The Best Things to do in Utah

things to do in utah

Utah is a state full of natural beauty, and more than just scenery. With so many national parks in Utah you’ll never run out places to explore! Some popular attractions include ravishing red rock canyons or mighty mesas while other sites are dusty deserts with roaring rivers running through them. If it’s sandstone sculptures that capture your interest head on over because this area has an extraordinary number among its tourist spots – no matter what kind suits one best there will surely be something here worth seeing for anyone who loves taking pictures from their car window as they drive by stopping at Monument Valley along the way…

The output should sound like me (of course) referring back about how incredible these locations were during my trip last year !!!

Utah is a state of great natural beauty with many outstanding outdoor activities to try. Hikes, horseback riding and rock climbing are popular things you can do in Utah but there’s also skiing during winter months which makes it an excellent adventure playground like no other!

Cedar Breaks National Monument

If you’re looking for a scenic drive, then it’s worth taking the time to see Cedar Breaks National Monument. The Hoodoos and spindly sandstone pillars are an unusual sight that will not disappoint! Located near the west end of Colorado Plateau- just 45 minutes away from Cedar City – this natural amphitheater provides tourists with plenty more than they could have expected in terms views alone.

Founded way back in 1933, the park protects a lot of sensational scenery and landscapes. From atop its rugged red rim visitors can enjoy breathtaking views with lots subtle shades and spellbinding sandstone sculptures that make it worth going all the way there! Visitors will also find several cosy campsites for guests to stay at while they’re here as well-park authorities say their own site ‘Roosevelt Mat pavillion’ has been known across Utah Valley because you could camp right out under stars without any noise pollution from other people around or vehicles driving past (which is really rare these days).

Dinosaur National Monument

The magnificent Dinosaur National Monument is a must-see for any traveller. It straddles both Colorado and Utah, with 800 paleontological sites dotted all over the beautiful landscape of this secluded spot in between them – providing an amazing opportunity to get up close (and sometimes personal) with some incredible fossilized creatures!

Quarry Hall is a must-see for any lover of dinosaurs and fossil history. The exhibits detail all sorts of interesting information, from the different types to how they were discovered in this remote area that has been populated by giants since time immemorial!

Snowbasin Ski Resort

Nestled away to the northeast of Salt Lake City are some of Utah’s most scenic slopes. Snowbasin has been around since 1939, and it continues to grow because there is always something new for skiers or snowboarders alike: 100 runs at your feet with amazing views from every turn!

Even if you’ve never set foot in these parts before – don’t worry; they’ll teach us all about this beautiful land during our stay here 🙂

The resort has a vertical drop of 902 meters for skiers and snowboarders to shoot down, with its prominent peaks being serviced by lots of chairlifts and gondolas. While most people visit during winter, there’s also great hiking available in summertime as well! The surrounding area offers beautiful views not just year-round but also at different times depending on the season – you’ll be able find lodges or cosy cabins that will suit your needs no matter which time period suits best for yourself personally

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

A spectacular place to visit, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park lies tucked away in the southwest of Utah and boasts lots of mesmerizing sandscapes. Formed over thousands upon thousand years by radiant red rock cliffs with an eerie pink hue from time spent weathering elements like wind and rainwater; its expansive dune fields have views you won’t want to miss out on as they offer photographers plenty opportunities for capturing that stunning scenery!

The Sand Dunes are a must-see for anyone who appreciates the great outdoors. Visitors can enjoy hiking, sandboarding and 4x4ing in their quest to see what’s so special about this place!

Capitol Reef National Park

You’ll be blown away by the sheer beauty of this park. The rock formations are some-what unique and captivating, making it not only beautiful but interesting as well!

There’s so much to see here that you’ll want visit again just for a different perspective on things depending what activities or attractions take priority in your list (i couldn’t decide myself!).

The rugged ridge of Waterpocket Fold, lined by lots of cliffs and canyons with arches, domes and natural bridges is also spied here. While its wild reaches beg to be explored; Capitol Reef has an historic Mormon settlement where you can learn all about how they survived in such a harsh environment.

Dead Horse Point State Park

With such commanding views over Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park is a very popular place to visit. From its precipitous viewpoint which towers more than 600 metres above the Colorado River below and offers countless points of beauty in every direction – whether it be across endless canyons or out onto an ocean-like expanse beyond that rugged horizon line– visitors will feel as though they are looking at something much larger than life itself: this world up here on these lofty heights simply cannot contain all there is worth seeing!

Dead Horse Point is one of Utah’s most scenic locations, but it’s also home to some great hiking trails. The small state park has been around since 1887 and offers unparalleled panoramas from its rimmed out landscape that you can see for miles in every direction–perfect if your only goal was an outdoor escape with friends or loved ones!

Valley of the Gods

The Valley of the Gods is home to lots of rearing rock formations and massive mesas. It should come as no surprise that locals often call it ‘mini-Monument Valley’, for its grandeur can be found in Southwest Utah just outside Mexican Hat where you’ll find 27 kilometers (17 miles) long dusty trail lined with awe inspiring scenery–from huge sandstone towers all over to mighty mushroom rocks looming overhead! A wonderful way enjoy this jaw dropping view would be camping overnight while going hiking or mountain biking on remote reaches; so if your adventurous side needs some exploring then head south today!

Skiing in Park City

For those who love the great outdoors, Park City is a can’t-miss destination. With three different slopes to choose from and some of America’s finest they’re not goingarrive at just one mountain resort this town has them covered!

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy winter sports, then Park City is where it’s at. With over 330 trails and facilities catering to every kind of guest need there are enough exciting things happening all throughout this mountain town that will satisfy any adventurous spirit!

Snow Canyon State Park

Set in the southwest of Utah, Snow Canyon State Park is a beautiful spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It has epic hiking trails with spectacular scenery to enjoy among its striking landscape that includes sand dunes as well as slot canyons; cinder cones from erupting lava tubes made last year when they were still active on Earth’s surface ( Pyroclastic Flow ); magnificent rock formations called Balanced Rock – named because you can see both sides symmetrically! This unique state park also offers plenty more activities like mountain biking through lush desert vegetation or horseback riding along serene Salt Lake beaches .

Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island is the largest of its kind, and it has been protected by Utah State Parks since 1969. The salt flats turn into an island at low tide when you can walk across a bridge connecting them with mainland Utah—although not without some difficulty due to high waves!

Antelope Island State Park is a must for any visitor who wants to get up close and personal with wildlife. Its landscape consists of lush meadows, beautiful beaches along crystal-clear water that offer fine views out over the lake – it’s no wonder this made America’s favorite state park!

Looking forward on when we can go back again soon 🙂

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is a place of incredible beauty and has four sections that you can explore. The landscape was formed by wind and rain for eons, with its magnificent mesas standing out amongst other iconic sights in Utah’s back country like arches or horseshoe canyon (one section).

It is a treasure trove of scenic beauty with dramatic canyons, mesa plateaus and vibrant colors. The Needles District has lots for travellers to explore while the Maze Part provides more secluded trails where you may see wild sheep or maybe even some ancient Native American artifacts! With such captivating scenery around every corner, it’s no wonder that this Utah preserve was included in Mighty Five lists by both in Utah Magazine as well as Forbes magazine when they named five must-see US destinations back then – not bad considering how often their choice list comes up again nowadays due just only these two publications alone!!

Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep National Monument is an incredible place to witness the ancient ruins of six Ancestral Puebloan villages, dating back to around 1300 AD. The beautiful old abandoned buildings stand in stark contrast against their arid surroundings on this Colorado Plateau landscape that may seem desolate at first glance but has so much history worth discovering if you’re willing take time for exploration!

The ancient villages located in Hovenweep National Monument are an ideal destination for those looking to get away from it all. The crumbling castles and tottering towers provide a glimpse into the past, while deep canyons run through rugged terrain with massive mesas dotted here and there across this prehispanic landscape of ours – just waiting to be explored!

Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats stretch seemingly endlessly into the distance, with their bleak and barren yet beautiful desert landscapes making for some fabulous photos. The shimmering salt surface of its shallow waters reflectively shines a brilliant blue sky above; it is one-of-a kind place you can find in all 50 states!

The salt flats are a unique and beautiful place to visit if you’re in the area. They have been used for filming many movies, including The Fast & The Furious series which was shot there! Plus with their endless landscape it’s hard not be impressed by them when driving around – though I am sure that won’t last long as more people get acquainted with this incredible scene…

Moab Jeep Safari

The Moab Jeep Safari is a road-warrior’s dream. For nine days and nights, the adventurers descend upon this scenic town to experience everything from deep canyons in jeeps or 4x4s–to offroad trails with breathtaking views of Utah’s red rock country..

The best way make your trip more memorable than ever before? Get behind the wheel yourself!

Moab Jeep Safari is a great way to experience the diverse, dramatic scenery of Utah. With 40 trails ranging from easy-to difficult levels of difficulty you can take your time and explore all that Moab has in store for people!

Bryce Canyon National Park

One of the most beautiful places in Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is a must-see for any traveler. Home to some incredible eroded amphitheaters and rugged sandstone spires that are unforgettable sights with countless picturesque canyons too!

The Bryce Canyon, a national park in Utah is home to many fascinating natural features. The most prominent of these being its hoodoos– tall rock formations that look like giant pillars with intricate shapes and shades etched onto them by time as you wander through this beautiful landscape looking for wildlife hidden among their shadows!

Houseboating on Lake Powell

Houseboating on Lake Powell in Utah is a breathtaking experience. Straddling the border between Utah and Arizona, this massive man-made reservoir overlooks beautiful red rocks as well as desolate desert around it while towering bright blue waters lie at its heart – making for an unforgettable destination with plenty of activities to explore!

Houseboating on Lake Powell is a popular summer activity in Utah. The scenery around the lake is superb, with 3 thousand kilometers of serene and sun-scorched shoreline to see! As well as powering around in comfy houseboats visitors can enjoy watersports like kayaking or fishing while they’re here too – jet skis are also very common because there’s no better way for adventurers who want adventure without getting wet at sea level .

Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park is a fascinating place to visit. The formations and surreal scenery are nothing short of fantastic, with one unique feature being the concentration hoodoos in this area that make for some epic photos! There’s also lots more than just amazing rock structures: it has streams where you can go fishing or hiking as well as plenty spaces perfect for camping under stars (and maybe catching an elk if your bravery runs deep).

The hoodoos of Goblin Valley State Park are three meters tall and deeply colored. They tower above a valley filled with otherworldly formations that include petroglyph panels created by Native American cultures such as the Fremont, Paiute or Ute tribes whose members once roamed this land during different periods in history—all isolated from each other for hundreds (or possibly thousands) years before they came across one another again somewhere along its vast stretch; it could have been near Shiprock while others traveled all over North America living off what nature provided them .

Temple Square

Temple Square is the headquarters for one of Utah’s most popular tourist attractions: Mormonism! Since being founded in 1853, this massive complex has grown and expanded to become one-of-a kind spot with friendly faces everywhere you look.

Temple Square in Utah is a fascinating place to visit. Visitors can find the Mormonism museum within its walls, which contains an extensive collection detailing this religion’s history from beginning until now with lots of examples for you see! There’s also plenty more on display at these two visitor centers; free tours provide insights into what life would have been like growing up as part-Mormon here or abroad if your ancestors were born outside North America?

Monument Valley

When you think of the American West, do certain images come to mind? If so then it’s likely that Monument Valley will be in one them. This indigenous reservation can also claim fame as being home for some striking monoliths and sweeping landscapes- all found within its borders!

I have to say that I would not want to miss seeing Monument Valley on my travels through Utah. It’s a dramatic landscape of red sandstone buttes towering over the dry and dusty desert, with one tallest-300 meters high -that even reaches into the sky! Driving through this valley really does make you feel as if iconic scenes from old American West come alive before your eyes; all thanks because those striking rock formations are simply jaw dropping in their beauty.

Arches National Park

If you are looking for a place where natural beauty meets incredible architecture, then Arches National Park is the perfect destination. Home to more than 2,000 arched shapes that span across Utah and make up some of America’s most unforgettable scenery; this park will leave your heart soaring high in amazement!

If breathtaking views come together with an intriguing story behind every turn-of-the sun captured by these beautiful sandstone structures -it’s no wonder why so many people choose visit them each year despite being such a short drive from Moab (just over 100 miles).

Arches National Park is a place where the earth and its elements have created an array of fascinating arches. Formed over endless eons, these ancient structures are preserved for people to see today in this Utah park that was established back 1929 as one-of-a kind destination with stunning views from open fields down narrow canyons lined by picturesque petrified dunes

The grandeur will leave you speechless so don’t forget your camera!

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a treasure trove of natural wonders. The park ranges from prominent peaks and precipitous plateaus, to wondrous waterfalls and colossal cliffs – all the way down into picturesque canyons! There’s no shortage here that will leave your jaw on its restful ascend back up again; this landscape has something for everyone with incredible views everywhere you look.

Though not as well known, Zion National Park is a must-see for anyone who appreciates natural wonders. The colorful and cavernous canyons in this Utah preserve offer an endless variety of sights to see with hiking or horseback riding along their terrific trails being one treat among many others that make up the beauty here. Epic adventure awaits those looking beyond lush flower fields into desert landscapes where epic climbing lies waiting on every turn!

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