The Best Air-Suction Sex Toys You Should Know

best suction sex toys

If you are looking for a new toy, then consider exploring the world of air-suction (or air-pulse) toys. These unique sex simulacra can be found at places like Shag in Williamsburg and result in intense orgasms that different from those caused by clitoral stimulation with traditional vibrators or dildos
The sensation is described as being more similar to oral sex than vaginal penetration because it feels less intense physically but packs an emotional punch just as hard!

New technology is making it possible to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact. Today’s wave of innovation, known as indirect stimulation or “dildos with a mouth,” has given women more options in bed and on their orgasmic journey thanks to its ability not just provide an intense but also subtler experience than what they may have experienced before now.
The toy itself should feel comfortable against your vaginal walls; Bard notes that because each person’s anatomy varies greatly from one another—and like hands lengthwise width- wise height , there are many sizes for toys too!–you want make sure you find one suitable fit if purchasing such devices online! We asked 13 experts about their favorite air-suction sex toys. Their recommendations included a toy that can double as night light, one for partner play and others with various sizes of mouths!

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Best overall air-suction toy

Womanizer has “perfected the air-pleasure technology” in recent years and their range of toys are designed to cater for a variety of needs. The company believes that we all deserve sexual satisfaction so they offer different intensities, sizes, prices tags; what more do you need from your toy?
Ruth Shan Boodram agrees saying: “The incredibly orgasmic Womanizer introduced what I like call beam me up Scotty effect on my clit”! The Womanizer Premium is a sex toy that provides deep internal sensations. “It feels like an experience,” said Davia Frost, intimacy coach and expert on female orgasmic pleasure. The two interchangeable heads can provide different stimulation for users to find what works best with their particular anatomy (female vs male). Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart concurred: this product doesn’t just work well but also comes in various sizes so everyone will be able enjoy its benefits! The toy is whisper-quiet when on and has 12 different intensity levels that you can manually switch between. It only starts working when it touches skin, making this a great choice for those with thin walls or roommates! Plus the waterproof battery pack means your satisfaction will never have to worry about going miss in the bathtub – even if there’s more than one person using toys at once (which I doubt anyone disputes!).

If you’re using this or any air-suction toy for the first time, our experts have a few general tips. First: “Add some lube,” according to sex educator Ken Play who is also creator of The Sex Hacker Pro Series and cofounder of intentional community Hacienda Villa (A reminder that if your toy are made out silicone then water based would be best). Play adds that the toys “work best when they form a complete seal,” instructing users to experiment with angles and pressures until you find what feels good for yourself. And Sparks notes it’s important start light as clitorises have 8 000 nerve endings and too much intensity can be overwhelming so do your research before diving in head first! Bard agrees my tip would be slow – people often want go straight into fastest speed right away but if starting low takes some time then great-you’ll get more bang from baby girl at home 🙂

Best (less-expensive) air-suction toy

The Liberty, which was designed in collaboration with singer Lily Allen is an affordable and highly rated starter air-suction toy. It has six intensity levels compared to the Womanizer Premium’s 12 but if you’re looking for some serious stimulation this could be just what your searching for! One user described it as “very intense” while another said they loved that comes with a cover making it look like an avocado rather than something more commonly associated sexual favors.

Best air-suction toy with a small nozzle

Three of our experts recommend the Sona air-suction toy and it costs less than either Womanizer. However, buyers should know that this only has one nozzle for more intense sensations which may be a drawback to some people who want multiple nozzles in different sizes or shapes like they have with other toys from Lelo such as their first suction toy called “The One”. Bard explains why he likes his Dylos so much better -“It’s because these were made by someone else,” but still good options if you’re looking at saving money! The Sona is a unique toy that offers different vibration levels and patterns. One anonymous Strategist staffer who has used it adds, “The ergonomic shape makes switching from one level to another easy-peasy.” They continue by saying this sex machine consistently led them into intense orgasms time after time!

Best (less-expensive) air-suction toy with a small nozzle

Boodram says this even cheaper device, which also only has one (smaller) nozzle is “one of the most affordable, effective and accessible” air-suction toys on the market. She promises that with five intensity levels you can get pleasure similar to Womanizer’s at a fraction of price!

Best air-suction toy with a large nozzle

To increase the size of their mouthpieces, Lelo has designed a new product called Sila. This toy comes recommended by two experts for anyone who may need an increased mouthpiece and it also provides deep tissue stimulation with its nozzle which can be bigger or broader according to customer preference.
“play recommends this toy because he felt like there are “larger and broaden,” stimulating users slower build up towards ejaculation.”

Best (less-expensive) air-suction toy with large nozzle

Dame, another brand we love for its well-designed sex toys has come out with a new device that is more affordable and compact. It features an air suction nozzle on it which two experts told us about! “This particular product was made to be user friendly so people who are not as familiar with handling these types of items will also have no problem using them,” says Play. The Aer is a powerful sex toy that can accommodate sizes and types of clitorises. It has an open design, which allows for more room inside the body than traditional toys on the market today; this means it will be able to fit any woman who buys one despite their unique dimensions or shapes! The handle also features five vibration settings from gentle pulsing through numbing vibrations – perfect if you’re looking forward some intense stimulation without feeling too overwhelmed by intensity.”

Best (even-less-expensive) air-suction toy with large nozzle

If you are looking for an affordable air-suction toy with a large mouthpiece, sex blogger and toy critic Cy Smash suggests the Satisfyer Curvy 2+. She says that it “has roomier pulse tunnel to accommodate larger diameter erections” as well as its cost being low compared other products in this category.
The review also notes how inclusive of transmen who have some bottom growth is within their top pick list which she refers them by saying ‘my transgender friends’.

Best air-suction toy for partner play

The We-Vibe Melt is a toy designed to be used with your partner. The smooth and seamless pulse it creates makes it one of the The We-Vibe Melt “creates a smooth and seamless pulse,” says Bard, who adds that one of its most attractive features is the toy’s compatibility with an app you can use to customize patterns. Smash calls it her favorite air-pulse vibrator for partner play because not only does this clitoral stimulator offer flexibility in terms or vibration settings but also offers remote control through your phone! The fact that it is compact and easy to transport makes the Melt stand out as one of my favorite toys. When Smash first discussed this product, I was interested in how he compared its size with other sex aids on market today; however his main point seemed more relevant than anything else (although who can resist a good comparison!). He says: “It’s perfect for those nights when you don’t want take up too much room or need something long lasting.” The narrow rim doesn’t leave any extra space which leaves plenty of room inside your vagina plus there are no sharp edges so nothing may harm delicate skin during use!

Most discreet air-suction toy

“Aesthetics are important to me because I tend not be as picky about where things go,” says Joanne Encarnacion. She likes that the Baci doesn’t have a screamer design and notes other than being aesthetically pleasing it’s also easy on your wallet! The toy is designed to rest within the outer labia and provide vibrations “down the thighs,” allowing you feel more sensations as your orgasm slowly builds. Encarnacion agrees that these types of assisted orgasms are different from ones experienced quickly with this type assistance: “It feels like an intentional climax rather than just getting off as fast possible.” And this is like clit sucking vibrator and you should buy a new one!

Gentlest air-suction toy

The Obii is a device that can be used as both an air pump and suction toy. The vibrating action on the outside gives intense stimulation to your clitoris while also emitting light from within for those who prefer less-intense pleasures at night or need extra help sleeping without their partner’s hands getting in between them (or mouth).
“Most air pulse toys are way too strong when applied directly onto my sensitive areas,” says Doan, “because there’s so much attention focused right where you feel it most.” The Obii is a totally innocent-looking toy that can be used to achieve mindblowing orgasms. Unlike other toys, its design does not scream “sex” nor do the colors it comes in (muted green and yellow). The award winning company incorporated thoughtful touches like an LED light up wireless charging base as well as plastic bird cage cover for dust protection!

Best travel-friendly air-suction toy

“Infinite Pleasure” by Sixthman is a great choice if you want to pack light and discreetly during your next adventure. This mini sex toy has an easy-to travel cap, which means that TSA agents won’t have as much room in their scanners for other things (like guns). It also features 11 whisper quiet programs with two more benefits: it’s perfect before long flights when one needs some motivation or relief; and because of its small size–infinitely usable no matter where one goes!

Best air-suction toy that also stimulates the G-spot

The Womanizer is the perfect toy for people who are adventurous and love toys. Not only does it provide pleasure externally, but also internally with its vibrating G-spot stimulator that has multiple speeds so you can get all of your earth shattering orgasms at once!

Best (less-expensive) air-suction toy that also stimulates the G-spot

The AirVibe from Bellesa is a quarter of the cost for the Womanizer duo and “combines G-spot vibration with suction on your clit.” It’s an affordable alternative to other toys that provide blended orgasms like this one, according to reviewer Anne Stagg who recommends it in her piece about sex toy options available today.