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australia map

Australia is not just a beautiful country, it’s also home to some of the world’s most interesting people. From sea-level beaches with endless sunshine and pristine water that never gets too cold in winter or hot during summertime (depending on where you’re located)to expansive deserts fulled by red sand dunes stretching as far as your eyes can see; from mountains made out strong stone cliffs which offer breathtaking views no matter what time of day we go there – Australia offers something for everyone!

Australia has such incredible natural scenery surrounding its coastline lines like Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset photo opportunities every day while take advantage exploration new areas. Most Beautiful Regions in Australia

Map of Australia

Australia is a country of great natural beauty. From the dry Uluru in central Australia to lush rainforests on our Pacific island neighbors like New Zealand or Papua New Guinea; here you’ll find Tropics with their heat and humidity as well as snow capped mountains reaching up into the sky where it’s always cool-enough shade!

Australia has something for everyone whether they’re looking for searing deserts full of life – from microscopic plants all the way up through animals large enough to see-, pristine forests offering an escape from city life…or just plain old beachside living at its best.

New South Wales & ACT

Australia’s most famous city has to be Sydney. It was established in 1788 and is home to an impressive array of landmarks, including the sails from around which its iconic opera house loops magnificently onto one side like some glorious ship at sea, or you could take your own swim-up bar for the company while watching all those yachts drift by on their way out into open waters just beyond the shore. But there are also other places worth seeing here- Victorian architecture stands tall as well with plenty more than enough history packed inside these old walls not only between British colonizers before us but dating back even further when humans first arrived Down Under!

As Australia’s coast stretches for thousands of kilometers, there are many famous shoreside locations that dot its landscape. Coffs Harbour is well-known as a popular destination to see whales in their natural setting while Port Macquire draws visitors with scenic vineyards and beautiful beaches. In addition, Byron Bay offers some excellent hiking opportunities near large cities like Canberra which makes it worth checking out if you’re looking more into nature walks or just want an escape from city life!


South of New South Wales and north across the sea from Tasmania is Victoria. Expect picturesque surf beaches on its central and southwestern coasts, verdant fields, rugged national parks such as Alpine National Park where you will find high mountain pine forests with alpine meadows at elevations over 1500 meters (5212 feet). The Melbourne capital city for this state-also has vegan cafes in hipster neighborhoods like Smith Street or Brunswick East with music venues playing everything from rock bands to jazz singers; quirky boutiques selling clothing made by local designers -and great restaurants serving dishes inspired not only by Australia’s famous backyard but also around the world!

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. From massive stadiums and vineyards, Australia has it all!

Australia’s largest stadium can be found in Melbourne – The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). Nearby there’s also Yarra Valley which produces wine at the number one spot on the earth list according to experts; they say that if someone wants a great vacation this must-visit area should not miss out either while driving your car down road trip route known as “The Great Ocean Road”.


Queensland is the closest Australia gets to Asia, with its northernmost tropical islands located just off the coast of Papua New Guinea. To the desert-covered west lies a land so vast that it can seem like you’re standing on another planet; while in contrast, southern Queensland has more biodiversity per square inch than anywhere else in all but Africa (which includes South America). And when visitors think about this country’s natural beauty – whether they be travelers from abroad or locals returning home – there’s really nowhere better than Great Barrier Reef Country for seeing stunning scenery underwater at close range!

Cairns is a great starting point for travelers looking to explore the world. I recommend heading south towards Australia’s Whitsunday Islands or even further along this coast you can visit large Fraser Island -the only place on Earth where rainforests grow in shallow water corrals sand dunes!

Northern Territory

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a sacred place for the Aboriginal people of Central Australia. It’s not there to be climbed, but visitors can admire its beauty from far away and take photos that will last forever in their memory banks! In addition, there are many other sites worth seeing around Uluru including some other sandstone domes with great artwork on them as well if you’re into that sorta thing; it really does look like something straight out of Disneyland over here 🙂 Alice Springs (the nearest town) has much more shopping than anything else though so make sure to stop by before heading back home – pun most certainly intended 😉

Kakadu National Park in the Top End of Australia is a prehistoric wonderland. This 150-million-year-old protected area covers an incredible 12% of all land on Earth and its pristine natural beauty has been preserved for future generations to enjoy!

The stunning features inside this ancient maze range from Aboriginal history, stories, and rock art as much as amazing scenery such as dramatic Jim Jim Falls or deadly crocodile-infested rivers…

South Australia

South Australian wine country is home to some of the most scenic views in all of Australia, with a diversity that ranges from outback scrubland and pretty cityscapes. One place worth checking out for those interested in more active pursuits will be Flinders Ranges National Park where there’s ample opportunity hiking or mountain biking amidst magnificent scenery at Wilpena Pound – one such spot surrounded by mountains so tall they rise above their own pasture lands on top!

Though Adelaide is the largest city in the region, there are more interesting settlements to explore. One such place would be Coober Pedy which boasts underground houses and churches! For something less desert-based consider visiting Yorke Peninsula’s rugged coastline with its beautiful beaches that attract birdwatchers as well
Innes National Park – Though it sounds like an inhospitable location for humans at first glance (it has barely any human interactions), this spot does have some nice scenery including vast bushland habitat filled me native animals and birds alike.

Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in this country and it holds only around 11% of the total population, with the majority living within its capital city Perth. To give you an idea of how vast that really makes Western Australia look like – Siberia’s Sakhala Republic which pastes at 24 million square kilometers (9million square miles) outnumbers WA by itself!

For something more inland, Pinnacles Desert is home to an eerie landscape that’s asking to be explored. Located at the heart of Australia’s Western Interior region and only accessible by car (or 4WD), this area has been called one of “the most beautiful deserts in the world.”

For those who love wine as much they do nature – make sure you head south from Perth down Margaret River for some incredible views alongside delicious wines!


With its rugged mountains in the west, pristine beaches downeast and wild landscapes south of town; it’s no wonder Tasmania has been named one of Australia’s most beautiful states. The capital city Hobart was built as a western entry point for this island state during colonial days—and still maintains an old-world charm befitting that reputation with well preserved Victorian buildings throughout its downtown area. If you’re looking to get away from beachside life after all those summer months under your sandals then head over to MONA-the Museum Of Old And New Art–in addition, there are plenty more must-see attractions not to mention several hidden gems including nearby Mount Wellington where ramble about or take tours while enjoying incredible views!

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The east coast of Australia is home to some of the world’s best beaches, like Wine Glass Bay and Bay Of Fires. For those who love nature-filled landscapes, there’s Cradle Mountain in Tasmania which boasts stunning lakeside scenery with abundant wildlife including alpine heath plants native only at high altitudes or primeval rainforests that grow near rivers

The west coast has been voted one of its most beautiful areas too!