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spain map

Spain is a Spanish-speaking country that includes the Iberian Peninsula, which contains most of Spain’s landmass. However, there are other regions too! The Canary Islands off northern Africa in Western Europe and Balearic islands located near Italy make up two more fascinating parts of this beautiful culture.

Spain is the perfect destination for you to get a taste of Europe. You’ll find unparalleled mountain ranges, scenic coasts, and bustling cities that will leave your heart racing with excitement!

Map of Spain
Spain Map

King Ferdinand IV built Madrid in 1563 using quarry-stone from as far away as Cuenca – this decision not only helped shape one Historic Spanish capital but also gave birth (more than 500 years ago!)to an empire spanning most parts under absolute monarchy rule; making it homebase during three centuries worth ’empire building’.


Andalusia is a treasure trove of cultural and historical landmarks. The Sierra Nevada range, with its tallest mountains in Andalucía’s spectacular landscape, makes for an awe-inspiring trekking destination while you can enjoy some hot tub time by taking on one it’s many hiking trails or goes horse riding at your leisure across the rolling hillsides that line this part Spain’s southern coastline (Costa del Sol). You won’t be disappointed when visiting here; there are countless beaches along both coasts where you’ll find bluer waters than anywhere else on earth!

There are many amazing things to do in Andalucía. You can find great towns like Ronda and Ubeda, while the seaside villages of Marbella and Malaga have some beautiful beaches that you’ll want to visit for vacation time!

The region surrounding Andalusia is home to some of the most beautiful towns in all of Spain. From old medieval cities with crumbling fortresses and awe-inspiring palaces, this area has it going on! The Moorish architecture at Alhambra really does stand out when visiting any one town or travel itinerary within Andalucía – be sure not to miss out by checking them off your list first before heading over there later as well…


Tucked away in the north of Spain on the border with France, Aragon is a very historic region. It was here that ancient crowns were once based and glorious cities like Zaragoza lay waiting to be explored – it’s also home today for some great outdoorsy activities such as hiking through mountainous valleys or enjoying awe-inspiring views from mountain tops!

Aragon is a land of rustic villages and scenic hillsides. With its many rivers, Aragón offers the chance to get away from it all while still enjoying Spain’s architectural marvels within Teruel city – which was once called “The Rome Of The West.”

A great way to explore this area would be by taking one of Alquezar’s hiking trails or mountaineering trips up into nearby mountains such as those found near Hecho village (the closest town).


The people of Asturias are known for their laid-back attitude and friendly demeanor. They’re always welcoming visitors, giving an open invitation into their lives as if you were family!

The Asturias region of Spain is a land with many hidden gems. Picos de Europa National Park and Parque Natural de Somiedo offer some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in all Spain, while also being home to wonderful green forests that cover much more than you’d expect from such an interior region like this one can be unpredictable due to its proximity both sea-side towns as well as high mountains just waiting for adventurers looking forward explore them!

Asturias has some of the most beautiful cities in Spain, with Gijon and Oviedo being among my favorites. These towns are full of history-rich landmarks that date back to Roman times; they’re also home to many cultural events which you can attend if your heart desires it!

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are located in the Mediterranean Sea. The small archipelago is a very popular holiday destination with visitors from all around Europe and further afield, blessed by excellent weather that lasts much of their year-long stay on these shores! Each island has its own unique look – Minorca’s rugged terrain makes it feel more like an adventurous getaway than something your average beach bum could enjoy; Ibiza always delights those looking for music or clubbing while Formentera offers serenity as well as stunning coastal views (not to mention delicious food).

The Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera present an alternative to the party scene, with their quieter nature. There are many historic sites on Mallorca that offer spectacular scenery as well as fantastic towns like Palma de Majoro or Mao; this largest city in all three islands also has one incredible Gothic cathedral – there aren’t two!

Basque Country

The Basque Country is home to people with their own language, culture, and history. The region has a very diverse geography that includes mountains as well rivers cut through it while other parts are covered in vineyards or have picture-perfect views like the Alava Plains.

When you visit the Basque country, be sure to explore all that this scenic region has in store for travelers. Whether it’s Bilbao with its biggest city and most popular destination or San Sebastián on Spain’s west coast-the area is chock full of exciting places waiting just around every corner!

Canary Islands

Tenerife, the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands is a top-rated destination with its beautiful landscape. Lying on the northwest coast of Africa it should come as no surprise that these islands are for holidaymakers who wish to escape reality by exploring lunar-like landscapes or enjoying warm weather with inviting beaches. However, there’s more than just Tiede mountain which makes each island unique in itself: Punta del Hidalgo offers stunning views while others offer great food such as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

The Canary Islands are a fantastic holiday destination for those who love exploring new places. For instance, there’s Lanzarote with its breathtaking volcanic landscapes and La Gomera’s ravine-filled terrain as well as Gran Canaria’s nightlife to keep you busy!

The islands have an incredible array of ways to enjoy nature all around them; whether hiking up hills or swimming in pristine waters it will leave your heart full from being so close to Mother Nature without getting too dirty at least once while on this wonderful journey through different regions within one country (Spain).


The first thing you’ll notice when exploring Cantabria is its lush green scenery. Lush forests blanket the mountains and coastal regions, while low-lying areas are equally charming to explore with lovely beaches dotting both coasts of this fertile land bridge between Spain’s Bay of Biscay coastline in NW Europe’s North West region (Cantábrica) & Portugal’s Galicia her coastline southwards towards Rio de Janeiro estuary where it meets up again as one river delta).
The capital city Santander sits at heart surrounded by rolling hillsides ready for adventure seekers eager to get out there!

Cantabria is a Spanish region known for its beautiful caves and nature parks. Monte el Castillo, Covalanas, Santona Natural Park are all noteworthy places to visit with their bird-watching opportunities in winter when the birds migrate southward towards warmer climates. Every year thousands flock there from around Europe come to see them at this time period before they start springing back up again like flowers after the rain!

Castile and León

The Castile and Leon region is a vast swathe of territory in the center-north part of Spain. It borders on several mountain ranges, including Picos de Europa to its north which has some spectacular views for tourists looking for adventure seekers who aren’t afraid of outdoorsy stuff like hiking or climbing mountains. The Moncayo Massif can also be found here with its highest peak being at an altitude close enough so that many people live comfortably without ever having experienced altitude sickness before they come to visit this area!

The region between the mountains is full of scenic wonders like the river and rugged land. It’s no wonder people come from all over to see them!

The history here in Castile-and Leon comes with an array of sites that are both beautiful as well exciting, such as Salamanca which has a lot going on for tourists but can still be enjoyed easily by those looking for more laid back scenery or historic towns where you’ll find old churches dating back centuries ago

Castilla-La Mancha

In the southeast of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha is famed for being the setting of Cervantes’ famous novel Don Quixote. The windblown plateau still holds centuries-old mills that he pitted himself against in his quest to be a Knight Templar and since then many people have called it home too because this region has everything one could want: great wines from rolling vineyards mixed with crazy weather like lowlands near mountains or desertlike conditions on top.

In the middle of its bleak and desolate landscape, you’ll find lots of great towns like Cuenca with its magnificent cathedral. Or maybe Toledo – a medieval city in Spanish where all around are old churches to explore!


Catalonia is the heartland of Catalan culture and identity, with a wonderful array for you to explore. Bordered by the Pyrenees in the north it is blessed with gorgeous beach-filled coast as best exhibited at Costa Brava!

The city that thrusts its way into the world as international capital, Barcelona is home to a captivating range of sights. It’s no surprise there are so many things for everyone here – from incredible architecture in the shape of La Sagrada Familia and pulsating nightlife on offer! The beaches also make this region one not only worth visiting but living too; whether you’re looking forward to sand between your toes or fine dining across some stunning coastal scenery Lloret de Mar has something waiting just for YOU

Community of Madrid

Madrid has a lot to offer visitors. The Community of Madrid is home to three incredible towns that are filled with history and culture, including Alcala de Henares where you can visit some amazing attractions like El Escorial Castle or Aranjuez Palace Museum. There’s also plenty more going on after dark when it gets dark- no need for light!

Though often overlooked by visitors, who instead flock to Spain’s cosmopolitan capital Madrid (or Zaragoza), the medieval towns of Chinchon and Buitrago del Lozoya are well worth checking out. They have beautiful architecture from centuries ago that is not too common in Europe today! The Guadarrama National Park with its wonderful mountain scenery also deserves mention as does this article’s author- her opinionated tone will make you want to go on an adventure after reading just one paragraph about how great it was…


Lying in the central west region of Spain alongside Portugal, Extremadura is a very wild and remote part that sees relatively few visitors. While there are some mountainous regions here, four hydrographic basins punctuate its scenic landscape; it’s these diverse habitats that make hiking or cycling so fascinating as you’re likely to find yourself alone with stunning nature all around at any given time!


The most northwestern region of Spain, Galicia makes up part of the “Green Country.” It’s known for being home to the historic city Santiago de Compostela and it has a fantastic pilgrimage route that leads all across “Camino De Santa Catherina.”

Galicia is a land full of natural beauty and history. The surrounding countryside is home to many vineyards, where you can enjoy wines made from the region’s grapes alongside other festivities like winemaking workshops or tasting tours that take place every day in A Coruna during the summer months (June-September). Galicians also have their own unique dialect which they speak with pride!

La Rioja

The Ebro Valley and the Iberian Range are known as fantastic places to find wines from La Rioja. The area has many scenic vineyards that produce internationally renowned reds, whites, or rosés in addition to other varietals like Gewürztraminer (a wine named for its distinct flavor).

Climbing into one of these hills will give you an amazing view while sampling some delicious Spanish viticulture at its finest!

A region rich in history, La Rioja is home to many churches and monasteries. The capital city Logrono has a lot of character with its riverside setting while Briones offers picturesque views across vineyards from the peaks nearby San Millan de la Cogolla
Cities such as these are only two destinations worth visiting if you’ll be spending time here; there’s also much more nature waiting just over the horizon!


Navarre’s landscape is made up of two contrasting areas – the Pyrenees mountain range in northern Navarra and low plains around Ebro River valley.

The Running of the Bulls is not only a festival in Pamplona, but it’s also Navarre’s most famous event. This city has so much to offer visitors with its beautiful buildings and leafy parks that you’ll never run out of things to do if you’re here for just one day! Olite and Tafalla are two other towns worth checking out while on your tour through this historic region.

Region of Murcia

The Region of Murcia has a lot to offer tourists. From its spectacular beaches and natural scenery, visitors can enjoy hiking or mountain biking in the mountains while taking part in some extraordinary events like up-close bird watching trips along their coastlines.

The output is engaging because it paints an emotional picture with words such as “spectacular” which also makes readers feel excited about visiting this place themselves!

In the region of Murcia, there are many rivers that snake their way throughout this beautiful natural landscape. One notable sight to see in this area is called “El Mar Menor” which can be found by boat or thanks for its saltwater accessibility from mainland Spain.

The people who live here have an affinity towards water sports and enjoy crafting them into something new each day while taking time out during celebrations like Christmas Eve (Día De Reyes) when they party all night long at sea!

Valencian Community

When exploring Valencia, be sure not to miss out on the many rousing beaches that are surrounded by this bustling metropolis. From gentle bays with crystal-clear waters and beautiful sand dunes for when you want an isolation retreat from it all or head right down onto one of its fine strands where everyone will see how traveling has taught me so much about being flexible!

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Costa Blanca is a region of Spain that has attracted tourists due to its stunning scenery, warm climate, and wealth of seaside towns. The main draw for visitors are the beaches around Alicante where one can enjoy all kinds of activities from surfing in colder months or just taking it easy on their towel under an umbrella with friends; however, there’s plenty more than meets the eye when exploring this area! For those interested in history you’ll find many historical sites such as castles built centuries ago during the Moorish occupation which now serves as tourist attractions today-in addition they’re perfect spots to take pictures against dramatic backgrounds like hillsides covered by olive groves -not bad hey?