The Best Saucepans you should buy on Amazon


We like to think of ourselves as a little crazy (in a good way) when it comes to the things we buy here at the Strategist, but we can’t test everything. That’s why we offer People’s Choice, where we look for the best-reviewed items and choose the most compelling. (You can find out more about our rating methodology and how we choose each item by clicking here.)

While we’ve written on slow cookers, cookware sets, stockpots, frying pans and skillets, and Dutch ovens, and even interviewed chefs about their favorite pots and pans, we’ve compiled a list of the finest saucepans on Amazon.

Best-rated saucepan

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 2-Quart Covered Saucepan

These pans are as well-liked as they are popular. One reviewer exclaims, “THEY STILL MAKE THEM SO THAT’S HOW GOOD THEY ARE.” Another exclaims, “GOODEST!” Many individuals appear to be simply changing this pot because, after over half a century of trying, they’ve finally succeeded in killing it. “I’ve owned one for forty-five years and it’s never failed me down,” one reviewer writes, “except for the time I walked off and left an egg cooking in one and came home to discover the bottom detached from the rest of the pan.” We’re all hoping that the new one will be “far tougher to melt.”

The rim, which is delicately rolled and has a pour spout on either side, is what people truly like. Also, for the same price, you may pick a lid with straining capabilities instead of a standard lid. They do, in the end, last: One satisfied client adds, “The one this replaced was around 45 years old.” “If this one lasts that long, I won’t have any trouble replacing it!” she exclaims, almost too enthusiastically.

Best 1 1/2 quart saucepan

Cuisinart 719-16 Chef's Classic Stainless 1-1/2-Quart Saucepan with Cover

One man, who claims he’s “not a cook” but has “washed many pots and pans,” felt obliged to leave a review to “simply comment on the pan itself: such a beauty, extremely glossy and brilliant with a sturdy, well-anchored handle” that is “fully proportioned.” You don’t even have to be human to enjoy the numerous pleasures of this pot. One customer writes, “I purchased this to prepare herbal teas for my parrots, and I adore it!!” One entirely unrelated review begins, “I was seeking for bird friendly cookware, and this works well for me,” adding that it’s a “nice size for preparing soup,” but is hazy about how and whether the birds fit into that. Another man claims he “purchased this for [his] mum” and that “she loves it and speaks about it every time we chat on the phone.” He doesn’t mention parrots, tea, or soup.

Best 3-quart saucepan

Cuisinart MCP193-18N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 3-Quart Saucepan with Cover

The MC in MCP refers for “multiclad,” which implies there are additional layers of stainless steel in this saucepan to give better and more equal heat dispersion. Yes, it’s more substantial: Many reviews use words like “extremely heavy,” “very hefty,” and “too heavy,” all while complimenting the saucepan’s superior performance and quality. “I guess I can’t have it both ways,” admits the group’s lone coherent voice. Another reviewer adds, “I possess plenty of high-end cookware, yet this 3-quart stainless steel pot is the most often used.” The saucepan is also ideal for manufacturing candy: “the sides of the pan heat as evenly as the bottom, moreover, the pan is deep enough for the contents to rise securely without boiling over,” according to reviewers.

Best nonstick saucepan

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Pour and Strain Sauce Pan, 3 1/2-quart, Black

Many reviews say it’s a “good pot” with a “strange form.” One reviewer states the flared design doesn’t appear to affect the cooking at all, although it does make scraping the sides laborious on occasion. This pot can “cook 12 hard boil eggs at once,” according to another reviewer. One relieved client exclaims, “I am over 50 years old and I finally discovered a nice saucepan!” “Everything was burnt in my old saucepan!” I used to think I was a terrible cook!” Others praise its “various applications,” which make it “ideal for camping,” especially if your bag is lacking in pebbles and you want to bring the heaviest cooking pot you can find.

Best stone nonstick saucepan

Ozeri The Stone Earth All-In-One Sauce Pan, with 100% APEO & PFOA-Free Stone-Derived Non-Stick Coating from Germany

One pun-happy critic states, “You won’t get stuck with this pan,” and that appears to be the consensus. One reviewer writes, “The first item I cooked was over-easy eggs, and I was thrilled when I tried to just move the pan and the eggs glided over it.” An seasoned cook exclaims, “This is literally the best pan I’ve ever owned!” Another writes, “Best nonstick I’ve found.” “It’s my new favorite pan!” It’s like having a cast-iron skillet!” exclaims someone who must reside in a county where cast-iron skillets are prohibited.

Best saucepan with a built-in strainer

AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan With Glass Lid, Strainer Lid

The dual-sided, dual-sized straining capabilities, which removes the need for separate strainers, and the inner gradient measurement lines, which keep your measuring cups where they belong – far, far away from you – have been praised by reviewers. They adore the stay-cool handle and lid, as well as the dual-sided pouring spouts and the glass top, which allows them to keep an eye on their food while it cooks. One reviewer, whom we believe, states, “I’m not usually this enthusiastic about a saucepan.” It’s also “loved by grandkids,” according to a grandparent with unusual grandchildren.

Best saucepan with double boiler

Farberware Classic Stainless Series 2-Quart Covered Double Boiler

One mother says, “This baby is a wonderful deal.” “Not in the least bit cheap or fragile. I expect it will outlast me by a long time. Will it appeal to my children? Most likely not. They’ll just melt the chocolate in the microwave. But they’ll be mistaken.” “I can’t think of a reason to buy a more costly model,” says another satisfied customer. “There’s no pouring lip,” says one perceptive reader. This might be aggravating if you’re cooking sauces, fondues, or other similar dishes.” One guy bought it to “assist my wife with the fudge-making process,” which we all know can be arduous, while another stated simply, “madw canabis butter greata.”

Best high-end saucepan

All-Clad 4203 Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Sauce Pan with Lid/Cookware, 3-Quart, Silver

One reviewer wonders, “Who knew that utilizing a high-quality pot or skillet could suddenly level-up one’s cooking?” “However, going All-Clad has done just that for me.” Another convert comments, “Nothing compares to a true All Clad saucepan.” “It’s a pleasure to cook with. The metal core runs up the edges of the pan, allowing heat to reach the food from three sides, and the pan is surprisingly light.” The admiration continues: “This is a stunning saucepan.” “The lines, the finish, and the weight are all spot on.” “It’s built to last.”

“It’s All Clad,” says the narrator. “I don’t know what more to say.” “All-Clad never disappoints,” “Best saucepan I’ve ever owned,” “Best goods, period,” and “Purchase All-Clad and never buy pots and pans again” are the only things that come to mind.

Best cast-iron saucepan

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Saucepan, 1.75 qt., White

This is a large (6.4 pound) pot with an enamel finish that makes it smooth and attractive. And it’s just what you’ll need to produce the greatest sauces, stews, and other dishes that require hours and hours of simmering. They’re “very durable and simple to clean,” “move from stove, oven, to table without difficulty,” “look fantastic,” “are quite hefty,” and “far too costly,” according to reviewers. However, as one lady puts it, “Le Creuset’s dishes are costly, but they’re worth it since they’re so beautifully built and very functional.” “Sure, the pot is heavy, and yes, the handle warms up a little,” she adds, “but whining about that is like a queen moaning about her crown being too tight.”

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