SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless Gaming Headset



The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Overview

SteelSeries has had a long history of making high-quality audio equipment, and their Arctis 9 Wireless gaming headset is no exception. The best part? It doesn’t matter if you have an annoyingly catchy tune or flashing lights on your cans—if they don’t sound good enough then nothing will be able to save them from being endlessly ridiculed by the crowd at any given moment in time!

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The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless is a high-end headset that offers lag-free gameplay, great sound quality, and features. This product has everything you need for your favorite game or music with long battery life too!

The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless are a bit more subtle in their design, but gamers who want RGB lighting and an edgier aesthetic might find them muted. However aside from how it looks there’s nothing major wrong with these headphones so long as you don’t plan on wearing them around others or showing off your mic end!

This Wireless Gaming Headset is one of the most expensive gaming headsets on the market, but it comes with quality features and sound that will please any audiophile. The only downside? For $200 you can get a better wireless headset from competitors like Razer or Turtle Beach—which has a greater frequency response range than SteelSeries for less money spent!

The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless is a well-rounded gaming headset that delivers quality audio with gamer-centric features for less at $149 (£129, about AU$220). The only drawback? It doesn’t have an attractive design.

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It is a headset that’s not overly gamer-centric, but still obvious for gamers. From the slightly large ear cups and ski goggle suspension band to its retractable mic which gives it only an approximation of RGB lighting in return—the rest comes covered matte black making this among one of Europe’s more elegant gaming accessories we’ve seen so far on paper alone (with an exception being replacement bands). But if you want some whimsy added to your accessory collection then I recommend checking out what steel gray cloth they have available instead!

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The Arctis 9 Wireless sounds great and is comfortable. The leatherette ear pads look and feel very well made, while minimal padding around its steel headband helps it stay suspended over your ears without discomfort or fatigue after wearing them for hours on end!

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The Arctis 9 Wireless is a Bluetooth headset with an adjustable mic. Mute it by pushing down on the button, which will light up in red when turned off to help you avoid talking during movies or important conversations!

One of the most frustrating things about using a wireless headset is fumbling with your controls when you are already wearing them. The placement on this pair makes it difficult, as they are in an awkward position for easy access and feel rather high up while sitting on our heads all day long.

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Connecting to the PlayStation has never been easier. With two connectivity options, you can choose between Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless which works via a receiver that plugs into any USB port on your computer or laptop (laptops recommended). Once connected through this device it will work in sync with both PC mode as well as PS4 game play – there’s even an LED light indicator that shows when it’s active in either console type!

With the ChatMix control wheel, we could adjust whether to hear both sources equally or 100% of our Bluetooth audio. Though unfortunately there isn’t an option for muted wireless receiver’s inputs when using mobile devices with Wireless Receiver Mode enabled on them!

The mic is durable, maneuverable, and sounds great. It employs a bidirectional design for background noise cancellation so that only sounds next to the microphone will be heard loudly and clearly when testing with an outside source yelling ten feet away barely registering on it at all!

Any gamer worth their salt knows that battery life is crucial to any wireless headset. The Arctis 9 Wireless has up to 20 hours on it, which SteelSeries says will last for over 12 hours of constant use before the need to charge again arises – provided you enable its auto-power down feature!

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The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless quickly becomes a pleasing experience to listen to. It can’t compete in terms of sound quality when compared against audiophile headphones, but it does offer the perfect balance for gaming or music lovers alike.

The sound on this set is detailed with robust mids and a present low end. The bass isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s there if you want to get your EDM groove on! This didn’t bother me because I really liked how well balanced the rest of the frequencies sounded for music listening pleasure or watching movies in which explosion after crash follows suit without being overbearing like others have been when playing these types by artists such as Quantum Of Solace (007)and Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse(PG).

Watching movies with the Arctis 9 Wireless is akin to being there in person. The soundstage feels so wide, and you can pinpoint where everything will be placed exactly for your listening pleasure!

The Arctis 9 Wireless is a game-changer for gamers. The ambidextrous microphone and wireless connection make it easy to play games from anywhere in your house, while the immersive soundstage creates an all-new level of presence that takes you even deeper into each title.

I was able to get lost within Metro Exodus with its excellent frequency response or feel like I was right there playing Red Dead Redemption 2 when sounds seemed not only to move side-to-side but also come from behind me as if someone else were playing alongside me on my PS4 controller via Bluetooth without latency issues whatsoever!

The sound of DTS:X is a lot more spacious and 3D-sounding, but we can’t use it on a PC. The Dolby Surround Technology turns out great in games with 7 channels enabled which makes for an excellent surround experience when playing video games!

DTS:X is the latest codec to hit home audio, and it’s only available through SteelSeries Engine3. The software gives you full control over everything- like how wide your speakers should sound or if there are any bass adjustments needed for certain genres of music (like Dubstep). Plus with 10 band EQs across frequencies as well as mic volume settings; DTSx enables users who want an immersive experience no matter what kind they’re looking For!

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The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless gaming headset is a wonderful sounding and masterfully-made device that can breathe life into your games. It comes at the price of the premium, but since everything about it from its build quality to sound features is top-notch this shouldn’t come as much surprise. The only thing left now for you to decide if investing in such an item would be worthwhile: try them out yourself!

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When should you buy SteelSeries Arctis 9?

  • The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless is a great option for those who care more about quality than looks. The sound it provides approaches audiophile territory and has no rivals in its class of minimalist wireless headphones with wide, clear audio that can fill any room – not just your ears!
  • The new Arctis 9 headset is tailored to work well on the PlayStation 5, and it will also sound great for PCs.
  • You’re tired of the same gamer’s aesthetic cliches. Though it still has that gaming style, you can get away with wearing this in public because of how classy and subtle its design is!

What we don’t like about this product

  • The SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless is a stylish, wireless gaming headset that’s perfect for the gamer looking to add some bling.
  • The Arctis 9 wireless is a great choice for those who want to save some money. It has the same features as more expensive headsets, but costs less than $150!