The Top 14 Most Beautiful Small Towns in China

Most Beautiful Small Towns in China

The rapid change in China is something that even old-time locals may not be able to recognize. Beijing and Shanghai are fast-paced, modern cities just like New York or London but there’s still some of the old previous notion leftovers from those who haven’t been exposed too much outside their country before coming here – which you can find if you head out into rural areas where life moves slower than anywhere else on earth!

Top 14: Suopo


Suopo is no ordinary village. Once home to the world’s highest concentration of ancient watchtowers, Suhop now only has 84 such structures left – ranging in height from 20m up 60 meters (66ft). These thousand-year-old stone buildings were used as lookout posts, storage sheds, and places for worship by Tibetan people living here until very recently when most moved away or died out completely due largely thanks to its remote location which made it difficult if not impossible at times even reachable without a long journey on foot through snow-covered passes during winter months.

Top 13: Duoyishu


The Duoyishu village in Southwest China’s Yunnan province is home to a unique cultural treasure that should not be missed. The rice terraces are spectacular and have been designed as works of art by the farmers who built them over many generations-the Hani (known also for their family-oriented celebrations) belong here with this minority group while the Yi people form part too! Sunrise over these beautiful fields will always take your breath away; get access onto one if available during sunrise or sunset times because there’s nothing like seeing how they glow against an orange sky before you eat dinner under its warmth(or later).

Top 12: Heshun Town

Heshun Town

Heshun Town is a small town in western Yunnan Province that has been called one of the most charming villages in China. The village was founded by settlers who came here seeking peace and harmony, settling among forested hills with its name meaning ‘peaceful rest’. Heshun has preserved ancient architecture; stone houses have tile roofs more like museums than live-in homes – narrow lanes run between them giving it an old-world feel typical to other countries along this famous tea horse road!

Top 11: Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village

Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village

Xijiang is a village in China that has been preserved for centuries. The architecture here dates back before gunpowder was invented and includes bamboo houses with straw roofs, clay walls thick enough to stop bullets from getting through them, bridges over rice paddies where you can go fishing or take boat rides if there’s water available at the time of your visit– all this surrounded by lush green fields fulling stocked with cattle!

You’ve probably heard of the beautiful, colorful Miao people living in China. If not then now is definitely your chance to see them up close and personal! You can find these fascinating folks right here at Xijiang Town where they have their own village with houses that are known for being built on wooden stilts (which makes sense because who wants an earthquake!). A good place to start out while visiting Qianhu Village Nationality Museum which will teach you all about this amazing culture without any fear or hesitation from me either 😉

Top 10: Hemu Village

Hemu Village

The Hemu Village is well known for its natural beauty. It’s an ideal destination that offers visitors a chance to enjoy the outdoors and explore nature like they never have before!

The village of Hemu is a small, picturesque place in China that many tourists visit to take advantage of views from its viewing platform. The location offers stunning scenery including kanas lake and surrounding mountains which make it one of the most beautiful villages on earth!

Top 9: Chengyang Village

Chengyang Villages

A small village in China, Cheyang Village is a popular tourist destination. It’s not uncommon to see locals wearing traditional clothing while enjoying their scenic views or going about daily life – they still maintain many aspects that makeup who they were before; it’s just something visitors and tourists can enjoy seeing as well!

The eight villages of the Chengyang Group are an excellent place to experience China’s folk culture. The people here put on a show twice daily, and their most famous landmark is probably one you’ll want to see: It features covered wooden bridges which protect users from rain or snow! You can find many other crops too – rice paddies surround each settlement while autumn harvest time draws near its conclusion during your visit.

Top 8: Hongcun


The Hongcun Village near Mount Huangshan in Anhui Province is famous for its unique shape and traditional architecture. The head of this ox-like village would be the hill, two trees on it represent horns; four bridges make up legs that flow into houses which are like body parts spread out across acres upon acres (or more). A running stream represents innards or guts – something you can’t find anywhere else but here!

Top 7: Zhouzhuang


One of China’s most-loved regions, Zhouzhuang is famous for its exquisite pottery and beautiful landscapes. The town also has the perfect balance between city life with all modern amenities as well as small-scale farmers who live off growing vegetables on their own land – it truly offers something different in every direction you look!

Whether you’re looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustles of China or just want something different, Zhouzhuang offers an unforgettable experience. One way to do this is by taking one ride on its gondola system which will give your mind plenty of time off while giving views that are as beautiful (if not more) than what’s found within these ancient walls!

Top 6: Fenghuang Ancient Town

Fenghuang Ancient Town

Fenghuang Ancient Town is a small town with an old, quaint appearance. The buildings are made from thick stonewalls that have crumbled over time and their roofs appear covered in moss or weeds which makes them look like they’ve been abandoned for years instead of just months!

Fenghuang Ancient Town is a serene Chinese town that appears simple yet elegant. This Qing Dynasty community is home to the Miao people, known for their embroidery and silverwork; it’s exceptionally picturesque thanks in part to its natural beauty mixed with old-world charm which you can find here like nowhere else across China!

Top 5: Wuyuan Village

Wuyuan Villages

A humble community in the mountains, Wuyuan Village is home to many temples and shrines. This beautiful area has been preserved for generations by locals who care about preserving their culture something that visitors can take part in too!

The picturesque Wuyuan Villages are a collection of rural villages noted for their old architecture. While there is plenty to see in the area, some buildings date back as far 1 300 years ago during Tang Dynasty and stand out from all others with their white stone walls paired with gray tile roofs. The entire region has become one of China’s most scenic spots due primarily because it hosts such incredible natural beauty; springtime provides an added bonus – when rape flowers bloom alongside azaleas at peak bloom time you can take advantage not only to admire these lovely sights but also sample some delicious tea leaves after your visit!

Top 4: Tongli


Who wants to be at the mercy of hotel amenities when traveling? For those looking for something more authentic, head out on an adventure into China’s water towns. derivations offer tours that will not only take you through some beautiful scenery but also provide insights into what life used to be like before electricity or cars were invented!

Top 3: Jiaju


Jiaju is a Tibetan-style village in Sichuan province that has been called the “Tibetan fairyland”. The town consists of homes uniquely shaped with roofs on top and eaves painted red, exterior walls made from white stones covered by mud bricks or stucco which give it an otherworldly look at any time during spring when pear trees blossom here as well!

Top 2: Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang is a small city located in the Yunnan province of China. The old town, or “old village” as it’s known to locals has been preserving its heritage for centuries by building upon what was already there instead of renovating every time something new became popular – this includes both architectures from before 1948 when overtime most things changed hands during invaders came through pushing out other cultures while burning down their homes if they didn’t convert them enough because nobody wanted anything Westernised!

Lijiang is a beautiful old town in Yunnan, China. Tourists come from all over the world to visit this village and soak up its charm which dates back centuries ago when it was first founded by trader caravan routes between Kunming and Lhasa via Bhutan before WWII forced them through Tibet instead of Nepal or Burma on their way south; nowadays you can still find remnants left behind like colorful Nakhi people who have lived here for generations but due high housing costs are leaving because there isn’t enough space anymore!

Top 1: Yangshuo Town

Yangshuo Town

A small town in southern China, Yangshuo is a popular destination for travelers and backpackers alike. Whether you are looking to enjoy some peace and quiet or take part in one of many adventure activities that the area has on offer – such as hiking through breathtaking scenery- there will always be something new around every corner!

Yangshuo Town is a hidden gem in China. With karst mountains and caves that surround this town, it’s no wonder why more travelers are discovering what makes Yangshsuo special for themselves! You can take an unforgettable boat ride down the Li River or cycle around town before you leave-you won’t regret either one of your experiences here at all.