Yi 4K+ Action Camera Review

Yi 4K+ Action Camera



Yi 4K+ Action Camera Overview

The Yi 4K+ Action Camera is just as good, but not identical to its more well-known rival. While both the camera and battery life are worse than average (less than two hours), this device can shoot in 4K at 60fps like the top of tier GoPro Hero6 Black model. That extra detail will come useful when capturing your adventures on video with 12MP photos that look sharp and colorful too!

The Yi 4K+ Action Camera is a small, lightweight camera that gets one over on the GoPro Hero6 Black. It has an impressive user interface and super-fast processing speed to make it easier for any granny or professional videographer with little experience in filming video content on their phone!

It is a great camera for the price. It lacks some features that higher-end cameras have, but you get what you pay for in this case and it still performs well even without those extra gadgets!

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If you’re aquatic-minded or need to know exactly where your videos are taken when they were shot, buy the GoPro Hero6 Black. But if saving money is all that interests you in buying an action cam for yourself, take a look at this Yi 4K+ one because it’s almost identical and may even offer better features than some GoPros!

Yi 4K+ Action Camera price

Current price: £299/ $339.98 (include waterproof case)

The Yi 4K+ isn’t incredibly different from the original, with a few added features. It’s capable of shooting video at 60fps and has an increasing bit rate from 100Mbps for 1080p footage up to 120Mbps in high definition formats such as 4k/60fps setting which is twice what was offered on its predecessor. Another nifty addition is electronic image stabilization onboard so you can get shaky-free shots all day long regardless of its 2x digital zoom or not!

The camera has an Ambarella H2 + Quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processor that works together to allow for smooth operation without lag or interruption.

The Yi 4K+ is a handy little device that can shoot very usable 12MP images and save in JPEG or keep the raw files, which outputs as universal.DNG files. The new version charges via USB-C port, but unlike its predecessor, this doesn’t deal with HDR because it only shoots video at higher resolutions than 1080p for now – no big deal!

The Yi 4K+ is a great action camera, but it has some limitations compared to GoPros. It’s not natively waterproof and doesn’t have all the sensors like GPS or accelerometer which means your videos don’t come with geographic positioning data for instance – an important feature in certain types of activities (like skateboarding). That said; if you’re looking at cameras that go underwater without any problem then this isn’t going to be what disappoints you!

The Yi 4K+ has a 1400mAh battery that lasts for just over an hour in 4K mode, and it’s longer if not. This makes the camera only useful as a surveillance tool or one who is looking to capture short bursts of footage without having their device die from being on all day long!

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The Yi 4K+ is the sleek, stylish new face of high-end home cinema projectors. It has an attractive checkerboard pattern on its font and it looks exactly like its forbear – but physically; no different with weight at 93g (or less) nor size 65 x 42 x 30mm body that houses responsive Corning Gorilla glass touchscreen 2-inch diagonal color display sensitive enough for most people’s tastes without being too delicate or easily broken!

The Yi 4K+ has among the simplest and speediest user interfaces I have come across in 15 years. Its new voice control software does add some extra functionality, but results are mixed despite having to first record a sample of my own voice for it – shout out “Yi Action take a photo,” for example! When outdoorsy activities call upon this camera’s capabilities (which they usually do), things don’t always work as desired because there can be plenty of distractions that get between you and what needs to be done: dogs barking; kids crying hysterically over imaginary conspiracies).

The Yi 4K+ has a standard tripod thread on the bottom, which is great for connecting it with any camera mounts or tripods in use. Despite not requiring an app to be used (which has become typical), this device’s free Action App makes using your Yi easy and fun!

The app can link to a smartphone via Wi-Fi on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz and provides instant access for all settings of the camera as well as live feeds. Once you’re done capturing images or videos with it, there are several filters available including HDR and 360 degrees ‘Tiny Planet’ from space cameras among others which would be perfect if looking to create magic moments rather than just share what’s happening at that moment!

The battery life on the Yi 4K+ was approximately one hour of continuous recording in 1080p at 60fps. However, this device is too small for its own good because it has a short running time compared to other drones that have longer lifespans when using similar settings and resolutions.

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Image quality

The Yi 4K+ is a high-end camera that can record in four different resolutions: 1080p, 2160p (ultra hi-def), 3840×2180 pixel configuration for 4K UHD and 30fps. It also has two slower frames per second -48 fps or 60fps-, meaning it will playback footage at those speeds depending on how fast things are moving within your video clip!

Despite its low frame rate, 60fps video from the Yi 4K+ camera can be impressively sharp and contrasty with well-saturated color. The choppiness that you may notice when panning with this device is a result of electronic image stabilization only operating on videos in up to 1080p/30fps or lower resolutions – something for their follow-up version which does not have any such limitations!

With the Yi 4K+, shooting in Full HD 1080p is a must. You can also go for 24fps or 120fps if your video needs it, and when you need slow-motion footage too – which jumps up to 240 fps with 720p videos!

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The Yi 4K+ is a good camera for close-ups, but if you need to take pictures at distances greater than arm’s length the images are not very sharp. The wide-angle lens does have its benefits though; things look great from farther away!

The Yi 4K+ is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their camera. Whether you’re shooting in JPEG or raw, this device gives photographers total control over how they produce an image without any room for error! Even better? It doesn’t take long at all-around 10 seconds between each shot if using DNG files instead – so there’s no need to worry about running low on memory cards before capturing your masterpiece(s).

Why should you buy Yi 4K+ Action Camera?

The Yi 4K+ Action Camera is a cheaper alternative to the GoPro, but it’s not waterproof. If you don’t care about taking your camera underwater and want something simple that does what most people need in their lives – this may be for you!

The Yi Technology 4K+ Action Camera is an impressive follow-up to the original, lightweight, and easy-to-use action camera. It can film in 4K at 60fps which makes it perfect for capturing high-quality videos that are quick enough when sharing on social media or sending via email newsletter subscriptions – with one major improvement: this new model comes without any restrictions regarding resolution!