Sony WH-H910N/h.ear on 3 Wireless Review

Sony WH-H910N h.ear on 3 wireless


Sony WH-H910N Overview

Sony’s new WH-H910N headphones are designed to deliver a HiFi audio experience with active noise canceling system that has now become an industry standard. The h.ear on 3 succeeds the H900N and improves upon its design, weight distribution, and support for high-resolution audio playback all while remaining affordable enough so anyone can get their hands on them!

Price and availability

Sony WH-H910N headphones are a fantastic buy for those looking to upgrade their music listening experience. The price of these cans at 21,990 INR makes them quite affordable and they come in black only which limits some customization options but still lets you match it up with all types or outfits!

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Look and feel

Sony’s h.ear on 3 headphones have been redesigned to offer more comfort and its lightweight profile allows greater portability in a lighter, yet sturdy package weighing 39 grams less than the previous model at 251g for this version of H910N. The headband has also undergone some tweaks including an all-new silicone cushion which results in reduced wrinkles over time along with changing up how they architected their earpads too; now coming equipped with trapezoid shapes rather than circular ones like before!

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Whether you’re on the go or at home, these headphones are there for you. The case that comes with it can be folded up to make sure they don’t get lost in your bag! And when it’s not being used as a carrying case? You could always throw an ear pad over one side of them so all those tunes sound better without having tangle wires getting between them 🙂

The Sony WH-H910N has a soft-to-surround matte finish on the outside with its logo embedded into both sides. The earpads feature an updated textured pattern that gives these headphones trendy appeal, while also sporting NFC chips for easy pairing and touch controls to pick up calls or control music playback from either side using just one cup!

The h.ear on 3 wireless headphones are a step up from their predecessor in terms of design and ergonomics, with an improved build quality that makes them sturdy enough for long listening durations without weighing down your head or shoulders too much – perfect if you plan to use these while exercising! They also come included Quick Attention mode so people can still interact without removing the ear cups first (great when talking right into it), as well as support NFC pairing on Android devices out-of-the-box which means no more fumbling around trying to figure things out yourself; just tap ‘connect’ already!

How does it sound?

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Sony’s WH-H910N headphones are much more comfortable than the 1000XM3s. They also feature 25mm, drivers, as opposed to 40mm ones, which result in less bass but better sound quality according to Sony. These on-ear cans can produce audio just like their conventional counterparts along with support for high-resolution audio and DSEE HX that restores any lost content during compression process via LDAC profile ensuring a clear transmission of transmitted through Bluetooth wirelessly.”

These headphones offer a great immersive audio experience with powerful mids and well-defined lows. The soundstage may be too concentrated for audiophiles, but they provide excellent quality across all music genres. There was no perceivable distortion in the highs which is impressive since it’s usually an issue when listening through cheaper sets of speakers or earbuds!

Sony’s new noise-canceling headphones take a step forward with an updated design and improved performance. The H910N has two microphones, one in the headband that listens for ambient sounds like traffic or people talking around you while another near your cheek captures far-field data which it uses to tune out those distractions during music listening sessions thanks to three modes: traveling (listening without any acoustics), walking(centered on natural environments) and waiting (focused primarily).

The noise cancellation on the H910N is pretty satisfying, but it lacks compared to Sony’s 1000XM3s. The headphones do not support personal sound customization options like their flagship models which have an equalizer and adaptive settings in the Headphone Connect companion app for Play Store or Apple App store users respectively. It also doesn’t offer Bluetooth pairing along with NFC technology.”

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If you’re looking for a great listening experience with crisp audio, the H910N won’t disappoint. It has a quick attention mode and features adaptive sound control so that it can work well in different situations no matter what your surroundings are!

Battery Life

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The battery life for the Sony WH-H910N is rated at 35 hours on a single charge without noise cancellation and 30 minutes with ANC switched on. In our use, these headphones were able to power music playback up through 32 straight hours before we had any problems or concerns about it running out – which isn’t too bad! It’s important when charging your device not only to make sure you’re using a reputable charger (like this one ) but also to consider investing in some extra batteries if possible so that way there will never be downtime while listening via wireless audio transmission.

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Sony is offering the WH-H910N h.ear on 3 headphones for just $200 in India, and at that price, you’re getting a great value! These wireless cans are perfect if high-quality music with a premium noise cancellation system is what you want to listen to.

If you are looking for the best sound but have a limited budget, then these headphones will do just fine. They feature an excellent Active Noise Cancellation system and lightweight build that make them comfortable to wear on your travels without making head heavy after prolonged use!