Doogee S60 Lite 32GB Dual Sim Review

Doogee S60


The S60 is a seriously tempting smartphone with an excellent price tag. Its wireless charging capability, beefy battery capacity and bundled utilities make this phone perfect for any user!


  • Wireless charging
  • Great value for money


  • Design might not appeal to everyone
  • Hefty


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Doogee S60 Overview

With some of the most popular smartphone vendors jumping onto this new trend, it’s no surprise that rugged devices are becoming more common. Samsung with its Galaxy Active range is probably one of if not the best-known brand in this space but there have been other companies making their mark such as Cat, AGM, and Homtom just to name a few others who want nothing less than getting themselves an even bigger piece of the pie.

Not to be confused with the Cat S60 or Lenovo’s own phone, this new flagship model was appropriately designed as a “man’s” device. The marketing material and pictures that accompanied its launch clearly point out their return to classic ‘manly’ phones that were popular in years past – an interesting choice for such an innovative brand!

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The S60 is a phone that will appeal to those looking for organizational features and durability. The gold, silver or black colors can all be seen in its octagonal chassis (four slanted corners with long sides). It also has special Game of Thrones Edition versions which have quotes from the popular TV series written on them!

The S60 is a hefty phone with heavy weight at 285g and dimensions that are above average for its class. It’s too big to put in your pocket unless you have an especially large coat or purse, so this won’t be something most people carry around on their person all day long!

Doogee’s newest device, the Dooge b360 Tough Pro has been given a rating of IP68 which is excellent for its level. It can withstand any shock or bump while remaining portable and lightweight on your person at all times with aluminum metal casing to protect against impacts from drops!

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The screen is covered by a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 overlay which should protect it from scratches. There seems to be an oleophobic coating as well, because I noticed that the screens of other phones in my possession were prone more often than not when we compared them side-by-side with this particular model’s display; they would smell funny after coming into contact for just one minute or so – thanks largely due likely having used their own greasy fingers instead clean up before putting on another set worn down gloves! The fingerprint reader sits at back alongside camera sensor and dual LED while SIM/microSD slots are accessed underneath metal cover only accessible if you take out two screws (a screwdriver comes included).

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The microUSB port is located at the bottom of this device while an audio socket and two buttons are up top. All three flaps covering these areas can be a bit tedious to open, but once they’re opened both sides offer plenty in terms features for communication needs – especially on-the go calls!


The Doogee S60 packs one of the most powerful SoCs available outside of Qualcomm’s stable, backed by 6GB of premium LPDDR4 memory and 64GB storage. The 21MP camera sensor is Samsung-sourced as well; it can only record in full HD despite being capable for 4K output thanks to its Mediatek P25 CPU support!

The S60 is a rugged smartphone that bundles both NFC and wireless charging, making it one of the only options in its class to do away with onboard physical ports. It also comes equipped with features such as 802.11ac Wi-Fi support for up to 5GHz networks (which can be beneficial when using MIMO technologies), Cat 6 LTE compatibility on Sprint’s network or AT&T’s 4G LTE service at speeds capable 80Mbps download speed but maxing out around 50 Mbps upload). Bluetooth 4.1+EDR provides connectivity via compatible devices while GPS tracking capabilities allow employees easier route planning during field repairs outside normal work hours; all major satellite navigation systems are supported by this phone so you’ll never get lost again!

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In use

The S60 is a larger-thanlife phone, so it’s not an easy device to handle. The size of this smartphone can be intimidating for those who are used to much lighter devices and there isn’t anything inherently wrong with its bulkiness; however, just something else you should keep in mind while using your new toy!

Despite the doogee s60 smartphone delivering superb performing levels in our benchmarking, it wasn’t able to tackle most recent games on the market. There were some noticeable lags when putting this phone through its paces and didn’t have a firmware update available for us at that time either so we couldn’t apply any new features or apps from Google Play Store even though they are preinstalled with Android 7 OS already installed correctly without hesitation . One included application is Zello which provides walkie-talkies/push too talk often used by teams specifically well suited because of how easy everything works together surprisingly enough!

There are user-friendly apps that can make the world of difference for outdoor professionals. One such example is DGXender, which enables users to transfer files between compatible devices and even sync them automatically with your computer over Wi-Fi! Toolbox’s most compelling feature might just be its collection tools – these allow you access all sorts of sensors on S60 phones like sound level meters or compasses so as not miss any important data during an assignment; they also work without restrictions in harsh environments where things could go wrong at anytime (projectsite).

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The Doogee S60 is a rugged smartphone with some unique features such as wireless charging and an included sound level meter. It’s also affordable, but we’d like to see 4K recording added in addition to the company not putting so much attention into design details – something similar can be found on other models like AGM X1 or Ulefone Armor 2 .

Is the S60 right for you? That will depend on whether or not this rugged phone can live up to its name and also have an industrial design that might make others laugh.


buy at amazon
$319 at Amazon