The Best Bed Frames you should buy

king bed frame

It might take some time and thinking to choose the ideal mattress. Anyone who has looked for a bed frame to put said mattress (and linens) on understands that the procedure can be just as time-consuming. There are a few things to think about when it comes to such a huge and conspicuous piece of furniture. Do you like a simple platform bed frame or a tufted one? Something with a canopy, or something with an austere iron design? Bed frames increasingly have built-in storage, but would under-bed storage or nightstands be more appropriate for your space?

To assist you discover the king bed frame of your dreams (after all, you spend one-third of your life in bed), we enlisted the expertise of 15 interior designers and looked through our archives for any unique styles we’ve previously covered. Many of the 23 bed frames on this list cost $1,000 or less, and almost all of them cost less than $1,500 (one is somewhat more expensive, but some may find it to be well worth the extra money). To make it easier for you to buy, we’ve grouped the bed frames by design, from platform to canopy to wingback to ones with built-in storage, and to keep things easy, we’ve given beginning costs for queen-size frames, though many come in different sizes.

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Best platform bed frames

Zinus Marissa 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

A platform bed frame is the epitome of sleek and laid-back design. They have the smallest profile and require only a mattress (no box springs here). Devin Shaffer, a Decorilla design expert, recommends this one since it’s made of poplar wood and produced in Athens, Georgia — “which means it will endure the test of time,” he adds. This frame also appeals to Shaffer since it has “a price point for any budget” and folds in half for simple, compact storage. Furthermore, its rounded corners give the structure a gentler appearance than a typical boxy platform bed. Because it is unfinished, you may easily paint or stain it yourself.

Allewie Full Size Modern Platform Bed Frame

Consider the Ava, a platform frame recommended by interior design publicist Molly Schoneveld, for a splash of color and an unusual silhouette. It’s a splurge, but she adds “this lovely emerald-green velvet is such a pleasant break from so much gray over the previous several years,” and it “can easily be decorated in so many various ways that would make it fit in a modern or classic house.” The curved headboard has fitted channel design and extends gently across the top of the bed, creating a little alcove that appears very comfortable — and indulgent — for reading in bed. Lisa Spicer, a Modsy designer, also like this frame, describing it as “glam” in a way that “can truly enhance your bedroom hideaway while still being transitional enough to swap up throughout the years.” In other words, it is an investment that can evolve to meet changing tastes and fashions. She particularly likes the “luxury velvet upholstery” and “tiny brass feet,” both of which are minor but significant features that distinguish this bed frame.

KD Frames Nomad Platform Natural Poplar Bed

This platform bed is similar to the one seen above, except it does not fold. Tze Chun, the founder of Uprise Art, recommends it and has one in her guest room at her upstate home. She likes how the poplar wood is strong but light, and how the frame has an unfinished appearance with rounded edges. “The slat spacing is fairly tight for a super-affordable bed frame, so it’s plenty of support for foam or spring mattresses,” Chun says. “It has a simple Scandinavian feel about it, yet it isn’t from Ikea.”

Charleston Platform Bed - Queen

If you like the idea of a simple platform frame but want something with a bit more heaviness, Shaffer also offers this upholstered frame. The mid-century modern–inspired design is likewise constructed of wood and has tapering, splayed legs, allowing it to “fit any room and virtually all styles,” he adds. Furthermore, the frame’s wooden slats allow you to easily place any type of mattress on top, foam included.

Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

This super-low platform bed frame is advised by interior designer Liza Curtiss, a partner at design firm Le Whit, for people who prefer to fall into bed rather than get into it. While the structure may be as expensive as the mattress that goes on top of it, Curtiss assures that it is built to last. Curtiss assures, “Blu Dot offers a good range of sturdy materials, and their construction and quality are always trustworthy.” In addition to the sea blue featured, the sturdy wooden frame features soft, cushioned rails and is available in a variety of neutral hues.

ZINUS Brock Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

Here’s a basic wooden platform structure with an upholstered headboard that adds interest. Megan Hersch of RoomLift likes it, stating that its “contemporary style and powerful lines” offer a “masculine touch.” The low acacia frame features architectural characteristics like as angular legs and sloping bracing to help support the comfortable upholstered headboard. This frame is shown in a polyester-linen blend, but it is also available in a more costly leather-upholstered version.

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed

Our all-wood platform frame by Article, one of our favorite sofa manufacturers, has a headboard like the frame above, making it a bit more distinctive than the more streamlined wooden designs on this list. Curtiss praises it, stating that the frame’s “clean lines and warm walnut hue suit nearly any style.” The tapering legs of the bed are another clever design feature.

ACACIA Aurora 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frame

This platform frame can hold a box spring, but if you like a low profile, you don’t need one. It’s also a touch pricey, but the fact that it’s contract-grade (meaning it can be used in commercial settings such as hotels as well as residential) offers it an advantage in terms of durability. It is fully upholstered on all sides and features a high-back headboard and metal legs, which Modsy’s VP of style, Alessandra Wood, describes as “sleek with a touch of glam.” She also loves that the frame can be customized with a variety of materials and designs, although she finds that the regular mineral-gray velvet it comes in is extremely relaxing.

Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Queen

Because of its slim pillars and slightly curved headboard and footboard, this iron platform bed frame recommended by Modsy designer Yoan Walter has a softer, more conventional aesthetic. “A wonderful, adaptable piece of furniture that can adapt to different styles, such as rustic, classic, eclectic, or industrial,” says Walter. It, too, is suitable for use with or without a box spring.

Edenbrook Delta Wood Bed Platform

Try this Art Deco–inspired model with a beautiful arching footboard and headboard that integrate circular patterns if you want to enjoy the full drama that an iron frame can provide. It’s constructed of handmade powder-coated iron, doesn’t require a box spring, and comes highly recommended by Modsy designer Aimee Martinelli. “The curving contours of the black iron are on vogue as well as timeless,” she explains. “However, it’s the tiny gold accents that truly set this bed apart for me.”

Zinus Tonja Platform Bed

If you like the metal appearance but prefer something more simple, try a simple steel platform bed frame, such as this one we learned about from Colony design-group founder Jean Lin. She refers to the frame as her “price-conscious favorite,” as she has one in her own house. Its steel base has been gold brushed, giving it a softer — and more adaptable — appearance. “The Keetsa frame is so simple in form and substance that it goes with almost everything,” adds Lin. “The bronze-hued gloss dresses up earthy neutrals and tones down brighter palettes.” Plus, she says, “it’s so cheap that it allows for a splurge elsewhere in the room.”

Best canopy bed frames

Because of its towering height, canopy beds seem both luxurious and theatrical – utilizing one necessitates a commitment to making it the focal point of your bedroom. This one by Modsy designer Megan Huffman makes a statement, but “the sleek style and matte black silhouette” keep it from feeling too heavy, she adds. In reality, the box structure appears to lift the mattress off the ground, as if it were floating. Huffman also likes how it’s “reminiscent of industrial designs” while remaining a little glam, owing to its “plated brass edges that give a modest degree of intrigue.” And for something so aesthetically arresting, the pricing is truly unbeatable.

DHP Modern Canopy Bed

This frame from Room and Board is on the more costly end of the spectrum, but it’s ideal for people who want a canopy bed but don’t want the fustiness that comes with such a conventional design. It’s perhaps even more streamlined than the CB2 version, and it comes highly recommended by Los Angeles–based designer Betsy Burnham, who observes that the boxy four-poster constructed of powder-coated steel has the simplest shape, with the only feature being a basic backrest. Burnham describes it as having “excellent lines” and that it can “truly blend into many various design schemes” because it is available in metal finishes as well as bright colors (including pink, aquamarine blue, and canary yellow). “We used it in a guest room with a more feminine palette and materials to balance things out and give modernism and linearity,” she says. Another advantage is that it is manufactured in Minnesota.

Best wingback bed frames

ZINUS Dori Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Casual platform bed frames are on one extreme of the formality scale, while upholstered bed frames with high wingback headboards are on the other. This one, which Schoneveld recommends, is produced in the United States of pinewood. It features a high wingback headboard that feels opulent while being modern, and its pricing is hard to match, according to her. (We agree.) While it comes in a variety of hues, Schoneveld loves the blue seen above with pristine white sheets.

Zinus Gerard Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Another high wingback upholstered frame suggested by interior designer Casey DeBois. It’s from the Inside, a direct-to-consumer furniture company that handcrafts everything in the United States. DeBois is particularly fond of the Inside’s more than 100 fabric possibilities, many of which include colorful and surprising designs, including a collaboration with Scalamandre. Her favorite fabric is the Blush Aviary, a delicate pink cotton with a flower and bird design. “I adore the Inside.” “It’s like getting a bespoke bed without the cost,” DeBois adds.