The Best Egg Cups you should buy on Amazon

egg cup

I noticed it initially on the Joseph Leonard breakfast menu in the West Village of Manhattan. Soldiers and eggs that are a good method to order 2 eggs with bread on paper. And although I’m generally worried about foods that seem like I can prepare at home, I was satisfied that morning’s breakfast. Still-soozing yolks were provided to supplement the rich brioche sticks, which I slid with butter, and the preparation was undoubtedly helpful.

The presentation, though, is why the dish, the white porcelain egg cup, standing above my plate, was otherwise essential to my thinking. These egg cups made me a novelty and a great luxury, but I was very joyful to watch the yolks slowly drop down on the sidewalk of the ceramic while the so-called soldiers were drunk haphazardly into the yellow seas, whispering to my breakfast companion in another quiet restaurant, “I love to play with my food.”

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I have kept a watch on the restaurant menus since, in the hope that I will receive the eggcup, for soft-boiled eggs and it has appeared more frequently than you might anticipate. On the Sant Ambroeus in Soho menu I spotted it. A single egg that was uncracked, placed next to a ramekin that had a sliver of Parmesan Cheese, in a white egg cup. There was a solitary piece of sunflower toast between the two porcelain plates. Simple? Absolutely. But this white egg placed against matching porcelain made it all feel fantastic, albeit, practically, it was an egg and a toast.

I have not restricted my eggcup sightings to eateries, though. A moment on movie is with Eggcups. Take porcelain, which make a cameo in Your Name, and a nice, short moment in which Elio deftly eats a soft boiled egg, whereas Oliver, the character of Armie Hammer, needs request assistance to break his egg open. In Phantom Thread, you may notice eggcups at the character’s table, a fashion designer with a renowned breakfast costume, including a few of unusual metallic ones. Eggcups mean a degree of elegance in each of these situations, but this feeling also sums up the attraction of the eggcup in real life.

An egg-cooker takes something as worldly as a soft-boiled egg and raises it into the heart of a meal. Almost by definition, they’re a luxury as you don’t have to consume an egg. Moreover, they are frequently so distinctive that it is hardly possible to employ them for another purpose. However, the type of person who can conceivably enjoy a soft boiled egg under the Italian sun, or hold lavish brunches on a hat’s throat is to own and utilize an eggcup.

So it’s aspiring, but it’s still completely, delightfully feasible. After all, cooked eggs are easy to make and good egg cups are surprisingly cost-effective — I guarantee you will never return to what was previously when you start to eat your eggs off a cup.

Best-rated Egg Cup

HIC Harold Import Co. Kitchen Double Egg Cup

This easy, white, porcelain egg cup is the most like Joseph Leonard’s — also the cheapest on this list at just $2..

These Anne Black egg-cups feature an even more basic style, no ornamental foot, but also light pink and wise green.

Best-rated (less expensive) Egg Cup

The delicate etched design is seen in this simple porcelain eggcup.

The best expensive

NobleEgg Egg Cups

The delicate etched design is seen in this simple porcelain eggcup.

DOWAN Porcelain Egg Cups

The green colored pansies on the eggcup make it feel antique (and would also look gorgeous against a brown shell).

Hen shaped eggcups are kind of a cheesy genre staple.