USAIP VPN Overview

The USAIP might be a bit outdated, but don’t count it out. We’ll never know for sure because the website doesn’t have instructions beyond Windows 8 or Android 4 and as such its support ended sometime after those operating systems were released – if you want an actual working VPN solution without any hassle then head over to our buyers guide!


On its website, USAIP lists four options you’d have at your disposal if wanted to spend money on a VPN. These vary depending on the subscription length with the shortest one lasting only 1 day and costing $1.49 while others cost more like 3 months for $7.99 or 1 year ($6/month). We’ve certainly witnessed cheaper providers but many that are expensive too so it is up to you as a customer whether they suit what kind of budget needs!

Customers are able to purchase from the site using a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards and PayPal. Skrill Payza AlertPay Perfect Money WebMoney cryptocurrencies aren’t available though!

The website says they’ll give you a refund if your subscription is not working, but since we have yet to receive any response from their customer support team about this issue I doubt anyone would be getting one.

USAIP’s free trial is a good way to get the feel of this service. However, it may not work as expected because they are only giving you limited access and throttle your speed when using them for sending emails in addition to other limitations which seem unfair considering that most people would want all features available during their trial period without spending money upfront (or at least what’s left). This was my experience with USAIPP so we will see how long ours goes before being canceled out!!

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USAIP is a low-quality, nonworking VPN service. If you want something that actually works then I would recommend trying out NordVPN or CyberGhost–both are top tier and have great customer support to boot! However, if your goal really does seem like it could not be met by these two providers then ExpressVPN might just do the trick for ya’ though since they offer unbeatable speeds with their elite security features as well (not having data leaks).


USAIP claims that it is able to provide its customers with access to popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. Since we couldn’t get USA IP working for us they may never know if this service works or not in other regions!

USAIP’s service is a great way to access popular streaming services that would otherwise not be available in your region. However, we were unable to test it out so we can’t say whether or not they deliver on their promises but from what others have said about this product its seems like an excellent choice for those who want guaranteed worldwide coverage at affordable prices!

USAIP Provider

A user who signed up for an account with this provider would’ve been given access to 35 VPN locations/servers in 20 countries around the world, but none of them work. This includes places like Pakistan and China among others!

Privacy and encryption

USAIP claims that with their new product, you can use any public WiFi hotspot without fear of your personal information getting stolen and they also offer total anonymity online thanks to the high-grade 2048bit encryption as well as OpenVPN protocols.

While it may not be explicitly banned, the provider encourages users to avoid torrenting.

This broadband service doesn’t allow for file sharing using P2P/torrent clients and only mentions this once in its Terms of Service where they state that if you’re found copyright infringing through your use of these services (i.e., by downloading or uploading large files), then limitations might apply – but we aren’t aware at which point exactly those would kick-in so please bear alert!

The provider’s privacy policy is vague when it says “the company does not hold any personal information on our customers that could result in compromising their privacy and security but also reserves the right to disclose this info under certain circumstances. The most common use for such disclosure would be if a third party requests access or copies of data due legal process.” The website’s privacy policy says that it doesn’t log your activity, but you need to be aware of the fact they might actually be collecting data. For example: when signing up for an account or making a purchase online.

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USAIP has a wide range of clients that it can be used on. From Windows, Mac and Linux to iOS devices as well routers (we beg to differ), USA IP offers detailed setup guides for each client type with helpful error codes so you don’t get lost when setting up your account!

We encountered an issue with our website so we contacted the provider’s customer support. They didn’t respond to any of these methods, and it took days before they responded back in a way that resolved everything!

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Speed and experience

Although the provider doesn’t have any native apps, we had no problems installing it as all that was needed were these two files: one for its VPN auto-connect app and another with instructions on how to use it. However, once they were downloaded from their website everything connected without a hitch!


USAIP just wouldn’t work on any of our devices and customer support seemed to ignore emails. This is sad because, if it worked, USAI would’ve been a really good VPN with Netflix access for European viewers like us! There’s plenty of other fish in the sea though – ExpressVPN offers flawless service as well (and does not have an app that will fry your device).