The Best Colored Pencils You Should Buy On Amazon

color pencil

We prefer to think about ourselves (in the right manner) here at the Strategist about the things we buy, but we can’t do it all the way as much as we like. This is why we have People’s Choice, where we find the finest reviews and the most persuasive items. (In addition, you may learn how to select each item from our ranking system.)

And while we wrote about many styluses and styluses — including all the top 100 pencils, student pencils and even mathematicians’ status cray — here we collected up the best colored crayons, commended by the Amazon’s most passionate critics.

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Best-rated colored pencils

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

“My world is colored now,” says a reviewer who has dubbed “rich, beautiful, and awe-inspiring” the hues of this set of Prismacolor penciles. “I was not expecting this to be so great a difference between Prismacolor and other brands. Another reviewer, please with these pencils, said. They’re incredibly smooth and their quality is incredible!” And since the late 1980s a reviewer who uses Prismacolor’s colored pencils considers them “creamy, beautiful, and a must have in my armory of artistic instruments.” More than 800 reviews from five stars note out especially how smooth these pencils are, one of whom states: “There is no skip and the pencils are no scratching. They are instead so calm and colorful as butter, that’s perhaps my favorite feature of those pencils.”

Best-rated (less expensive) colored pencils

Crayola Colored Pencil Set, School Supplies

Positive reviews have remarked time and again that the value of this bundle of pencils in Crayola is appreciated. “I color for enjoyment and have discovered that Crayola pencils offer a smooth, even and vivid colour,” says one. A second reviewing officer, who has purchased them for her son and considers them a “wonderful deal.” And a reviewer writes on Amazon “Best colored pencils on the market,” since it is “not crumpling and [do] remain sharp.” “The pricing is a good deal since you can simply change it and don’t feel guilty of using it (like the incredibly expensive pencils). You won’t regret that, get these.”

Best 12-pack of colored pencils

Prismacolor 3596T Premier Colored Pencils

Prismacolored pencils around the Amazon receive tons of sweet texture and vivid colours, with over four hundred good reviews, which are no different from this set of a douzen colours. The 5 star reviewer delighted that she said “excellent coverage and blendability as additional reasons why she gave them a favorable review”: “It’s like applying oils in stick shapes.” In this review, the colors also fuse together: “Although this product has just 12 colors, they’re quite plenty to draw anything because you can make most skin colors by combining 2 or 3 colors.” And another customer adds they bought four sets because “this package is ideal for giving young painters as presents.”

Best colored pencils with sharpener and eraser

While positive evaluations alluded to the quality of these crayons, it has been widely mentioned as a popular plus that the Colored Pencil Set from the Studio Series comes with its own sharpening and eraser. “My family referred to the pencil sharpener that they brought to me as the nice pencil sharper,” recalls one reviewer. A parent who shares pencils with their daughter prefers to be simple to use, as “a sharpener is useful to my daughter who learns little detail to draw and color.” This reviewers, who says “The colors are clear and they are good for shading and clean erasing for me,” also appreciates the quality of the pencils and erasers.

Best colored pencils with a case

Castle Art Supplies 72 Premium Colored Coloring Pencils Set for Adults Artists Beginners

Their softcore structure and diversity likened the positive recipients of this Castle Art supplies to Prismacolor penciles over and over and over again, so they are quite fond of being outstanding colored pencils in general. “These are, I believe, the greatest pencils I’ve ever bought and trust me that I have bought a lot,” writes a journalist. “They continue so smoothly, almost as if they were butter, and the colour.” But for many, it’s the tiered metal casing. “On the exterior, so lovely is the lightweight sturdy box. All was in great form,” writes one reviewer. Another satisfied client enjoys the “many options” and appreciates the “good” tin box with the crayons. “She was really delighted when they arrived and I was very happy with the quality of the crayons and the convenient metal container.” And a mother who purchased a set of 72 pentils to her daughter who liked drawing.

Best colored pencils for adult coloring books

Arteza Colored Pencils, Set of 72 Colors

Many of those who review these colorful pencils of Arteza believe they’re superior than most precious brands like Prismacolor and Faber-Castell for use in adult coloring books. One coloring reviewer comments, “This is excellent if you want COLOR in coloring books, but yet want decent pencils that will not annoy you. So far, all of my coloring books have worked well, making all the blends, shadings etc. I love to do that for a tenth of the expense of pencils.” Another reviewer said that they are even more fancy than Prismacolor premiere: “I prefer these more to color than Faber-Castell Polychromos and Tombow Irojoten. It’s not too difficult, nor too soft.”

Best colored pencils for high-school students

Prismacolor Class Pack Wood Colored Pencil

This scholar set, with over 1,100 reviewers who gave five stars and one reviewer explains, is another set of Prismacolor Bolts that have high praise: “The company packs the ‘Scholar’ line of bolts cheaply in order to provide them to art students at a lower price who do not generally afford the highest art supply. The Scholar pencils are as good as the “Artist” range that is in metal tins or wooden boxes.” And many reviewers buy students these colorful pencils. “My high-school and secondary girls mostly use them for school assignments. They are excellent to dye and label complex worksheets for scientific labs. And comprehensive geographical maps, too,” says one parent. “I was a little jealous that my daughter had to take them into school,” another reviewer and mother of a secondary school student writes. For myself, now I want the huge set.” “My kid is an artist from high school who has truly taken her art into her hands and has made fantastic projects that are used to it.”

Best bulk colored pencils for classrooms

Crayola Colored Pencils, Bulk Classpack

These colored pencils are checked by instructors from primary schools to high school who vow the quality and durability of colored pencils from Crayola brand. “I buy just my art lessons using Crayola-brand colored pencils. The sharpener does not sharpen, it is very colorful and cost-sensitive,” comments one teacher. Another instructor believes this package is wonderful since it may change some colors if necessary: “Some of them have greater demands as we all know. This allows me to replace the RED stubs without purchasing a new set of 12 colours.” Another pleased professor comments that these pencils are “the only brand able to withstand an artistic class in primary school!”