JAYBIRD Tarah Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review




JAYBIRD Tarah Pro Overview

The Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones will be a great match for runners and fitness enthusiasts. With their neck cable, they are not quite true wireless but still extremely lightweight with an easy-to-use design perfect for any athlete on the go!

This year has been especially exciting for Jaybird devices, with the release of their budget Tarah earbuds and more mid-range X4. But in order to keep up its high standards, they have released an even higher quality ‘Pro’ set that is aimed at those looking for better sound as well as materials – all coming at a price you may not be able to resist! We took these new sporty sounding buds out on our morning run and then into circuit training classes back home (so we could really evaluate them) but will report back soon about how it went overall: so stay tuned here or find us elsewhere online if this sounds interesting 😉

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Price and availability

The Tarah Pro is a more premium offering than we’ve seen before, but the Jaybird Vista True Wireless Earbuds still have you at their higher price tag of $179 (£149/AU$229).


Jaybird Tarah Pros are the perfect Bluetooth earphones for running, jogging, or any other outdoor activity. Keeping things simple but not boring with a single color that can be worn in all sorts of settings from work to your favorite yoga class!

The design is understated yet modern while still being pleasing on sight thanks to its quality materials such as machined aluminum housing which feels lightweight and durable at once – no more worrying about dropping these babies when you’re miles away off-trail because they don’t fall apart as some cheap plastic ones do after just one good push against the rock wall

The cables of these headphones are made out of an interesting material that we haven’t seen before; they’re like a rugged, textured climbing rope. But what really caught our attention were the reflective threads in order for them to be visible in night-time conditions! The colors on it are too subtle though so you’ll need something more garish or neon if your after making sure others notice how bright your device is while walking around town late at night (you could also try using colored lights).

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The earbuds are designed to stay fresh after intense workouts. You’ll come out of your fitness class or long run with the cabling as dry as a bone, even if you’ve been sweating throughout!

The rest of the hardware sticks to plastic to keep its weight down, including rubber wing tips. You get three size options out of the box – medium-sized feet attached as starter pair–and you’ll be able to use it with your own micro USB charger because this kind of proprietary design doesn’t mind water or moisture like traditional ports do!

The ear tips are an interesting touch that makes it easier to wear these headphones during rigorous exercise. They stay securely in place, and the rope cable can be loosened or tightened as needed with ease using the Switch Fit feature!

The button remote is straightforward, too! The power/pause and volume buttons are all that you need to operate this player. Pressing them once will play or stop; holding the single press function takes users to back a song while still retaining their place in playlist playback (hold down for fast-forward).


The Jaybird Tarah Pro earbuds are light and comfortable to wear. They come with a magnetic locking feature, which pauses your music so you can save battery life for when it matters most- during workouts or long listening sessions on the go! The charging time is quick (only 5 minutes!) plus these headphones have near 2 hours worth of playback per charge; seven or eight full hours in total – meaning they will never let us down no matter what activity we engage in while wearing them.

It’s surprisingly easy to make an audio product sound good. You just need the right materials, and this company has them in spades!

The sound quality on these headphones is top-notch – far better than what I was expecting for its price point. Their comfort level means they’re enjoyable even when running or jumping around outside as well; plus water resistance makes them perfect all year round (so long as you don’t plan on getting caught rainstorm).

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The sound quality is not what I expected, but then again I have never had Bluetooth headphones before. The one mid-range driver in each earpiece can reach a substantial amount of bass and masks outside noise just enough for me when running or cycling with music playing at high volumes; it’s almost like having your own private concert!

The vocals are clear, but it’s easy to miss the details in your surroundings. Jaybird has struck a tricky balance between sound isolation (to hear the audio clearly) and hearing enough so that you can’t be completely distracted by outside sounds like cars or people around you on an ordinary day-to-day basis when using these headphones for running/jogging etc. But as long as they’re at lower volumes than usual while listening through them during those activities then there will still be plenty of detail available even if some other noise tries its best to distract from what we want most – our music!

The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is the best choice for athletes who need an earphone with high-quality audio and IPX5 water resistance. The Optoma NuForce BE Sport4 – sporty headphones that undercut Jaybird on price by a good margin – but these don’t have all of what makes up great sports gear: they’re not durable or long-lasting enough, nor do they provide reliable battery life in addition to low durability ratings (only 3 hours worth).

The Jaybird app has a selection of intuitive EQ settings that are far more than some tools out there. The choice is made gentle, bringing certain frequencies in and out ear-shot; it feels precise compared to others I’ve tried before this one – like an athlete’s expertise being built upon yours by using these apps own presets or creating your own custom sound tailored specifically for anyone who wants something different!

With a long-lasting 14h battery life – verified by our tests – the Jaybird Tarah Pro earbuds can also last up to a full day of extensive use, or several days’ worth of commutes and fitness classes.

Also check:

When switching on these sexy little numbers you’ll get a brief reminder of how much charge is left in your device before being alerted with any remaining percentage indicators at 10%. As long as you know what awaits ahead then there shouldn’t be anything surprising that may come unannounced so pay attention!

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As someone who is constantly on the go, I always make sure that my earbuds are durable and can withstand tough conditions. The Jaybird Tarah Pro has been great for me because it provides high-quality sound during workouts while still being sweatproof in hot weather or rainy days!

Jaybird’s Tarah Pro earphones are a fantastic choice for the money, with impressive clarity and ease of use. While there are some niggles over limited voice AI or sudden jumps in volume when switching from playback on your phone to remote listening via these headphones, they still make an excellent option at their higher price point ($159). If you want something cheaper but which will be exposed more often than not outside of harsh conditions then opt instead towards the Optoma BE Sport4 model – costing less yet providing better sound quality overall!

The Tarah Pros are high-performing but unobtrusive earbuds, letting you get on with the important work of running or cycling. They’re also great for weightlifting and working out in a gym!