The Top 10 Best Islands in Portugal

portugal island

Portugal can be one of the best countries for exploring on earth. Portugal has amazing beaches, great surfing in some of this world’s most beautiful waves, and fascinating history from when it was an island kingdom prior to 1500 AD. Nowadays you’ll find bustling cities like Lisbon or Aveiro that are rich with culture but don’t forget about all those stunning natural beauty spots too – they’re worth visiting even if just so you know what we mean when people say “Portugal“!

Some of the best islands in Portugal are found off its coast, and they’re not all located near each other. If you want a tropical getaway with white sand beaches that never seem to end then head down south where there’s an endless supply waiting for your arrival!

Top 10: Ilha de Armona

Armona is a car-free paradise with four miles of pristine beaches that just scream for the sun. The island offers something not found anywhere else in Portugal—peace and quiet, which can be hard to come by when so many tourists flock there from all over Europe looking for an escape. The Algarve region has been wildly popularized as “the Costa Del Sol,” but those who know where Armona heads have their reasons why this southern destination should top everyone’s list!

Armona is a hidden gem in the Spanish countryside, with cobblestone streets and Moorish architecture. You’ll find authentic restaurants serving delicious local cuisine to go alongside your wine alongside neighborly locals who are ready to make you feel at home from moment one!

Top 9: Faial Island

The Azores are a collection of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, and one island is known as Faial. It has three main attractions: The volcanic craters that can be seen from some parts of the land; it also houses an old town called Horta with its colonial architecture remaining intact after centuries passed by while alongside these two points there are stunning beaches to enjoy when you decide where your feet will take you first! There is no better place to immerse yourself in Portuguese culture than the beautiful city of Horta. Dig into some fantastic food and admire ships while you’re here, or wander around the marina where all sailors contribute their own mural with pride for this historic landmark.

Top 8: Sao Jorge Island

The Azores islands are a group of ten small but beautiful Portuguese-speaking nations that lie just off the coast of Africa. Some people say the most popular island in this archipelago is Sao Jorge, which has dramatic cliffs and tall mountains on its side – not to mention delicious local food like clam dishes unique only to these parts! If hiking isn’t your thing there are plenty more adventures waiting for you as well: explore Montoso Cave or Bocas do Fogo caves with those seeking an additional thrill (or two). And when it comes time to eat be sure to try some unpasteurized cheese made by grass-fed cows from across town!.

Top 7: Porto Santo Island

North of Madeira in the North Atlantic Ocean is an island known as Porto Santo. The residents of this paradise enjoy pristine beaches and more than four miles worth of downing waves on a daily basis! There’s also plenty for visitors to do, whether they’re looking into historic landmarks or just taking their time soaking up some sun by one of its many gorgeous coastlines; you won’t regret your decision when it comes time to return home again after spending quality vacation days here making memories with friends old new ones made along every sandy shoreline:)

Top 6: Sao Miguel Island

After a day of adventure, enjoy the famous hot springs at Ponta da Ferraria. The Azores are an archipelago that includes Sao Miguel Island-the largest in this chain with some spectacular volcanic calderas and mineral spas scattered throughout its sparsely populated landscape; it also holds many dolphin watching opportunities due to its proximity between Europe (where most tickets were sold) Africa & America!

Top 5: Ilha da Tavira

Just off the coast of Portugal, and only accessible by boat ride is a beautiful little island with white sand beaches. The further you walk along this pristine stretch of shoreline-the more secluded it will be from other tourists who have claimed territory in that area for their own use on what feels like an infinite supply of sunbeds or plush towels to lay down upon during those hot summer days! This was my go-to destination when I wanted something less crowded yet still friendly atmosphere where people minded your business but weren’t afraid to talk back if they had anything nice (or not) thing say about whatever topic might come up between us

Top 4: Pico Island

Head back across the North Atlantic to Pico, home to the enormous Pico Mountain. This mountain is more than just Portuguese: it’s also an African landmark! From its summit, you can see Morocco and even Africa’s highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro (a stunning sight if I do say so myself). The hike will take about two hours up but don’t worry because there are plenty of places along your trip where you’ll be able to enjoy scenic views–and maybe spot some other islands like Sao Jorge or Faial in between all those clouds below us now?

Top 3: Terceira Island

The third-largest island of the Azores in the North Atlantic is Terceira. This island offers a less developed yet Agriculture still plays an important role for the local economy and its capital city, Angra does Heroismo houses some colonial architecture but its outdoorsy environment can’t be missed with beaches like Praia de Vitoria or going on tours around incredible Algar do Carvão cave system which has also been declared UNESCO World Heritage site because how beautiful these caves are!

The island is even home to a stunning castle called Castelo de São João Batista, where the Spanish and Portuguese once held an epic battle against each other. In this fishing village of Sao Mateus, you can dig into some delicious local cuisine washed down by Vinho Verde – Portugal’s signature wine!

Top 2: Flores Island

The beauty of Flores is breathtaking, with its green mountains and blue lakes. The island’s name stems from the abundance of colorful flowers that cover it in patches throughout nature’s topography. A major landmark on this paradise-like destination are columns of basalt rocks called Rocha dos Bordões which stands out due to their immense size as well being a reflection itself thanks to volcanic waterfalls like Poco do Bacalhao Falls close by Faja Grande
among other things also present such has mirrored surfaces found near calm waters not far away which makes for some really great scenery when driving past them!

Top 1: Madeira

Nicknamed the Garden Island and sparkling like a jewel, Madeira is clearly an island with plenty of appeals. Located in the Atlantic Ocean off Portugal’s coast, it became known for its local wines even back when they first settled here as Portuguese colonies centuries ago. Today you can enjoy history while getting some sun on this beautiful destination that combines sightseeing into outdoor activities such as hiking or horseback riding through vineyards – all amidst lush greenery!

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Funchal, the capital of Madeira Island is a wonderful destination for those seeking lush landscapes and picturesque views. Tourists can admire 15th-century wooden churches like Sé Cathedral or visit aqueducts that date back to 1403!