Sony SRS-XB33 Speaker Review

Sony SRS-XB33



Sony SRS-XB33 Overview

The Sony SRS-XB33 is a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t look particularly special when you first pick it up, but once I started playing music through this little gem of an appliance all my worries were washed away. It has plenty of power to make any party go off without flaw and its fun LED lighting makes for some serious entertainment value!

If you’re a heavy bass lover and portable speaker junkie, this is the perfect product for your needs. With surprising low-frequency power that will make audiophiles wince in pain from hearing such loud sounds on their sweet-sounding speakers-the Sony SRSXB33 looks set to offer up some serious party vibes with its powerful audio output!

The Sony SRS-XB33 is a great speaker, but it can do so much more than just play music. With its IP67 waterproofing and dust resistance, you’ll be able to take this anywhere without worrying about getting sandy fingers or having your device get wet in rainstorms! It’s also shockproof up until 1m (3FT). Even if something does manage to break on the outside of our portable speakers we still have peace-of colt inside supporting us with volume control features like volume increase/decrease as well as pairing functions straight away via NFC tags instead – no password needed at all!.

The Sony SRS-XB33 is the party speaker you need for your next event. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large rave, this device has everything to make everyone smile with its sound quality and easy-to-use features that won’t get in way of having fun!

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It is a speaker that offers you the option to download two separate apps. One deals with basic settings, while another lets DJs unleash their inner creativity and adjust LED lights alongside music playback options such as EQ tweaking if desired!

The focus of the Sony SRS-XB33 is on robustness. It’s a fine-looking speaker, but it doesn’t stand out from most other portable speakers on the market – still it does what you need to be done!

Sony’s speaker is one of the best ones on this list. It has an excellent design with easy-to-use buttons that allow you to control your music without having any issues when in dim light or darkness, which makes it perfect for parties!

The buttons are sunken, making them easy to press in dim light. Sony’s marketing talk for boosting sound is on here so you’ll have an impressive listening experience even when the device isn’t being used as a speakerphone or playing music through other speakers around your home theater system. The power button at the top left can be hard since it has graphics that look like symbols but feel different from one another–you should know what they all mean after feeling everything!

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The Sony SRS-XB33 is a party speaker with big bass and extra beats. The dual passive radiators help deliver the powerful sound desired by people who want their music to shake every bone in your body, while Live Sound aims for three-dimensional appeal of which it mostly succeeds at achieving thanks largely due to this fantastic device’s ability to produce such visceral responses when called upon during moments where you need them most!

The biggest upside is that this soundbar produces enough bass to make any song feel like you’re at the concert. The downside? It’s not always accurate with frequencies in trebles and mids when turned up loud because there isn’t much clarity; however, if these parts aren’t being played loudly then they won’t be an issue!

Sony’s new Sony SRS-XB33 speaker is a technological marvel. It can produce 24 hours’ worth of music or light shows on one charge, but you’ll have to get used the maximizing your battery life by turning things down when not in use and minimizing disruptions like having other apps playing audio through them simultaneously (which could cause distortion). With practice comes success!

The Sony SRS-XB33 has the perfect balance of sound and durability to fill any bass lover’s heart with joy. You can’t go wrong with competitive pricing, but we do wish they looked a little better aesthetically!

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Price and release date

Sony has recently launched the SRS-XB33, and while it’s normally priced at $150/£150/$AUS 229 there are already some price drops to be seen. There is a choice of four color schemes too with black being one option for each color; reds(if you’re after something vibrant), blues (the softer look), or creams if more neutral but still feminine – we can’t wait until Black Friday & Cyber Monday roll around because discounts seem likely through them!

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The Sony SRS-XB33 is a waterproof speaker that’s not stylish but practical. It can be used in any room of your house or small business without taking focus away from the decor–and weighing just over 1kg, it’ll fit easily into either hand for quick trips between rooms!

The Sony SRS-XB33 sounds great and looks good too. The IP67 rating means you can take it to the beach with confidence, as well as being dustproof, shock-resistant waterproof up to 1m/3ft deep in water or other liquids (even if we don’t recommend breaking your speaker). A nice touch for this portable speakers’ saltwater resistance when considering that many people will want them near bodies of oceanic waters during their vacation!

The Sony SRS-XB33 is easy to use with its buttons on the top that is slightly recessed and have plastic symbols for power, volume control of your music or movies from a smartphone connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The backside features an open cover hiding both USB ports–one which can charge devices plugged into it (USB standard) as well as another where you plug in what seems like any old audio cable; but this particular one has 3D doubling technology built inside!

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Audio performance

Sony has really outdone itself with this one. The Sony SRS-XB33 has a powerful sound, deep punchy bass, and decent clarity that we can’t fault too much! It also comes equipped with dual passive radiators which means you’ll get extra loud lowest frequencies from your tunes without any distortion or loss in quality.

This is because the bass output of these speakers is punchy and bold. So, if you’re looking for some kick-ass tunes to get your party started or just want to hear something fresh while doing household chores this summer then I recommend giving them a go!

The highs and mids were flavorful, but the bass was muddy. We appreciated that it maintained clarity at higher volumes; however, we would like to hear more detail in trebles, as well as a better balance between low end, sounds such as drums or guitars with vocals (especially when listening to instrumental pieces). Oddly enough though most people don’t do this since these speakers aren’t marketed towards analytical listeners anyway!

With its large bass and sleek design, the Sony SRS-XB33 is a great speaker for throwing at parties. It’s also Bluetooth compatible so you can connect it wirelessly with up to 100 other speakers or use the aux cable if your playlist calls out for an old-fashioned wired setup – like David Bowie’s Life on Mars (and we know plenty do).

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Battery life and connectivity

The Sony SRS-XB33 has an advertised battery life of up to 24 hours. We found it could only last around 15 minutes before the sound or light started cutting out and dying, which is not very long at all in my opinion for such a high-priced device that I would expect can provide longer periods without interruption while playing music outdoors on its own accord (not too loudly).

At parties, you might want to take consideration into making sure this speaker has plenty more than charged if there’ll be ample opportunities for playback through different sources throughout however much time everyone else spends dancing outside your house!

The Sony SRS-XB33 has some really cool apps to make your party pop. Downloading the Music Center app will give you access to music playing options and enable updates for this speaker, along with Fiestable which controls lighting effects as well as adding DJ-style audio like scratchy noises on certain songs if that sounds good (or bad) after a few drinks!

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When should you buy The Sony SRS-XB33

  • For those days you need to take your tunes on the go, but can’t bring an entire home cinema system. The Sony SRS-XB33 speaker is one tough cookie and has been tested in all sorts of conditions: water, dust (even underwater), saltwater… even a few knocks here and there was no problem for this bad boy!
  • The Sony SRS-XB33 has rich and vibrant bass, which fills the room. The sound is all yours for listening to whatever you want with this speaker!
  • For those who want extensive app support, the Fiestable Remote is a great option. With two apps and many speakers at this price don’t even offer one so it’s a neat bonus that they can use both for maximum flexibility!

What we don’t like about this product

  • The Sony SRS-XB33 is a beautiful but boring speaker. It doesn’t have any style and the looks won’t make it worth talking about when people see what you’re listening to on your new device!
  • It’s not surprising that the Sony SRS-XB33 is a little on the louder side. As if it couldn’t get any better, when it comes to playback this speaker does well by delivering meaty audio with crisp highs and rich basslines in every song or album you throw at them!
  • The Sony SRS-XB33 is a straight-up portable Bluetooth speaker that lacks any kind of smart speaker functionality. However, if you’re looking for an option with more features and less hassle then check out the Sonos Move instead!