offering its services directly to consumers. Previously, you could only get it as an additional free service through another company’s plans such as Newshosting’s offerings.


PrivadoVPN is a unique VPN service with tons of features. They offer the free plan, which has limitations but still provides access to 12 global servers and unlimited bandwidth for one month before speed restrictions kick in! There’s also their monthly ($4.99/month) or annual subscriptions–the latter being more affordable at only $3 per month if you pay ahead of time instead of every single billing cycle like most companies require nowadays).

The PrivadoVPN and their paying plans are fantastic for those who need to connect more than five devices at once. The best part about this VPN is that you can try out the service with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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The one thing that makes PrivadoVPN different from other VPN services is its ability to offer a free monthly plan with limitations. This means you cannot access Netflix and BBC iPlayer, but it also offers 10GB of data before they throttle your connection for more than 3 hours in 1 day (or 7 days total). If this sounds like something up your alley then head over today!


The idea of getting access to localized libraries on streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix that are often unavailable in certain regions is a nice one, but it’s not something PrivadoVPN offers its users. This may be because their focus more closely resembles providing you privacy than unblocking popular content from abroad – even though the latter would surely help out some people!

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About vendor

PrivadoVPN has a huge range of servers around the world, giving you access to many different VPN locations in 45 countries. The service also offers “hundreds” more from Serbia and Thailand alone!

Privacy and encryption

This VPN provider uses the IKEv2 and OpenVPN (UDP or TCP) connection protocols, as well as an optional kill switch to protect your Internet access if it’s terminated. However, you’ll need to turn this feature on before using it in order for full protection from prying eyes when torrenting!

PrivadoVPN’s Privacy Policy is all about transparency. It doesn’t store any data about what users browsed or accessed through its connection, and it can’t connect activity originating from an IP address with user activities conducted online because the company only keeps logs for three months before they are automatically deleted without being stored elsewhere in violation of privacy regulations set out by European Union law (EU Data Protection Laws).

The provider says that it protects all data over its VPN connections, and doesn’t inspect or record the contents of what you’re viewing, browsing, or doing through their PrivadoVPN connection. They also make it clear in bold letters at the end of this policy: “We never logs (browsing history) traffic destination data content IP addresses.”

The document does say that they collect information on used bandwidth, mobile analytics, and “anonymous aggregate statistics such as the type of operating systems and devices commonly used”. It also says they get your device’s MAC address (which is like a serial number for computers), along with some other anonymous data from iOS or Android but it doesn’t contain any personal details.

While certain data can be discreetly monitored by PrivadoVPN, it is unable to supply any information for requests related to a user’s browsing history or traffic destination. The company denies having IP addresses or DNS queries on hand because they do not exist within the service offerings of this VPN provider.

This all may sound rather alarming but we would like independent confirmation from an outside auditor who will examine both your account with them as well as their own platform in order to assess its validity – after which if possible come up with something publishable about what happened while using these services!

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With a single touch of the PrivadoVPN app, you can access all your favorite streaming services from anywhere in Norden tantamount to being present at home. With its wide range and flexibility for devices’ operating system (OS), it is easy enough that anyone who downloads this will be able to enjoy uninterrupted video watching even on old smartphones or tablets without any issues whatsoever!

PrivateVPN offers a wide range of services, and you can find everything about PrivadoVPN on their website. From how-to guides to knowledge DB posts – there will be something for everyone! The company also has Twitter handles where they answer customer questions in real-time or via email if 30 minutes is all it takes from submitting one ticket (for some reason).

Speed and experience 

The Windows app is the perfect way to stay in touch with your favorite stores and see what’s going on nearby. It was easy enough that I could get around, but it took about 10 seconds before connecting which can be frustrating if you’re looking for something specific like an event or store closing! But when we finally did connect everything worked perfectly fine – there were no notifications from my phone either so this must’ve been some great networking hardware they have set up at their end.

We tested the provider’s download speeds on a 72Mbps testing connection and found that it got us 8.80Mpbs when in the Netherlands, 10Mbps for UK servers in London which were quite similar to previous ones seen across Europe – with automatic settings activated at both ends. Moving onto a US server located in New York City where we expectedly saw much slower results reaching just 5.49Mbps!

Finally, we connected to a VPN server in Buenos Aires which has a much lower and slower 2.35Mbps than our previous tests had shown us beforehand!

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PrivadoVPN is a budget-friendly, but still feature-rich VPN. This solution provides strong security and fast speeds for torrenting without having to worry about being limited by its lack of options or features compared with ExpressVPN which has more capabilities in every category imaginable – including unblocking localized streaming libraries! And you’re getting this service at no cost as well so why not take advantage?