The Crystal of Protection and Healing: Selenite


Selenite is a beautiful crystal with many healing properties. Selenite’s name comes from Selene, the Greek goddess of moon and it was called Selene Crystal by early Greeks. Selenite has been used for protection and for healing purposes since ancient times and in many cultures including Native American Indians, Middle Easterners, as well as people in South America.

Selenite provides calming energy that can be helpful for those who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. Selenites’ soothing vibration does not stimulate the mind or emotions like other crystals do; rather it calms them down which makes it an excellent choice for meditation. Selenites can also help one to sleep better at night because they are very grounding.

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Selenite is a high vibration crystal

Selenite is a stone that holds one of the highest vibrations and it can be used to heal or bless anything, including people.

Selenite is an interesting looking crystal which also has very unique properties when considering its healing abilities. This specific kind of mineral offers purification energy as well as some other powerful things like psychic ability boosting, protection from negative entities known in metaphysical circles as parasites who attach themselves onto humans for their own personal gain without regard to others’ wellbeing (i.e., feeding off them).

When this type of parasite attaches itself on someone’s life force directly through emotional ties with emotions such anger or fear selenite will help free the person by providing clarity about these relationships so they don’t have harmful effects down the road. Selenite is a very helpful crystal in metaphysical circles and its healing properties cannot be overestimated.

Selenite can work to clear away negative energy that surrounds you or even the environment itself by cleansing them of all negativity so it helps keep one safe from any harmful entities out there just waiting for an opportunity to latch onto someone’s life force. Selenite can also be used to increase the strength of people’s psychic abilities which is very helpful in metaphysical and spiritual practices. Selenes are crystals that work well with other stones, including those who would benefit from its purifying energy such as smoky quartz or clear quartz for instance.

Selenite has been used throughout history for healing

Selenite has been used throughout history for healing and rituals. This unique crystal can be found in Mexico, Austria, Siberia, Poland and Greece among other places around the world. It is well known that Selenite naturally forms as a hexagonal shape with pyramid-like sides on either end of this stone’s base form which consists of bottom flat planes often referred to as “tiles” or “plates.”

These plates are transparent white crystals commonly seen growing upward from those tiles like an ice sculpture frozen solid within seconds while still allowing light through it’s wondrous prismatic hue creating beautiful rainbow colors when held under sunlight causing us wonder at its beauty!

How to use selenite crystals for healing 

Selenite crystals are a great tool to use for healing. Selenite is in the form of gypsum and can be found naturally, though it’s more common to find selenite as a byproduct formed from evaporating water with high concentrations of sulphur dioxide at hot springs or saline lakes that have dried up over time. It has been used throughout history both physically such as ancient cultures using them for jewellery but also spiritually where they were thought to help bring about tranquility through prayer and meditation.

Selenite has been used for psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and is said to help those who use it in this way develop their gifts much faster than without. Selenite can also be helpful when trying to connect with the metaphysical world through spiritual travel or out of body experiences by helping one find a good focus point where they can find themselves grounded and connected with the earth.

Selenite is helpful to those who are going through intense changes in their lives or feel they need help focusing on a certain goal that will bring about positive energy into one’s life.

Selenites are one way you can begin your journey into spiritual growth if you do not already practice any type of spirituality. The best thing about starting this process with selenitie stones is there aren’t many rules when trying something new. Selenite is one crystal you can start working with to ease yourself into a new world of spiritual understanding and energy healing, but it’s also easy enough that anyone can use them without any extensive prior knowledge about crystals or metaphysical practices. Selenites are safe to begin using if you have no experience whatsoever and will never harm someone who does.

Lore of selenite and its connection with the moon

Selenite is known as the stone of moon and it has many uses. Many people use selenite to bring about positive change, but this rock can also be used for protection during spiritual work or meditation. The word itself comes from Selene – an ancient Greek lunar deity who was associated with magic powers which could cure diseases like epilepsy and malaria along with other mental disorders such as insanity in women (Beth).

Selenite’s properties are due to its chemical composition consisting mostly of silicon dioxide (crystalline quartz) making up around 97%. In fact, when you look at a single crystal under magnification, you’ll see that they appear hexagonal because each side branches out into six sides that converge together forming what appears almost triangular in shape. Selenite is also known as a soft mineral, but only because it can easily be scratched by harder substances such as other rocks or metals. Selenites are not fragile stones and you don’t have to worry about them breaking if they fall off the shelf onto your carpet floor from several feet above ground level – though keep in mind Selenite can break if you drop it on a hard surface, but that’s true for any stone. Selenites are one of the only stones to not contain water within their molecular make-up which is why they tend to be so translucent and pure in color as opposed to rocks containing many impurities or metals such as copper or iron giving them a brownish tinge. Selenite is found in many locations around the world, but there are three main areas where it forms which includes Germany and Brazil.

The different colors of selenites, which have different properties

The different colors of selenite crystals have various properties. Selenites are a type of mineral which can be found in many places across the world, including Europe and Australia. The most common color for these minerals is white or clear with shades ranging from yellow to dark brown; however there are also some rarer types such as red, green blue and black (Clery).

Selenite and the chakras

Selenite is a crystal that’s known for being particularly helpful with the third eye chakra. The name “selenite” comes from Greek, where it means moonstone and refers to this stone’s pale color. This type of crystal works well when placed on one’s forehead because its energy can help move stagnant thoughts in the mind out through your brow so you have more room for creative thinking patterns instead!


Selenite is a crystal with many healing properties. It has been used for protection and for healing purposes since ancient times, in cultures around the world including Native American Indians, Middle Easterners as well as people in South America. The calming energy of selenite can be helpful to those who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.