Shark WandVac Review

shark wandvac

The Shark wandVac is a powerful, versatile little machine that can handle small clean-up tasks and its lightweight design makes it perfect for tight spaces. The battery lasts only 16 minutes before running out of juice but there’s no need to worry because this vacuum has an external dust cup which collects your spent suction – so all you have do now go around filling up empty cups with dirt from outside!


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Shark WandVac Overview

The Shark brand is a household name in the vacuuming industry, and their products are often compared to Dyson’s power-wise.
The wandVac may be marketed as just another handheld vacuum cleaner but if you use its floor head it also works well on carpeting or hardwood floors making this product versatile enough for most homes!

The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use, without a lot of weight slowing you down. It comes with many attachments that make cleaning every area from tight corners in your home or kitchen floor an option I would recommend try out! It’s hard to find the best vacuum cleaners that works as well at keeping your floor clean, but we think this one does.

If you’re looking for a flexible, cordless vacuum that can clean around your whole house the Shark Flexology Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has great flexibility and good battery life. It’s best suited as an option if you’ve spilled flour on the floor and need to quickly clean it up!


The lightweight and convenient design of this stick vacuum makes it one of the most affordable on our list. It can also be used as a handheld or with its anti-hair wrap cleaner head to great effect for larger areas like rugs, tiles, car interiors – really anywhere you need better suction power!

The Shark WandVac is a versatile, lightweight vacuum that can be used for quick cleanups on messes such as oil spills. It comes with various attachments and has an 11-inch/28cm wide floor head or stick mode which makes it easy to maneuver in any environment – the US version weighs 5lbs while its UK counterpart is around 3kg depending on model size selection.

Putting the vacuum together is simple and you can add attachments by slotting them in until they click into place. If using as a stick vacuuming, this one has self-cleaning silicone “Powerfins” that prevent pet or human hair from getting stuck. The wand vacuum is great for getting into hard-to-reach places, but if you want to use it as a handheld unit there are some additional parts that can be removed. The crevice tool and fluffy brush head both come with your purchase so cleaning those blinds or delicate surfaces will not leave any room untouched!

The dust canister capacity on this Shark vacuum is only 0.25qts / 0.25 liters, which when you compare it to the Dyson V11 Absolute with its own 1-gal bin size or even just a standard fullsize upright that’s 3+ cu ft (0d -1 qt x 2 gal ) larger than what they offer here at just under 2 gallons makes for some interesting options in cleaning power!

Emptying the bin is simple – you just push down a lever with one hand and open it at an angle to let out all of its contents. We found that because this process happens quite quickly, any dust cloud from opening up your garbage bins will be minimal in size.

The Shark wand-vac comes with two ways to charge it, depending on your needs. The first way is by simply plugging in the handheld part of the vacuum and pressing a button until all indicator lights turn blue; this will take about one hour for most people’s vacuums. Another option would be using their charging dock which can also keep dust bunnies at bay while you finish cleaning!

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This powerful vacuum cleaner picks up all the dirt in your house with ease. It’s lightweight for cleaning high places like ledges and corners, so you can tackle those areas without any problem at all!

The Shark WandVac is a professional-grade vacuum that lives up to its promise of being powerful and versatile. We tested the model thoroughly, finding it performed well on both debris cleanup as well as finer dirt or dust – which means you can clean more area than with most other models in this price range! In Boost mode we noticed an increase even greater noise level (upwards around 85dB) so make sure your preference before using these settings for someone else’s home if they’re not used too often.

The vacuum cleaner is perfect for hard floors as it easily sucks up all of the flour and dirt. However, on carpet we did need to use Boost mode because some small crumbs got away from us during testing but still managed well with its mixture at times!

We tested the shark wandvac on harder floors and found that it did a good job, although we noticed at this point that there was not much dust being picked up because of how quickly its cup would fill.

The WandVac is a great tool for cleaning up spills and other smaller messes. We found that it performed better on carpets in standard mode, but Boost Mode has the necessary power when you need to pick up large pieces of debris or heavily soiled areas like kitchen floors that might be difficult with less powerful vacuums. The dust cup was almost full after just one pile had been cleaned; however, this machine’s primary use isn’t tackling whole homes – as long as we didn’t plan our trip straight away then everything should still turn out fine!

The Shark wandVac is a light and easy to use vacuum that can easily clean narrow spaces, such as between your car door panels or stairs. It also did well on our living room rug where dust bunnies live! The suction power was strong enough for any job we threw at it- from picking up dirt in tight corners all the way down thorough housecleaning sessions with its crevice tool attachment.”

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Battery life

The 16-minute run time of the wandvac is on the shorter side, but it’s still long enough for most people who want to vacuum up some crumbs or do minor car cleanups.

The full charge takes about three and a half hours which isn’t bad considering how many different kinds there are these days with longer batteries that can last all day in our lifestyles!

The battery on this cordless vacuum is not very long lasting. It only lasts 12-and half minutes with the Boost mode, which we didn’t find to be enough time for an entire home clean from top to bottom if you’re using it like me (a single person). However, there are other options out there that may suit your needs better such as Dyson V15 Detects’s 60 minute running times!

The battery on the wandvac takes around three and a half hours to charge, you can either plug it in or use their charging dock that comes standard. There’s an LED light on your handle which will let you know how much power is left – when all 3 lights start blinking after being charged fully then there are 25 minutes of cleaning time left before needing another recharge (or five minutes per blinked-on brightness level).

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Why should you buy Shark WandVac?

  • The Shark WandVac is a great option for those times when cereal or the like get spilled on your floor and need to be cleaned up quickly. It’s also perfect for cleaning high chair trays, pet bowls from messes made by their owners!
  • The wand vacuum is a great choice for cleaning high up surfaces such as blinds and curtains. It’s also portable, making it perfect if you need to clean your car too!
  • A perfect vacuum for those who don’t want to deal with clogged filters or dirty buckets is the wandvac. The dust canister takes seconds to empty – just press a button and all of your dirt will come tumbling out without leaving behind much more than an adorable little cloud!

What we don’t like about Shark WandVac

  • For most people, the 16-minute battery life of this vacuum isn’t enough. It can clean your whole house but for Rabbits who are constantly on the go and need more than just an hour or two in their home at any given time should consider investing into something like the Dyson V6 Motorhead Bagless upright Vacuum; it lasts up to 40 minutes before needing recharging so you won’t be spending all day cleaning!
  • The WandVac is not the right choice for you if your need a vacuum cleaner that operates quietly – it reaches 82 decibels, which are louder than average vacuums (around 75).
  • The dust canister on this Shark vacuum is very small, and only really suitable for cleaning up a pile of debris or perhaps just one room. So if you don’t want to be making regular trips around the house then look at other models that have bigger bins with more capacity!


$119.99 at Amazon