The Most Beautiful Regions in Switzerland Map

Switzerland Map

The Swiss are famous for their beautiful mountain scenery and the Matterhorn is a peak that they can be rightfully proud of. Mountains cover 20% (or more) of Switzerland’s land area with an additional 15 percent covered by glaciers in this mountainous country where you’ll find rolling hills, open pastures, and sprawling forests contrast starkly against one another across various regions throughout your journey through these amazing Alpine lands!

Switzerland Map
Map of Switzerland

Switzerland is a gem of Europe, with so many lakes and mountains that it’s hard to choose where you want to visit first. The country has four national languages- each region having their own identity depending on which language they speak in different areas (French for the Jura Mountains, German for Switeria, or Switzerland’s central plateau area). If I had my way though, I would move as soon as possible into Graubünden just because Romansch is such an interesting dialect!

Lake Geneva Region

The Lake Geneva Region is home to some of the world’s most beautiful nature, and it has so much more than just a spectacular view. So next time you’re visiting this area for its captivating cultural sights like The Old Town or iconic Jet d’Eau fountainhead on an impulse trip – don’t forget about all that surrounds you!

Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux are three of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Each city has a different personality but they all have stunning views to offer travelers as well fascinating history that you can explore while taking scenic cruises around Lake Geneva on your way there.

I was lucky enough to visit this amazing land during my travels last year – I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t booked their trip yet does so immediately before these destinations become inaccessible due to new immigration restrictions put into place earlier this decade by ex- french president Nicholas Sarkozy following several terror attacks against French citizens.

The Lake Geneva Region is a must-see when traveling around Switzerland. Whether it’s enjoying the stunning views from Mont Saleve and its cable car up into Jura Mountains, hiking along paths that weave their way through vineyards in Hauts de Montreux, or visiting some of Europe’s most prestigious wine houses this area isn’t one to miss out on!

Jura Region

The Jura Region is a beautiful part of France with mountains and valleys, lakes, and flowers. There’s something for everyone here!

Switzerland’s Three-Lakes district is home to rolling hills, vineyards, and forests. The perfect scenery makes it a great place for hiking through or taking scenic boat trips on the lakes of Biel, Murten, or Neuchatel! For one truly amazing view you can’t miss out if heading up into this area: head over the Chasseral as its highest point offers views so unrivaled that they’ll leave your jaw dropped open – no wonder people call these hilltops “the Olympus Alps”!

Might sound like some pretty faraway place but don’t worry – all those mountains aren’t just here somewhere else; we have them right in our own backyard too…

What are you waiting for? The Jura region has something that will suit every taste and budget.
A picturesque setting, charming historic towns like Solothurn or Estavayer-leLac; not to mention all those magnificent views!

Bernese Lowlands

The Bernese Lowlands are a treasure trove of natural beauty and history, from the capital city with its majestic Old Town to quiet rural communities. You’ll find green pastures in abundance along with riverside fields as well as clumps of trees that line winding mountain roads for miles upon miles across this Swiss region known locally as “the Mittelland.”

The Swiss Plateau is a wonderful place to visit if you want some more pristine scenery and so much natural beauty. Bern, the capital city of Switzerland offers many things for tourists such as Markets at different times on Sundays!

Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Highlands offers a completely different landscape to the Lowlands. Whilst both regions are home to beautiful mountains and valleys, it is in this area that you’ll find some of Switzerland’s tallest peaks as well as its most famous ones like Jungfrau or Grosshornstrasse.

The hiking here can be rough but there are many lakes for adventurers who want access point themself back into nature after experiencing all man has built on top!

Whether you are staying in Interlaken which is bordered by two beautiful alpine lakes, with its breathtaking panoramic views and scenic mountain towns Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen; visitors will come away spellbound at all that they have seen.

Northwestern Switzerland

Northwestern Switzerland is a region of Europe that borders France and Germany. One city in this area, Basel has an amazing old town center full of medieval architecture to explore alongside lots more museums, contemporary buildings for you architectural enthusiasts out there! If visiting the Jura Mountains or the Black Forest isn’t enough but want also get close proximity to two countries then Northwestern Switzerland would be the perfect spot from where do like exploring Alsace-Lorraine with its wine country.

Running through the city is a wonderful Rhine river that peacefully meanders its way through charming towns and villages. The east of this region, as well as Aargau where it originates from, has plenty to offer with some amazing castles you can find along Dotting picturesque countryside like Wildegg Castle or Lenzburg Fortress. There are also many little stops off in between for when traveling by car or foot!

Central Switzerland

Lying right at the heart of Switzerland, Central is widely regarded to be where it all started and home to many impressive sights. Lucerne with its iconic lake can boast an amazing cityscape that is just one example of what you’ll see here in this region filled up with natural beauty.

A hiking trip any traveler should take while they’re visiting! Once atop Mount Pilatus offering jaw-dropping views across Lake Luzerne Valley, or on top Rigi mountain overlooking Freiburg below as nothing else has ever seen before then head over Titlis which offers similarly breathtaking panoramas as well.

As one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland, this place is perfect for nature lovers and those who enjoy hiking. There are plenty of great options when it comes to watersports too!


Zurich is not just the country’s financial capital and so it’s well worth spending a few days exploring this wonderful city. While Zurich has much to offer in terms of culture, nature never gets too far away from what you’ll find here which means that soon enough – if your travel plans haven’t taken their toll yet-you can be cycling through mountainous vistas or taking boat trips on Lake Zurich!

Zug is a small lakeside town with many historic buildings and attractions. It’s also near one of Switzerland’s best-known medieval towns, Rapperswil-Jona Valley. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, head to Flumserberg for skiing in winter or hiking around during warmer months; it’s an excellent spot whether you’re traveling by car or on foot!

Eastern Switzerland

Eastern Switzerland is a beautiful land of surprises. From the lakes and mountains in the north to vineyards on your toes southward, there’s beauty everywhere you look – even if it snows! The alpine meadows are perfect for exploring during summertime with their lush greenery while winter sports take over shortly after Christmas when skiers and boarders come out strong as they wait patiently until spring has thawed all weather conditions so they can resume adventuring through these scenic villages tucked away amidst Appenzell Alps’ breathtaking scenery once again.”

Eastern Switzerland is a hotbed for outdoor enthusiasts with its wealth of natural sights and exciting activities. It’s also home to Saint Gallen, which has plenty of old buildings as well as interesting museums you can visit! The Abbey Library might be the best part about this town though – it houses one-of-a-kind manuscripts from all around Europe that will make your trip worth every penny spent there.

Museums are great at learning new things while touring through centuries worth of knowledge in just one place; they give visitors an inside look into history without having tiring eyesight strain looking up info on Wikipedia or similar sites online later (not if we want them preserved!).


Lying in the south of Switzerland, Valais is a narrow valley that follows along with its flowing river and has some incredible scenery. In the summer months there are plenty of outdoor activities to do like hiking or rafting down one of these beautiful mountain rivers while during wintertime you can enjoy exploring all the different ski resorts dotted around this area for their fantastic ski conditions!

One of the must-see sights in Valais is the distinctive peak of Matterhorn which stands at an altitude as high as 1,846 meters. It’s one out only a few mountains considered by many mountaineers and skiers alike to be Zermatt’s main attraction since they set off for their adventure from this scenic resort below its alluring waters.


There is so much to see and do in the region that even those who live here are often surprised by what they find. You can enjoy a quiet day hiking through nature-filled mountains without hearing any ski lifts or seeing anyone else on the trail, explore unique Swiss villages where one might only ever set foot if invited as part of an excursion from your hotel onto private property – all without crowdsourced lodging options like Airbnb!

The valley of Engadine is a wonderful place to explore with its lovely river, forests, and meadows. The natural park in Switzerland has so many winding trails for you to make your way along – there really isn’t anything that the landscape around Graubunden can compare to!


Ticino is located in the south of Switzerland, bordering Italy. The region has a very different look and feels from other parts of this proud country because it’s Italian-speaking – as evidenced by its many villages with distinctive architecture like those seen near Lake Lugano or Monte Bre whose summits offer fantastic views to take your breath away!

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Ticino has over a dozen different hiking trails and is one of the most scenic valleys in Switzerland. In fact, it may be time to pack up your bags for an adventure-filled vacation while we’re still on summer break!