Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Review

skullcandy crusher 2014



skullcandy crusher 2014

Skullcandy Crusher Overview

The $99 (£89.99, AU$115) Skullcandy Crusher headphones give you all the bass power of a concert with none of the hassle! Two separate drivers – one for treble and another that handles mids/low-end sound waves – are powered by an amplifier built-in AA battery cells to provide captivating audio quality on any type of music played through them; not just EDM tracks like other similar headsets do… but there’s no arguing once these babies start shaking their tresses together during Tool’s “Lateralus.”


The Skullcandy Crusher 2014 is an affordable set of headphones that nails it with their no-frills design. The all-plastic build doesn’t inspire, but my review unit boasts a minimalistic look to match the price and I’m perfectly happy for this lackluster trait in return. From camo prints available for those who love nature or snakeskin skins if you prefer more traditional styles alongside some cool pixelated patterns there are many options sure to please any music fan!

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The thick plastic headband spanning from one headphone to the other has a strip of cushion on its underside that allowed for adequately comfortable use on my rather large noggin. Stylistically, the ear cups look great and are each about as big around as your average bulky computer mouse – but they’re lined inside with padding which also serves another important purpose: comfort when you need it most (namely during stationary periods).


With its unique design, the Crusher is open to everyone regardless of their differences in taste. But when it comes down to sound performance with these cans there’s a different message being sent out: without an AA battery inserted into them and powering up both REX40 drivers as well as Sensation55 bass driver (you know who you are!), all that can be heard are lackluster amounts for bass while mids/highs lack clarity too – sorry Rex!

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I can’t say that I was expecting this to work. It looks similar to shoes with batteries in them, but instead of giving you power for your feet it gives sound! Bass Sensation Adjustment lets users adjust their desired output depending on how much bass they want or need and then just flips a switch so everything is ready-to go whenever they’re feeling alive enough again (literally).

Modern rock music often leaves parts of songs sounding inappropriately flooded with or hauntingly void of bass. A balance can be found using the slider if you’re patient enough, adjusting it slightly usually solved any issues that I encountered!

Why should you buy Skullcandy Crusher?

The Skullcandy Crusher headphones are an interesting option for those looking to add some bass to their audio stacks. These cans have a good value, especially when they’re able to give concert recordings that extra thump and provide live music with strong beats like hip hop or alt-rock more oomph (and vice versa). The fact you can adjust the Bass Sensation on the fly kept me intrigued enough so I didn’t want anyone else who might be considering these earphones without having tried them first before making any opinions!

What we don’t like about this product

The Sensation55 driver never knew when or how much to give me. Even with jazz, hip hop, and pop this unit was nowhere near as good quality-wise as I expected from other headphones in its category; most music genres will be mangled by it anyway so there’s no point in using these for anything else but casual listening sessions only!

With all of these features, it is nice that the inline controls only contain a Play/Pause button and microphone. The lack of volume adjustments leaves something to be desired though!

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The Skullcandy Crusher set is a dependable pair of on-the-go headphones for those looking to pump up their music with extreme bass. The $99 (£89) price point may be off-putting, however, if you’re in need of loud sound then these are perfect! As opposed to AKG Y50 which has better balance but lacks some power behind its lower notes (more treble).


skullcandy crusher 2014