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map of japan

The country of Japan is a fascinating destination for travelers looking to explore Asia. With over 7,000 islands and an extensive coastline measuring 6th longest in the world coupled with its mountainous regions makes up 97% landmass make it is one very dense nation indeed!

japan map
map of japan

In a nation brimming with natural and human-made wonders, it can be difficult to know where to start. Today we journey around the most beautiful regions in Japan so you know what to expect!


If you’re a nature lover, then Hokkaido is the place for you. With its six national parks and wild landscapes, it will leave your heart full of joy at what else life has in store!

The island of Hokkaido is a great destination for nature lovers. The huge landmass has rolling hills, lakes, and paddy fields as well as beautiful cherry blossom trees towering mountains steaming hot springs during summertime, or perfect ski conditions with Niseko & Furano being popular destinations that offer variety in all seasons!

Hokkaido is one of the three main islands in Japan, home to Ainu people who have inhabited it for generations. The modern architecture and lifestyle found here makes a refreshing change from other parts of the country that feel more traditional as they lack any sort of old building style typical elsewhere on Japanese soil, but this also means there isn’t anything very special about Sapporo either – what you’ll want instead are its natural landscapes which make up much if not all your day trips during winter when everything turns white under layers upon layers snowfall!


Covering the northeastern part of Honshu –Tohoku is home to some spectacular scenery. You can find wonderful castles, shrines samurai residences and hot springs tucked away amongst its rural landscape.

Tohoku is a beautiful region filled with natural beauty and interesting historical sites. The samurai houses at Kakunodate, temples in Hiraizumi like Itsukushima Shrine or Fushimi Inari Temple that are worth visiting for their spectacular views of Japan’s coastline as well as the castle town Hirosaki which offers many Japanese delicacies on its street vendors’ carts – the Kyoto of North-east!

In winter, much of the region is covered in dense snow. Skiers and wallowers enjoy Naruko hot springs or expansive views from Matsushima’s Three Great Views; springtime sees beautiful cherry blossoms brighten up its charming towns and villages while summer brings travelers to see Mount Fuji clearly for themselves after it sets against an aquamarine sky at sunset over Tokyo Bay. A popular activity during Japan’s winters are skiing trips near the famous Onuma park where one can go boating on Lake Suwa-Hachiman Lock before ending their day with saki drinks by local shrine grounds.


Although Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolis perhaps unsurprisingly dominates Kanto with all it has to offer visitors- including a bevy of futuristic and bustling destinations as well.

The small town of Nikko is home not only impressive mausoleums but also beautiful national parks like Mt Fuji peeking over its hills in spite of being one such modest oasis amidst this vast sea; while Kamakura has plenty for travelers who want to check out shrines or temples alongside gorgeous beaches nearby too!

The Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is a must-visit for its relaxing hot springs, the breathtaking Fuji Five Lakes, and fantastic views of Mount Fuji off in the distance. With history on offer from ancient cultures to modern-day adventures, this region has it all!


The Chubu region is home to the largest chain of mountains in Japan, as well as one famous and iconic image: Mount Fuji.

The regions of Japan are a visual feast for the senses, and not just because they’re home to some beautiful mountains. The country’s bustling metropolises also have their own share of adventure – with plenty more hiking trails than you’ll find in Chubu alone!

This region has an undeniable allure due to its captivating terrain; be sure not to miss out on these great opportunities while visiting Hida-Kari or Yamanouchimoto near Mt Fuji Hot Spring Village: two towns where snow monkeys play around leisurely by bath time (or work).

Shirakawa-go is not only a beautiful medieval town but also abundant with history. You’ll find many traditional farmhouses and centuries-old buildings for you to discover in this charming region of Japan that includes the glorious Three Amo Waterfalls as well!


Kansai is a region of Japan that has been home to many historical and cultural landmarks. It contains three former capital cities; each showcasing the rich Japanese culture, which extends back centuries ago in time. The two most well-known are Asuka (home of Nara) as well as Kyoto with its magnificent temples like Todokanoya Temple or Fushimi Inari shrine complex outside Fukui City along Highway 101(the Kii Mountain Range). A must-see for those interested in ancient traditions from across Asia would be Arima Onsen hot springs located near Kobe – known internationally through scenes taken during filming locations used by Hollywood movies including “Princess airlines”

With a history that dates back to the 8th century, Kansai is an interesting and diverse region of Japan. It was once known as “the country’s second capital” after Kyoto – now one of its most popular tourist attractions with its ancient temples or bustling city life along Lake Biwa (or Boats). And don’t forget about Mount Fuji stand guard at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine either!


Chugoku is a mostly rural region in southwestern Honshu. Although it’s usually overlooked by visitors to Japan, Chugo-ku boasts an impressive array of castles and gardens for you to enjoy with lots of lovely nature also on show! The main draw here is Hiroshima City – home to the Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum & Peace Park as well Miyajima Island which offers great views from its many cliffs. Historic towns like Hagisn or Kurashiki would make excellent day trips if your time permitted while passing through this visually breathtaking area!

Chugoku’s landscapes are very diverse; it boasts the only sand dunes in Japan as well as the largest cave and plateau. In addition, Mount Daisen is often considered to be one of the “Fujis” of west-facing mountains with its gentle slopes make for some excellent hiking opportunities!


The tiny, rural island of Shikoku is known as the home to one pilgrimage: The 88 Temple Pilgrimage. Every year, thousands upon thousands make their way through this picturesque landscape and visit ancient Buddhist temples along the way – many have not been touched since they were first built centuries ago!

Shikoku is a fantastic destination for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustles of large cities. The mountainous interior has great hiking routes, while white water rafting along Shimanto River or Yoshino Streams will leave you feeling exhilarated!


Kyushu is the most southwestern main island of Japan. While it’s mostly made up of stunning mountains and fertile valleys, its flat north has two large cities worth visiting for their interesting historical sights: Fukouka (Fukuoka) with an impressive architecture that features old Buddhist temples; Kitakyusyu which offers more modern buildings dating back from the Meiji Restoration period in 1868 when the rule was handed over to civilians after almost 300 years under Shogunate government

I recommend going out there while you still have time because this place will leave your eyes wide open!

One of the most famous cities in Kyushu, Nagasaki was so badly damaged during WWII that it no longer exists. Other points to see include Beppu – a hot spring town which has received over 800 years worth of protection from nature due to its natural beauty and charm- and Kumamoto Castle for those who enjoy exploring ancient architecture or taking pictures near waterfalls!


The first thing you notice when entering an Okinawa village? The people. These islanders have a very distinct culture and identity, with their own customs that make them feel like they’re in another world altogether from anywhere else on Earth!

Away we went to explore this fascinating archipelago known as “The Land Of Rising Islands”.

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If you are looking for a place that has it all, then look no further than Okinawa. The islands in this jurisdiction offer an array of both natural beauty and human-made wonders to keep tourists entertained forever!

The archipelago is one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving and explore underwater life. The water surrounding these islands has sparkling corals, an ever-teeming mass for marine organisms. Additionally, there’s plenty here that you can do on land as well like sailing or surfing!