The Top 43 Most Beautiful Greek Islands

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Greece is not only one of the most magical places on earth, it has hundreds of islands with extraordinary scenery and warm water beaches. Whether you are looking to get a taste for traditional Greek culture or just relax in paradise there’s an island perfect for everyone – beach bums who want some adventure; foodies craving new flavors from old family recipes prepared by friendly locals at their tavernas; active holidaymakers ready take advantage any opportunity while they last!

Top 43: Nisyros


Nisyros is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea. Situated between Kos and Tilos, its circular shape makes for an unusual location as there are no other islands nearby to compete with its beauty or size – at least not yet! The youngest volcano on this side of Greece can be found here; one which still has some pretty awesome hiking trails up until you reach its crater itself (which also happens to have amazing hot springs)!

The island of Nisyros has a lot to offer those who enjoy a simple life. The main village, Mandraki is full of excellent Greek restaurants and quaint streets lined by pretty squares that are perfect for strolling through in your free time while soaking up nightlife scenes in Mikri Venetia (Little Venice). For more action take a trip out west where you can explore Nikia – famous not only because it houses one trillion dollar port but also due to its beautiful square named after King Richard I; known as “The Lionheart”. Similarly off-kilter yet exciting Emporio lies just over Mt Tmolos at Pantoniki fortress which includes a natural volcanic sauna inside a small cave cut from the solid rock!

Top 42: Poros


The petite island of Poros, located in the Saronic Gulf with two pieces of land that make up this magical destination. The sister town Galatas can be found on the mainland side just next door for those who want more than just a relaxing vacation but wish to explore all it has to offer as well!

The old town of Poros is a hidden gem, just an hour’s ferry ride from Athens and known for its gorgeous churches with onion domes. The main highlights in the historic center are found at different museums like the Archaeological Museum of Poros or Clock Tower that has been entertaining residents since 1885!

Visiting Poros Town and explores the wild island is not all one can do. Gelato in town? Check! Kayaking, tubing, or waterskiing on your vacation at nearby bays for some fun leisure time activities like Love Bay where banana boats are also available – it’s no wonder why this area has been awarded best beaches by locals! Explore more with tours that will take you out to discover what lies beyond Askeli beach as well: Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi located offshore; Sanctuary Poseidon near Vagionia bay which offers excellent snorkeling opportunities around its perimeter reef system).

Top 41: Serifos


Serifos is a small island in the western Cyclades that has all of the charms of an unspoiled Greek getaway – great beaches, wonderful walking trails, and excellent tavernas. The views are incredible too; churches lie scattered across rugged hillsides to catch sight-seeing travelers’ attention while ancient monasteries stand watch on higher ground where they can be seen for miles around below you.

Serifos is a wild and mountainous island that was once an important mining capital. Today, there isn’t much here besides its hilltop capital and various old mining trails to hike up on top of! Hike out into the wilderness for fantastic views across this rather untamed island in Greece’s Saronic Gulf waters.

Hiking through Serifos’ natural beauty will give you plenty of time away from your busy day-to-day life while also helping preserve some historical sites like those found within The Chora (also known as Hora).

Spend a day exploring the ancient mining trails of Serifos. You’ll see rusty train tracks, caves, and crumbling bridges as well an old museum in Megalo Livadi Village where you can also People-watch on Pano Piatsa Beach or have some food at traditional Tavernas like those found along Mega Livadi beach!

Top 40: Spetses


Spetses is a hidden gem in the Aegean, and it’s easy to see why. With one historical village surrounded by undulating hills that are dotted with pine trees like Lotspechas or Penteli – this island has everything you need for your vacation! You can enjoy excellent restaurants while taking in picturesque views of its old harbor before heading off on some fabulous beaches where all types live together as friends rather than strangers (heritage not matters).

Spetses Town is a place where you can take in the old-world charm and feel like your days are centuries away. With cobbled streets, horse-drawn carriages, or Venetian mansions as well an interesting history to discover; this island was home for many years before Greece became independent from Ottoman Turkish rule- raising their flag here on July 2nd, 1821!

Poseidon Square is the perfect place to start your day. The square features an iconic statue of Laskarina Bouboulina, a woman who led Greece in their fight for independence from Ottoman rule and was also known as “the liberator.” Nearby you’ll find her former home where she spent much time advocating on behalf European-Turkish peoples before passing away at age 23 during one last speech delivered outside city walls after first defeating Turks just 2 months earlier!

If you’re looking for a taste of Greece, then look no further than the delicious Amigdalota sweets found at your local sweet shop in Spetse’s new port. These almond-filled pastries were created on this island to celebrate its victory over Ottoman Turkey and can be enjoyed while sampling some culture along with them!

Top 39: Kalymnos


Kalymnos, located just off the coast of Turkey in an area known as the Dodecanese Islands is a haven for adventure travelers. The island has plenty to offer from excellent scenery and medieval castles with scenic beaches or ancient archaeological sites that date back thousands upon years ago when this land was first inhabited by human beings! But mostly it’s here where you will find rock climbing adventures waiting at every turn – Kalymno’s most popular pastime–and scuba diving expeditions are not too far behind either (if they’re anything like what we experienced)!

Kalymnos is a picturesque island in the Aegean Sea with 60-plus rock climbing routes that made it a popular adventure destination. The best way to reach Kalymnotos is through Athens, where you’ll find some of Europe’s most photogenic rocks and olive groves dotting its rugged terrain.

Diving is a popular pastime in Kalymnos. The island hosts the International Diving Festival every year, and it’s known for its sponge diving traditions that date back hundreds of years ago! Take your time exploring the beautiful underwater world at dive sites like Nera (Located nearby), Platy Island Telendos Channel.

Pothia is the bustling capital of Milos and home to some incredible ruins. It’s also where you can find a museum full of sponges! But make sure not to miss out on other things in Poti, like its 14th century Byzantine castle with beautiful architecture dating back hundreds of years before Christ.

Top 38: Lemnos


One of the many islands in Greece, Lemnos is known for its dramatic scenery. The island has been home to some great secrets: waterfalls and magical sea caves that are perfect day trips from Myrina; sandy beaches where you can spend hours lazing on your back under an umbrella while sipping delicious cocktails made with local produce like olives or grapes (or both!). Best yet it even offers up something hidden inside itself -a desert near Katalakkos!

There are a number of activities on Lemnos that make it perfect for travelers. The island has beaches with Blue Flag status, good hiking trails, and waterfalls to explore in addition to its history-rich cities like Myrina where you can find Petrified Forest cottages built from granite found only here!

Top 37: Samothrace


Samothrace is a hidden gem in the Aegean, not too far from Turkey. There’s an inviting atmosphere that feels like you’re on vacation no matter where or when your visit to this island takes place- waterfalls, beaches with pebbles as well! You’ll find ancient basilicas and medieval castles among other things here (in addition their goat population). While it may have its share of dramatic granite crags called Mt Fengari ,the Nike Winged Victory of Samotrakis now resides at The Louvre Museum In Paris since 1867 affectionately dubbed ‘The Winged Victories.”

The island of Samothrace offers a host of adventures for travelers. Hike up Mount Fengani or Saos, one the highest mountains in Aegean sea-level with its impressive views and breathtaking nature; explore quaint fishing village Kamariotissa that has been around since ancient times – when it was an active port town on this busy trade route between Ephesus to Troy—and have some time relaxing at Therma’s magical hot springs before you leave!

Top 36: Kea


Kea is an unspoiled destination for those who want to get away from it all. The island has barely any tourists, and if you go in the summer months when bed-and-breakfast lodging can be scarce because so many Greeks head here on vacation (it’s very popular with rich locals), then your experience will probably be quite different than what most people expect – more authentic!

Kea is a Cycladic island with an interesting mix of landscape and architecture. It lacks the typical whitewashed cottages you’ll find on other islands, but instead showcases stone walls that are peach-colored in coloration as well as olive groves; oak forests sit among almond orchards for anyone who would like time spent outside reading under trees while enjoying this picturesque scenery!

Ioulis, the capital of Crete is found in its ancient city-state. The little town with all its tiled roofs and cobbled streets can be worth visiting for those travelers looking to get away from modern life for a while though I would recommend staying longer than just one day!

Top 35: Evia


This is a place where you can find the best wines, and have an authentic Greek experience.

The island of Euboia seems to be one that tourists don’t know much about – but locals love visiting it for its wine tasting opportunities as well as other things such as exploring ancient ruins or shopping at some local handicraft stalls.”

A visit to Evia is the stuff of travelers’ dreams. The landscape here differs greatly from that found on nearby Greek islands, with its stunning beaches and coves being completely free of crowds yet still close enough for day trips if you want them! There are also plenty more sights beyond what can normally be seen in just one trip- take your time exploring this beautiful region by boat or car; there’s no shortage when it comes down to choosing where exactly should start first.

Top 34: Alonissos


Alonissos is a lush green island in the Aegean Sea. It has always been considered one of Greece’s most remote and untraveled areas, with limited ferry service but an abundance of natural beauty: sun-drenched beaches lined by palm trees; rugged mountain regions boasting deep blue seas where you can find some peace from all your troubles. Parts are still uncharted territory for travelers because they haven’t yet fully discovered this hidden gem!

Alonissos is a great place to visit if you are looking for some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The crystal-clear water here will make your skin tingle with delight, as dolphins often come into view while fishing in these waters or just passing through on their way somewhere else!

The capital of the island and home to some truly unique pieces of history is Alonissos Town. Boasting views over both waterfalls as well as an old stone church that was originally built in 1431 by Venetians for their daughter’s wedding; this small town has something for everyone! Head down into Patitiri if you’re looking for more seafood–you won’t be disappointed with what they offer up there either (in fact I hear someone say “to die” on occasion).

Top 33: Tinos


Tinos is a beautiful Greek island that sits in the Cyclades archipelago between Ophiussa and Mykonos. Once known as Hydroessa, it served as an important stopover for ferries traveling between Athens and its sister city of Alexandria on Crete (modern-day Gerald Mat insurer). But what makes Tinos so popular? Activities like trekking or climbing–whatever your preference may be!

Tinos is a quiet island that’s home to some of the most beautiful churches you’ll ever see. The people here are friendly and welcoming, with plenty of antiquities for tourists alike in addition to all sorts of restaurants where one can enjoy their meal surrounded by history – even if they don’t speak any Greek!

Some of the best things to do on Tinos are visiting its main hub, known for festivals and churches. The island’s most popular shrine will be Evangelistria church- home to a stunning statute depicting Mary in prayer.”

Top 32: Astypalaia


A trip to Astypalaia is more than just a vacation; it’s an escape from the ordinary. Home to 1000 residents and located in close proximity to some of Greece’s most unique historical sites, this small island offers tourists a glimpse into authentic Greek life as they’ve never seen before!

Astypalaia is a beautiful island with breathtaking views and delicious food. The town of Chora, which consists primarily of buildings constructed in an amphitheater-like design that overlooks the Aegean Sea from its high point has been named one of Europe’s most underrated destinations for travelers looking to get away but not too far from civilization.

In addition, many locals enjoy going out hiking or biking on days where they have no special plans because there are so many amazing scenic spots waiting just around every corner!

Top 31: Ios


Ios is a geographic treasure trove. Sure, it may have the reputation as an island of fun-in and beach bunnies – but I assure you this place has so much more going on than that! If you avoid July through August then your visit will be unforgettable (even if party central does still exist). With whitewashed buildings alongside cobblestone streets with lovely beaches to explore, there are hundreds of churches waiting for tourists all over town; most can even be Historical Monuments themselves!. For those looking for some adventure behinds them while they enjoy their vacationing – scuba diving opportunities abound here too!

The town of Ios is known for its church, which houses the Panagia Gremiotissa. The main attraction in this location is not only old structures but also people who love to explore these spots and share their adventures with others!

Top 30: Leros


Leros is an island in the Dodecanese archipelago that’s home to a host of rusted castles, ancient churches, and museums. As it lacks excellent beaches like those found on neighboring islands, Leros still manages to maintain its characteristically desolate mood thanks mostly because you won’t find any tourists here!

Leros is a paradise for those who love to spend their days relaxing on pebbled beaches and tucking into Greek cuisine at traditional Tavernas. With vibrant ancient ruins, like the 11th century Castle of Leros in its capital city Platanos; scenic towns with windmills that dotted across this island landscape as well other popular attractions such as an old church named after Our Lady Mary Help Of Christians – Agia Marina Church are sure not be disappointed when visiting Keros Bay!

Top 29: Milos


The volcanic island of Milos is famous for its impressive natural scenery, from dramatic rock formations and hot springs to steam vents. It has an age-old mining history that dates back to the Neolithic era; it’s one reason why more than 60% of its residents work in tourism or related fields! With a flight taking less time (or not at all) than getting there by ferry – unless you’re happy with seven-plus hours on your journey – this Cycladic gem should be a top priority when considering Greece as a vacation destination choice.

Spend your days on a beach in Milos, Greece, and enjoy nature-based activities like windsurfing. The island is home to some unusual wildlife such as Mediterranean seals that may be spotted near the seaside villages or croc shaped Mílos wall lizards who can take refuge inside Sikia cave where only boats provide access through its mouth at sea level (making this an adventure for those looking for something different). Other favorite attractions include various museums dedicated specifically towards mining artifacts found within the area – including one located close enough so visitors have easy access all year round regardless of weather conditions!

Top 28: Syros


The island of Syros is one small but beautiful dot in the Cyclades. The mix between modern and traditional makes for an appealing destination, as well-chosen architecture can be seen throughout its capital city Ermoupolis (or more commonly known by locals). With uncrowded beaches that offer peace from Athens’ busy tourism circuit, many travelers seek out this quiet getaway when they need some time away from all those tourists on other islands nearby.

The capital is worth exploring with its meandering streets and colorful houses cascading down into the Aegean Sea. Discover a range of remarkable buildings, including the town hall, Apollo Theater in particular for its history as well memorabilia inside; blue-topped Agios Nikolaos Church steeped not only spirituality but also legend that surrounds it!

Top 27: Amorgos


Amorgos is a relaxing island that’s perfect for travelers looking to get away from it all. Lying in the far east of Greece, this little paradise has two charming ports separated by seven hours on a boat ride–even if you’re traveling with an open mind! There are plenty of hiking trails and free diving opportunities here too; make sure not to miss out on either one while visiting Amorgois’ beautiful coast line.

Chora is a hidden gem in the Dodecanese region of Greece. One can spend their time exploring this picturesque town’s churches and bougainvillea-tangled streets, as well as visiting nearby monasteries such as Hozoviotissa Monastery or Amorgos Archaeological Collection before heading over to see 16th-century Venetian tower Gavras at sunset for good measure!

Top 26: Patmos


The most famous of the smaller Dodecanese islands, Patmos is a laidback holiday destination characterized by a pine-covered hillside and the hilltop Chora with its whitewashed maze. The appeal here is that many are uncrowded even during peak tourist season thanks in part to not having an airport for mass tourism; this has made it into one of Greece’s best-kept secrets!

Patmos is a spiritual paradise where travelers can find peace and enlightenment. The island has many churches to visit, including the Cave of Apocalypse which houses Patmoss’s most famous shrine in history – for being used by St John as his final resting place before writing Revelations!

Top 25: Karpathos


Karpathos is a small but rugged island in the Aegean Sea. With crystal-clear water, gorgeous beaches, and an adventurous nature that makes it perfect for those looking to get away from their daily lives or take on new challenges! Alongside its natural beauty comes history – there are plenty of museums you can visit if this isn’t enough already (like Pigadhia’s Archaeological Museum).

Karpathos is a haven for thrill-seekers with an abundance of opportunities to enjoy watersports, such as kite surfing and windsurfing. It’s also perfect if you’re looking to get away from it all by simply finding some waves on one of the many beaches!

Top 24: Folegandros


Folegandros is the most beautiful and secluded of all of Greece’s Cycladic Islands, according to Conde Nast Traveller. With an untouched nature that offers true wilderness retreats from modern life, Folegandaurs should go before it’s too late!

Once a political prison, remote Folegandros is now just 45 minutes away from the gorgeous Santorini with its beautiful countryside and beaches. It offers an alternative that’s much quieter than what you’ll find on other islands in this area – perfect for those who want more peace without sacrificing their fun by staying too close to civilization!

Karavostasi is a picturesque fishing village where you can explore the Cycladic buildings wound in bright bougainvillea. The cliffs here are one of my favorite spots on this beautiful island!

Top 23: Skopelos


Skopelos is a pristine land of pine forests, olive groves, and almond orchards. The island’s most famous for being the location in the 2008 film “Mamma Mia!” With dozens of beaches to choose from with stunning views as well as hiking trails throughout each region – there really isn’t anything this small getaway doesn’t offer!

Skopelos is a sustainable haven for nature lovers. From exploring its pine forests and sea kayaking through the Aegean to cycling along back roads in search of that perfect beach, there are so many adventures waiting just around every corner on this island!

The architecture in Skopelos Town is so extraordinary, you’ll feel like the first person to explore it. Visit Loutraki and see for yourself how this small island can accommodate yachties as well as cruise ships!

Top 22: Skyros


Even though Skyros is the largest island in its archipelago, it has more of a Cycladic feel. The whitewashed towns with their gorgeous coastlines and glistening bays make for an idyllic Greek landscape that will take your breath away!

A main city on this beautiful landmass called Chora stands out thanks to its bright white houses alongside ruins from Byzantine times – there’s plenty worth exploring here if you have enough time during any trip abroad or vacation at home.

The island of Skyros is a hidden secret for nature lovers, thrill-seekers, and water babies. Spend your days hiking to find skylines horses or finding bird life (to see the Eleonora falcons). And enjoy all manner of watersports – particularly scuba diving!

Top 21: Lesbos


The third-largest island in Greece, Lesbos (or Lesvos) boasts an unusual landscape with sandy beaches and salt marshes on one side and thick forests to cover up its rugged terrain. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else worth seeing! The main highlight has got to be the hot springs – they’re some of Europe’s warmest too!

The island of Lesbos has a reputation for excellent handmade pottery that you can pick up at a steal from villages such as Agiasos and Mandamados. Ouzo is another famous product in this region too, with the locals often partying into exhaustion thanks to its calming effect on your nerves! Other highlights include Mytilini Town – which offers an infectious personality along all throughout Plomari Village; there’s also plenty more natural beauty like petrified forests found westward towards Volissos town where visitors will find many museums dedicated entirely just to their favorite spirit: ouzo (don’t forget about visiting these)!

Top 20: Sifnos


We all need a break from life sometimes and Sifnos is the perfect place to get one. The stunning greenery, crystal-clear water, warm sunshine – it has everything you could want in an island paradise!

It doesn’t take long before you feel like this little corner of Greece has captured your heart too; don’t forget that when traveling around these islands there’s nothing better than renting some wheels so as not to miss out on any sights or adventures while staying lazy at home (or wherever).

Known as the most delicious Greek island, according to Conde Nast Traveller Sifnos is a mecca for foodies and creatives. The traditional arts are some of our favorite things on this little gem-pottery village that have been around since ancient times; woodworking in Vathi or Kamares; cooking workshops where you can learn about ingredients like amygdala (goat) cheese so they’re not just a lure when trying new foods!

Kastro and Apollonia are two different medieval towns that have been combined to make one island. The capital of this land, Kotor Montenegro is home to many churches with centuries worth of history like the Monastery Khryssopiyí- a must-see!

Top 19: Aegina


Aegina is one of the closest islands to Athens and it forms part of an archipelago called The Saronic Islands. Due to its close location, just 40 minutes from Piraeus you can often find locals on Aegina’s beaches but that only adds charm rather than anything else because as mentioned before this makes it Remastered Greek ruins with waterfront cafes or pistachio orchards in between them while enjoying their time at sea for fishing trips down below!

The Temple of Aphaia is undoubtedly the main highlight on this island. Visit its Byzantine-era ruins and archeological site, Kolona, as well! Other activities include hanging out by one of many beaches or strolling through an old museum while you explore Aegina Town–the capital city with neoclassical buildings that are justly popular for their beauty too (not only).

Top 18: Andros


Andros is a paradise for nature lovers. The island has an abundance of citrus and olive groves, waterfalls that can be found in almost every corner of the land there are even some hiking trails! You’ll never run out of options to explore when you visit Andros – it may just become your new favorite place after all.

The people of Andros are nature lovers at heart. They enjoy exploring the endless network taking walks leading to waterfalls, alongside bubbling creeks, or through wild valleys on foot while horseback is also an option if you want more space for yourself and your pet! The quaint villages scattered throughout this beautiful island offer plenty in terms of landscapes as well – some might say too much beauty can be overwhelming so take time out during each day visit one village that stands out from others with its architecture style (there’s not just classics here).

Andros is a string of unspoiled beaches, where you can spend your days swimming and playing beach volleyball. If that doesn’t sound like enough entertainment for one day then check out all the dive sites nearby or just relax on one of these pristine shores!

Top 17: Chios


Chios is a gem in the Aegean. It has some of Greece’s best beaches and draws travelers from all over because it offers an unusual experience like no other island does – with its palatial architecture setting Chios apart as well. The history behind these heritage buildings makes for fantastic exploration, especially when you find out how this once-wealthy shipping magnate colony became known as ‘the Mastic Island’ due to being the only a commercial producer back then!

The undulating countryside is dotted with olive groves, citrus orchards, and mastic bushes. You’ll find all sorts of things made from this local export including jam in the shape of an apple; sweets called “loukoumades” that are deep-fried dough dishes typically eaten at Greek festivals such as Christmas ( January 6th ); perfume distilled from raisins steeped for hours on end to extract their essence then bottled–delicious! And brandy ouzo which tastes like grapes but can be dangerous if you drink too much because it causes vomiting.

Top 16: Thasos


Thasos is a beautiful island in the North Aegean with an almost perfect terrain for hiking, sunbathing, and bird watching. It also has many delicious foodie options including local spirits like Tsipouro which are more popular than wine here in this remote destination!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more picturesque destination. Thasos has it all: ancient ruins, authentic mountain villages, and bouzouki (music tavernas). Yes, please! You shouldn’t miss out on exploring this beautiful island either way we can go back home today 🙂

Top 15: Kefalonia


Kefalonia is the perfect island to escape on. With its captivating Mediterranean landscape and four beautiful peninsulas, there are many things for you to do here! Not only does it boast a plethora of built-up resorts but also proper tourist towns where locals live too.

The island of Kefalonia is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean with its majestic limestone coves, Venetian architecture, and lush vineyards. Not only that but it also has some really picturesque beaches like Myrtos Beach where you can see Caretta-Caretta sea turtles swim up from below!

Kefalonia is a land where you can explore the ancient ruins of Venetian castles, or enjoy horseback riding through its picturesque towns. Visit this beautiful island for an unforgettable experience!

Top 14: Symi


There is a certain charm to the Greek island of Symi, which has seen its share of shipbuilding and diving history. Today it’s best known for being one of Greece’s most laid-back fishing villages with beautiful old architecture hinting at what once was a prosperous society here on this rock in the Mediterranean Sea.

The first thing you’ll notice when you dock at Symi is its glorious Gialos Harbour in the island capital, surrounded by rows upon a-posterior. The rest of this small but beautiful island may seem rather desolate with just a few settlements such as Pedi and Horio near Valley behind it all though there are some great places to explore if that’s what you’re looking for!

The climate in Symi is perfect for those who enjoy a quiet getaway. The cobalt blue coves, juniper forests, and pebbled beaches all attract tourists during the summer months when there’s stronger sunshine that can sometimes be seen throughout Greece’s Southeast coastline as well. If your preference falls on visiting at other times of year then avoid going between November through February due to lack-of-visitors crowds but don’t worry because autumn has its own beauty too!

Top 13: Hydra


One of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Hydra is known for its clear waters and charming villages. With no cars on this island, there’s an unbeatable view from every direction!

The island hub of Ydhra Town is undoubtedly photogenic. Explore its narrow winding streets that are home to wild cats, donkeys, and 18th-century waterfront mansions – one which was once home for Leonard Cohen himself!

Hydra is an island where you can go to explore the scenic beauty of Greece. Unlike other islands, Hydra has very few cities and more forests than anything else- there’s no shortage of hiking trails here! One landmark worth seeing on this island would be the Lázaros Koundouriótis museum which features artifacts from its excavations at Akrotiri in the 1970s when archaeologists discovered ancient artworks like seals or jewelry within shipwrecks dating back 6500 years ago.

Top 12: Lefkada


Lefkada is a small Greek island, connected to the mainland by just its narrow neck. It’s one of only a few places where you can drive and still get away from tourists – but it’s also an easily accessible destination for this reason!

The mountain scenery on the island is rugged and beautiful, with waterfalls that fall into deep gorges. If you’re looking for a break from exploring, there are also many beaches to enjoy in all shades of blue!

Lefkada Town with its superb marina is a popular destination for yachties, Vassiliki is best known as Europe’s largest windsurfing hub. Nydhri has an inviting feel and stunning view over the satellite island of Meganissi – although it may not have much to offer in terms of attractions if you’re looking for more conventional tourist attractions. The most notable landmark on this beautiful Greek Island can be found at 14th-century castle Santa Maura; its Venetian name means ‘ reimburse me’!

Top 11: Samos


Samos is a green island in the Aegean with vine-covered hills and mountains. It’s famous for its sweet Muscat wine, which you can find at your local grocery store or supermarket on any given day!

There are many appealing things to do in the capital of Samos, but if you’re looking for an adventure then head out into one of its other villages. Visit Kokkari and Karlovassi with their cute roadside cafes or Pythagorean which has an authentic village feel; Heraion temple is another popular spot where visitors come from all over Greece just to see this huge religious site honoring goddess Hera (supposedly being Greek largest).

Samos Island is the perfect destination for those who love natural beauty. You will find a series of secret beaches, forest trails, and challenging mountains on this small but diverse Greek island that lies just off Turkey’s west coast near Rhodes in Çanakkale province. The best way to explore its many geological wonders like waterfalls hidden caves or peaky clifftops villages? Spend your days sunbathing by clear blue seas where windsurfing, swimming & dive boats bob up against lava cliffs below you!

Top 10: Naxos


Naxos is a green and fertile island with olive groves, vineyards, fig plants. But it also houses some of the most impressive ancient Greek ruins in all Cyclades archipelago! The steady industry on this paradise seem to be potatoes; olives; lemons – not forgetting grapes too for those looking down from high above who are lucky enough have their own private piece of heaven here on earth 🙂

The island’s center, with its lush valleys and authentic villages, is well worth a visit. Hikers will be in their element on Naxos – home to Mount Zeus-the highest peak for the Cyclades! Don’t miss the chance of visiting quaint waterfronts like Venetian mansions under hilltop fortress from Chora; unforgettable memories await you here as it has been said “Naxia” means both “escapade” or joyous escape.”

Top 9: Kos


If you’re looking for a getaway from the tourist crowds, then look no further than Kos. It’s an oasis of sandy beaches and medieval ruins in the Dodecanese island group famous not only for its beautiful scenery but also because it doesn’t have any mass tourism during peak season! This small Greek island is located close to Turkey where there are plenty of things worth seeing like ancient Agora ruins built by Knights of St John or 15th-century castle that was once owned proudly by this powerful religious order until Ottoman rule ended centuries ago.

Asklepion is a historic site that’s worth visiting. Once home to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, it’s where he practiced his trade and swore an oath prescribing responsibility-laden values for doctors everywhere! Other activities in Kos include exploring by bike or swimming at Ebros Thermes – your choice (I prefer biking).

Top 8: Zakynthos


Zakynthos, also known as Zante is one of the most beautiful Ionian Islands. Home to extraordinary beaches like Shipwreck Beach and some spectacular Greek sunsets that will take your breath away with their beauty! All year round this paradise awaits you while offering pure relaxation in its natural surroundings from which it gets its name “Zakinthos.”

Zakynthos is a hidden gem, with so much to offer. It’s just not yet overwhelmed by tourists and the summer months are sparsely populated in some areas! Spend your days exploring one of Zakynthos’ most notable attractions – Navagio Beach or Shipwreck beach as it’s better known among travelers who take day trips from nearby towns like Iraklia and Kefalonia on this paradise island Greece has waiting for you…

Take a swim in the clear blue waters of Xigia sulfur beach, or enjoy your meal at sunset on Sunset Taverna while watching for shooting stars across Keri. If you’re feeling adventurous take a boat ride out to Marathonisi Turtle Island and visit with turtles who can sometimes be seen cavorting around their favorite swimming hole – Blue Caves!

Top 7: Paros


Paros is a typical Cycladic island, and its fishing villages offer the chance to escape from bustling city life with some stereotypical Greek relaxation. Paro residents love their bougainvillea entwined in purple or red flowers while they sip on cocktails at one of many bars scattered throughout this beautiful landmass – there’s no shortage here when it comes down to finding happy hour!

But while Paros’ nightlife certainly precedes it, that’s not all there is to do here. The island also has a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and windsurfing–even kitesurfing! There are tons more too: horseback riding yoga scuba diving…

Parikia is a Greek island with arcaded lanes filled with whitewashed buildings and Venetian-style villas. One can see old monasteries, churches sporting blue domes as well as the Ekatondapylianí (formerly called Katpoliani) church – one that stands out among all other Aegean architecture! There’s also an archaeological museum worth visiting on this land dotted by many gems.

Top 6: Skiathos


The most developed island in the Sporades, Skiathos is home to many party-going youths and nature lovers. Decked out with pine forests that offer shade for when it gets hot during summertime, olive groves where you can find some delicious food if only once a year or so because there’s not much fruit grown here due to its dry climate–and an impressive number of sandy beaches which are great at any time!

If you’re looking for a little bit of nightlife in Aegean, then head to Skiathos Town. Here there are countless sidewalk bars and restaurants that line Papadiamanti Street which was previously only an old harbor area with plenty of open-air waterfront clubs located between town and airport as well! If yachting is more up your alley consider checking out one of its many yacht marinas where visitors can explore captivating monasteries or hike through picturesque scenery while sipping their drink (or three).

Top 5: Corfu


Corfu, one of the most beautiful and green Ionian Islands. For centuries it has been a popular weekend getaway for travelers from all over Europe due to its great beaches and nightlife that never ends! You’ll love Corfus’ international airport too–it makes getting there easy as pie (or maybe something more fitting).

Corfu has something for everyone. Corfiotes are guaranteed not to be bored with the town’s architectural styles ranging from Greek, Italian French, and British pasts evident in its buildings’ varying architectures that can also be seen on offer at some popular sightseeing attractions such as Palaiokastritsa (a turquoise bay), Sidari (family-friendly theme park) or Kassiopi where party-goers thrive.

Top 4: Rhodes


Rhodes is a historic island in Greece that has windsurfing opportunities and excellent sunbathing spots. The largest of all the Dodecanese archipelago, it offers many activities for visitors to enjoy during their stays here such as ruins from ancient times up through medieval periods or beautiful beaches lining the coastlines perfect for relaxing at any time day or night!

Explore the cobbled (and often crowded) maze of Rhodes Town, where you’ll enter into an Old World medieval town that was built by Knights Hospitaller in the 14th-century. Here are located Street Of TheKnights and impressive Palace Of Grand Masters which now has been converted to a formidable history museum!

If you’ve got a rental car, head to the interior of Rhodes and enjoy exploring ancient ruins like Monolithos Castle or historic churches. Other spots worth seeing are Asklipio in Kritinia (a town with incredible views), Thráki which has great shops for souvenirs as well as The Valley Of Butterflies Sanctuary near Áyios Yeoryios Vardas monastery on an overlook overlooking one thousand meters where they have butterfly gardens & educational exhibits about these beautiful insects!

Top 3: Crete


Crete is an island in Greece that also boasts one of the longest summers. You can enjoy a sunshine-filled holiday here until mid-October! First inhabited by Minoans as far back 2,000 BC, Europe’s earliest civilization has had many incarnations and cultures throughout its time on earth – from first settlement to today with all its modern amenities available at your fingertips via air travel (or sea).

A journey to Crete is an unforgettable experience. The island boasts some diverse landscapes – rugged valleys, sleepy Cretan villages that seem stuck in time as they sift through centuries-old architecture and ruins of Minoan palaces like Knossos Palace with its maze street pattern; snow-capped peaks for hiking or skiing at Mount Ida near Heraklion which offers outstanding views from top camping spots; ancient caves where man first set foot on his newfound home millions ago before leaving it behind only so he could return later still another day.

Cretans are true foodies and love to cook with what they have in their own backyards – olive oil, wine, cheese. The people of Crete take cooking very seriously; it is a culture there! You can find high adventure at Elafonisi Beach where you might enjoy swimming or fishing while your children play on the shoreline nearby waiting for parents’ return from work before heading off into town together as well explore Ideon Cave which has been called “the birthplace” by some (even though no one really knows who was actually born here).

Top 2: Mykonos


Mykonos is the ultimate destination for travelers looking to make their dreams come true. From its Ibiza-like reputation and beaches that are famous across Greece, this island has something in store no matter what you’re craving – from history buffs who want an adventure full of discoveries or sunsets to chasers seeking everlasting memories on land; there’s always a spot here made just right with Mykonos as your home away from home!

The bougainvillea-draped Mykonos Town is a picturesque Cycladic town with whitewashed, blue-doored houses that are sure to delight any traveler. With iconic windmills and hidden churches or shrines as you walk down winding streets built supposedly for pirates during the 18th century; this destination has something everyone will enjoy!

Mykonos Town is a small, traditional town that has not lost its identity. Thanks to Mykonos’s strict building regulations and the Cycladic architectural style of buildings in this area there are plenty of modern cafes with outdoor seating for those hot summer days as well as quaint little shops where you can find anything your heart desires. If it’s time for some retail therapy head over any one of many popular beach clubs or explore what all lies within Mykonos’ limits!

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Top 1: Santorini


The first island you imagine when thinking of Greece, Santorini is simply magical. The largest and most popular among the Cyclades group with its whitewashed buildings that line streets throughout this lush natural beauty for miles on end to give off a stereotypical Greek feel (though one without Colin Powell). But if not those typical squabbling tourists it’s hard not to come across blue-domed Oia or capital Fira teetering high above scenic cliffs overlooking an underwater volcano where views can’t be beaten!

If you’re looking to spend your time in Greece without being overwhelmed by big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, then a trip out of this busy metropolis would be perfect. And if the idea appeals because it will seem easier than packing up all one’s belongings every few days only for an adventure at sea? Then don’t hesitate any longer: book now before prices go up!

Once you reach Santorini, it is time to shop! The island offers a plethora of glamorous boutiques and chic stores. In order to enjoy your shopping trip as much as possible we recommend doing some walking on top of that caldera cliffs or hanging out by one of those white/black volcanic beaches with their red pebbles – what more could anyone ask for?

Map of Greek Islands

greek islands map
greek islands map