The Best Shower Caddies you should buy

shower caddy

We like to think of ourselves as crazy (in a good way) about the things we buy here at the Strategist, but we can’t test everything. That’s why we offer People’s Choice, where we locate the best-reviewed items and choose the most compelling ones. (You can find out more about our rating methodology and how we select each item by clicking here.)

And, while we’ve written on a variety of bathroom accessories, such as the finest shower water filters, toothbrush holders, and drain doodads, we’ve compiled a list of the best shower caddies, as rated by Amazon’s most enthusiastic reviewers.

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Best-rated shower caddy

Attmu Oxford Mesh Shower Caddy

Customers rave about how well-made, quick-drying, and spacious this shower caddy is in their reviews. One purchaser comments, “I am a beauty fanatic therefore I love all my items with me and this fits EVERYTHING and I still have extra room.” If you’re heading to college and need a shower caddy, this one is fantastic. I would give it a 10/10.” Another user, who also claims to have used this caddy since starting college, adds, “I love how many compartments it has and how much room it has in it.” I have enough room in it for towels, a loofah, and all of my soaps and shampoos. The strong mesh allows it to endure a long time and keeps water out of the bag.” Others found it very handy for traveling. “This is excellent for bringing a ton of various bath items (I have a lot!) when traveling and staying at multiple Airbnbs,” one buyer comments. “The cloth is strong, and it hasn’t become mildewy or moldy in the least. It comes highly recommended.” Another user says it “works great for camping and touring,” that it has a “sturdy build and appealing color combo.” We haven’t had any mildew or mold issues.”

Best-rated (less expensive) shower caddy

7 Pocket Shower Caddy Tote

Those seeking for a low-cost shower caddy raved about this one, which several characterized as a “wonderful value for the price.” One customer describes it as a “great backpack for camp and the pricing was fantastic!” I’ve already informed my pals about it. I’d purchase it again.” This was also utilized for travel by other customers. One user says that, unlike standard plastic shower caddies, this one airs out and drip dries, “so you don’t have to worry about stagnant water and washing them out… [I’ve] used them for camping, vacation, gym showers, and church camp.” Those who aren’t traveling far found it beneficial as well: “It’s great for what I require, which is simply moving from my room to a communal toilet so it doesn’t have to be handled all that much,” says one. “It can accommodate full-size bottles and has so far held up well. I’m quite pleased with the price.”

Best plastic shower caddy

iDesign Orbz BPA-Free Plastic Shower Tote

Those who favor plastic caddies thought this one was well-designed and durable. “Quality is fantastic! “Plastic appears to be sturdy and not weak,” writes one. Another says it’s “stiff, which makes it robust.” The handles will not break. It also includes pockets to keep your belongings upright. Because it contains holes, it will dry quickly (no mold). It’s also made of plastic, so it’s easy to clean.” Others appreciated the caddy’s clean appearance, and one customer described it as “a nice small bag that has enough of storage for full size toiletries.” It also includes a built-in soap dish, which I adore. It’s a well-thought-out shower tote that comes highly recommended.”

Best small shower caddy

iDesign Spa BPA-Free Plastic Small Stackable Basket

Those seeking for something to fit in tight places appreciated this caddy, which many stated accommodated all of their needs despite its compact size. “It’s tiny enough to fit in my gym locker but large enough to hold my travel size shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and all of my face lotions,” one user says. “Just the ideal size for shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face soap, and a tiny loofah,” says another. It is small enough to be easily stored. Ideal for college dorms.” Customers also commented on how effectively the plastic caddy drained water, dried fast, and felt robust. “This basket is heavy-duty,” one user comments. “I’m talking about solid plastic with a high gloss finish. It’s also a decent size; I bought it for my kid for overnight camp and it worked perfectly.”

Best quick-dry shower caddy

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy for College Dorm Room Essentials

Those looking for a quick-drying shower caddy will be delighted with this one. “A large bag made of quick-drying mesh. I use it to transport my goods into the shower for my swim sessions at the YMCA. When I get home, I just roll the tote in a towel until it is dry enough to place in my workout bag.” Another person claims that the caddie, “Drains rapidly and does not collect water; includes a handle to hold it off the floor if a hook is available. Holds everything you need to get from your dorm room to the showers.” Others appreciated the caddy’s spaciousness, owing to “a main compartment with pockets all along the outside,” as one reviewer put it. “ I was able to put everything I could possible need in there.” It also appeared to be quite robust, even with the weight of all my belongings inside.” Another user comments, “Very strong and works wonderfully for transporting all my stuff to the campus showers.” Very spacious, I definitely suggest it!”

Best hanging plastic shower caddy

MISSLO Hanging Mesh Pockets Hold

Many reviews remarked on how much this caddy can hold and how simple it is to clean. That’s because “the plastic buckets are spacious and don’t have any corners or crevices,” according to one reviewer. According to another reviewer, this caddy “holds much more than any other solution I’ve seen, and keeps everything at a good, comfortable height for easy access.” Those who have freestanding bathtubs agreed that this was an excellent storage option. “There is no room to put anything inside the tub except on the floor, which was extremely difficult, until I found reviews for this item, and it is perfect,” writes one buyer who recently moved into a new house with a clawfoot tub. It has a lot of storage space.” “Jackpot!” exclaims another. Wow, it does the trick. Hangs at a perfect height for easy access to shower items.”

Best hanging mesh shower caddy

CasaVia Quick-Dry Hanging Shower Caddy with Dispenser Pockets

One reviewer states, “This shower caddy is great for hanging on the shower hooks.” “Because we have a claw foot tub with a shower curtain all the way around, suction cup shelves or baskets are not an option. For us, this was the ideal solution.” Another customer adds, “I appreciate the idea behind the design… I lived in two locations that didn’t have built-in shower shelves.” I bought two of them to guarantee enough of storage – I have more storage than any other system I’ve used and a GREAT clutter-free feeling.” Others like the fact that this caddy is machine washable. “Because our clawfoot tub has no storage spaces, these are a wonderful match to our super-size surround shower curtain. “I really like that they can be machine cleaned for simple cleanup,” one user comments. Another user reports that the caddy “always stays clean and never becomes musty, moldy, or black” after being placed in their “NYC-sized” bathtub.

Best shower caddy with key holder

Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote, Large College Dorm Bathroom Caddy Organizer

This fast-drying mesh caddy includes a key holder, which customers found to be particularly useful for dormitories and the gym. “Aside from being adorable, it’s well worth the money. Because it is constructed of mesh, it dries quickly. “The pockets are wonderfully proportioned, and there is even a key clip,” one user comments. Another user writes, “I like the mesh design since it allows water to drain and prevents mold.” The size of the outside pockets varies, and the key clip is quite useful.” Reviewers also commended the caddy’s numerous pockets, which one called “deep enough to securely contain a lot of tubes, bottles, and hair brushes, combs, and styling accessories.” It’s nice to be able to organize my belongings.” According to another buyer, this caddy includes “plenty of tiny compartments to keep things tidy.” Excellent value for money. Considering all of the glasses, spray bottles, Bluetooth speakers, and other items I put in it, it sits rather comfortably on the table. “I adore this bag.”