Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV (75Q950TS) Review

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV



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Samsung Q950TS Overview

The Samsung Q950TS is a notable 8K TV with impressive specs that might be worth eyeing up in any upcoming Black Friday sales. With its resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the screen will have to upscale SD and HD sources to produce an image – but there’s no native content out yet so it may not matter!

If you’ve been considering investing in an 8K television, then Netflix is telling us not to hold our breath. They recently announced that they will be using a streaming camera for their new anime series and movie BrainPop which explores science through lighthearted adventures of various gags featuring the human brain as its main protagonist (think animated Storage Wars). The plan was developed so viewers can watch content at higher resolutions than ever before without any buffering or pixelation during playback, but don’t get your hopes up just yet!

If the Q950TS is to make any case for itself, its images at lower resolutions will have to be impressive. Thankfully it does and this high-end TV exceeds expectations with features like a wide color gamut that are often seen on much more expensive models. This 2020 model can’t compete with Samsung’s newest TVs because they’re only available in 8K resolution but otherwise read our full review here!

Price and release date

The Samsung Q950TS is the company’s most expensive television, and it has a large price tag to match. UK shoppers will have access only to one model at launch: an 85-inch screen for £7999 or 5k yuan (around half of its retail value). It should be available in stores now with discounts below those prices already!

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The Samsung Q950TS 75-inch 4K HDR Smart TV offers a glimpse into the future with its thin, frameless design that virtually disappears when you sit far enough away from it. A rather impressive party trick for any tech reviewer who appreciates eye candy!

The Samsung Q950TS has an impressive 15mm depth, and it’s one of the few TVs on this list to avoid having any backlit parts. The reason for its slimness? Offboarding all input/output requirements mean there is no OLED-style lump or bulge anywhere in sight!

The One Connect box provides all the inputs – that’s four HDMI sockets (one of which is 2.1-specified), three USB ports, and an ethernet socket! It also takes care of mains power for your expensive new TV: just one connection is required to install it on a wall mount or stand-alone.

The Samsung 75-inch 4K TV is a gorgeous television that sits on your wall and doesn’t take up much space. The design of this huge screen makes it easy to navigate through menus with just one remote control, as well as hide wires behind the unit for discreetness. The slim chassis blends right into any room’s decor without being too noticeable or clunky – so you can enjoy all those great picture qualities from their Ultra HD resolution even if there isn’t enough real estate within viewable reach!

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Smart TV (Tizen) 

It’s good to know that the Samsung TV interface is still so intuitive and easy to use. The blue background was changed in order to reduce eye strain, but otherwise, it remains just like how you remember them from last year with all its apps ready for download!

Picture quality is excellent on this TV, but not overly complicated to set up. The remote control has a weighty feel and the built-in Alexa functionality makes it easier for any user who would like voice control over their device or home theater system without having an additional speaker installed in addition to what they already have. And don’t forget about Google Assistant compatibility coming soon!

HD/SDR Performance

The Samsung Q950TS can handle a resolution of 7680 x 4320 with relative ease but will have difficulty handling 8K content. In order for this television to show native 8K images and videos without upscale from lower resolutions such as 1080p or 4k, the device requires more pixels than what is available on movies made in standard definition (DVD).

Thanks to Samsung’s huge efforts in AI and machine learning, they are able to provide an accurate upscaling for their 75Q950TS. The TV uses its massive database of information with the make-up of images it has seen before so that will never have any problem fitting on screen at all!

The 950TS gives a stunning and convincing image of the football player’s movements, but there is still picture noise in this device.

The Samsung Q950TS is a razor-sharp, contrasty display. It can really show you the shine on that Real Madrid shirt or how black shadows look in darker scenes with great clarity and detail – not to mention white text against bright backgrounds like snow fields are always crystal clear no matter which angle they’re coming from!

There’s nothing quite like the clarity and confidence of a huge amount of upscaling. The crispness is noticeable, with no jagged edges or overlapping effects at all to be seen in this 8K Samsung screen which makes for an impressive feat by itself!

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4K/HDR Performance

It doesn’t come as any surprise to find the Q950TS doing such an extraordinary job when upscaling high-def content. It really shines with 4K Blu-rays, rendering pictures that are superior in comparison even of some well-known native 4k screens!

This Samsung produces picture-making with levels of brightness that are almost indecent, paints an expansive color palette, and reveals details so good you won’t be able to tell the difference between deep blacks or white out. Despite being heavily stylized in nature – moving nonstop from scene start till finish– on-screen movement is controlled by its iron fist even when things get brightest which resists bleaching away completely!

The Samsung Q950TS is full of surprises. The HDR-assisted images absolutely pop on this TV, but what really makes it stand out are the dark areas; no matter how bright things get on your screen there’s enough contrast to make cataracts look like something you could deal with if they were eyeglasses instead!

The Samsung is able to rid the biggest, most uniform areas of color (which in this movie tends to mean either “blue sky” or “desert”) from picture noise. It’s about as subtle an indication of how hard their upscaling engine works that they provide; it really does seem destined for all its time-consuming work when playing 4K content at native resolution!

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8K Performance

When it comes to displaying 8K content, the Samsung is nothing short of spectacular. But unless you’re in a very privileged position, your experience will be similar: lovely electronics show-worthy shots of flowers opening and sumptuous panning shots with cityscapes as well!

Yes, it all looks fantastic. Colorful and detailed just as you would expect from a TV that costs this much! But until there’s any meaningful 8K stuff available on disc or via streaming service, keep your credit card close by because we don’t think what’s here will make enough of an impact for most viewers to want one (or not).


For those who are looking to spend a small fortune on new TV but not budget for an appropriate sound system, Samsung has created “Object Tracking Sound +.” This feature allows you to hear what’s going on in your show and can even track specific objects with accuracy.

The new Samsung SUHD TVs are designed to make the audio experience on your TV more immersive. The 4.2 2 arrangement of speakers allows for increased auditory detail, deeper bass response, and an open soundstage that will bring whatever is happening in front of you right up into focus with clarity.

It might be the most successful subwoofer in terms of output volume. The eight drivers and their 70 watts provide a big sound with good separation, but its hard tone makes it inappropriate for accompanying images that are full-bodied or luxurious looking at all times.

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Other things

Samsung’s 8K TVs are now available with some tempting discounts, but the Q950TS is a decent step on from any of those. Let’s not involve ourselves in any false economies – I’ll just enjoy this new TV!

One of the best ways to get an immersive experience is by using a TV with good audio quality. The Philips OLED+984, which has Dolby Vision compatibility and includes Ambilight for added light show effects on screen can be considered one of these TVs because it also supports HDR10+.

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When it comes to 4K TVs, the 8K955Q is a very worthwhile advancement of their art. Its native 8k images are almost humbling in their fidelity and out on real-world its is good a more upscale for any price; even if you don’t have any content yet or own another set with QLED technology built-in – which makes this purchase undeniably idiosyncratic indeed!


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