The Top 12 Best National Parks in Oregon

oregon national parks

The Pacific Northwest is a land of majestic mountains and captivating canyons. A state filled with diverse scenery, nature scenes are found in abundance here; it’s home to everything from dense forests to expansive deserts as well!

Oregon is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts with plenty to offer in the form of hiking and camping. One place that will make you feel like royalty? Crater Lake’s sole national park, home not only to gorgeous blue waters but also its breathtaking caldera!

Top 12: Valley of the Rogue River State Park

Valley of the Rogue River State Park

Set in the southwest of Oregon, Valley Of The Rogue River State Park can be found sitting directly next to a bend on the Rogue River and its scenic shores. Besides being surrounded by beautiful nature at every turn you’ll also find an intimate picnic spot perfect for making memories together with loved ones!

The state park is a hidden gem in the lush, mountainous region of Oregon. Activities like fishing and swimming are just some examples for visitors who come here to enjoy their time on land as well as explore nature up close via hiking trails or river trips through scenic forests with abundant wildlife visible from afar (including beavers!). This serene spot also makes it easy enough distance away from crowds so that you can go sightseeing without worrying about getting lost along the way!

Top 11: Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park is a hidden treasure in the Northwest. The park commemorates two men, one from each state of America at that time (Oregon became part of the Union just before their expedition), who made an extraordinary achievement with what they did have their journey westward across our land starting over 200 years ago!

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was an undertaking like no other, embarking on a mission that would take them to some of America’s most stunning scenery. With the Pacific Coast being their final destination after months at sea-they finally arrived in Oregon just as winter set itself upon this picturesque shoreline location!

It is here you can enjoy learning about all things related through exhibits and artifacts while taking part in interactive programs for children or adults alike who want something more active than sitting inside looking out windows.”

Top 10: John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

The prehistoric landscape in east-central Oregon has been the site of some very interesting events. Home to rugged, rocky terrain and colorful crags that are reminiscent of something right out of a fairy tale book illustration (maybe with all those dark scary pits), it is well worth visiting for its lovely layered landscapes dotted here and there by striking geysers or surreal hoodoos which date back many centuries before humans were ever heard from on this continent!

Visitors to the John Day River Basin can now view their finds at a museum that has educational displays and an amazing film on paleontology. There are three separate yet equally spectacular segments for you to explore, in Sheep Rock; Painted Hills (with its kaleidoscopic colors); and Clarno Lake–all located within this one park!

Top 9: Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve

Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve

The Marble Halls of Oregon is a hidden treasure trove for the intrepid traveler. A popular, impressive place to visit and not far from the California border with the Siskiyou Mountains as their backdrop provides an unforgettable experience!

The cave complex is a must-see for those who have an interest in natural history. The formations are fantastical and it’s fascinating to learn about the historical implications of each one while exploring its huge halls with great tunnels or dark depths where there may be some undiscovered secrets waiting!

Even if you’re not into ghost hunting, hiking, or wildlife watching this unique preserve has allures that will make your heart beat faster. The caverns are spectacular but it’s the streams and rivers winding through forests with their sparkling waters just outside our doors that really steal away time in nature’s embrace
The Underground Caves of Sri Lanka is a must-see – we promise there isn’t any other place like them on earth!

Top 8: Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

Located deep in the northeast corner of Washington State, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area offers a variety for travelers. Set around the deepest river gorge on North America’s continent with lofty peaks and sweeping vistas across its landscape that you can explore freely to your heart’s desire- there are no boundaries here!

The park, established in 1975 by President Gerald Ford to protect its untouched nature and namesake river canyon that runs through it. One of the most photographed parks because of how picturesque this location is with towering mountains on either side as well as an awe-inspiring view at 2,436 meters deep into Hells Canyon which was carved out by rushing water from Snake River’s magnificent mounts high above ground level; visitors can enjoy hiking or camping among other activities while some go swimming fishing kayaking around these parts too!

Top 7: Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Newberry National Volcanic Monument is one of the most beautiful places in Oregon, with its scenic lakes and lavas. The perfect destination for a quick visit or all-day adventure!

Newberry Caldera is a gorgeous, pristine area that has been preserved for all to enjoy. The two lakes are the main attraction of this national monument and stand proudly against green forests as well dark obsidian fields which surround them beautifully. If you’re looking for some great hiking or horseback riding there’s plenty within Newberry itself so don’t forget your sneakers!

Top 6: Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park is not just a place for climbers. The breathtaking scenery and climber-friendly environment have made it one of Oregon’s most popular parks, drawing visitors from all over the world to enjoy its stunning cliffs with challenging climbing routes old and new alike!

Smith Rock State Park is a must-see for lovers of the outdoors. In addition to rappelling down iconic routes such as the Monkey Face or navigating Picnic Lunch Wall, visitors can go hiking and camping among its picturesque scenery that ranges from forested ridges in summer months to snow-capped mountains during wintertime!

Top 5: Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is a place of great natural beauty that can be found along the state’s scenic shoreline between Coos Bay and Florence. Home to beautiful beaches, forests lakes, and islands it’s an unforgettable experience with lots to see!

The largest expanse of coastal sands in North America, the dunes that dominate this park make a breathtaking sight. They were actually the inspiration for Frank Herbert’s famous sci-fi novel Dune and provide some adventurous experiences like hiking or horseback riding to visitors who come here looking for nature at its finest form with plenty more fun activities available too!

Top 4: Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park

The Silver Falls state park is a lush and beautiful location outside of Salem, with many trails winding through its verdant forests. The serene setting offers visitors the chance to hike alongside waterfalls or take horseback riding trips on some of Oregon’s finest terrain for an adventure they’ll never forget!

Silver falls is the largest and most popular state park in Oregon, with 54 meters high South Falls being its most visited attraction; however North or Winterfall is equally impressive for their jet-white waters that can be found along the Trail of Ten falls loop to make for an unforgettable sight when captured by photographers seeking out fine images against green trees backdrop.

Tucked away among verdant forest it’s hard not to notice how picturesque these waterfalls look when witnessed up close – likely many memorable shots will happen during your visit!

Top 3: Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park

The views in Ecola State Park are some of the most scenic in Oregon. Movies like The Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, and Twilight have been shot here due to their perfect nature for filming movies with breathtaking coastlines as well!

The Oregon Coast has some of the most incredible scenery on earth and a state park that houses historic sights relating to both Tillamook natives and Lewis & Clark. Visitors can go wildlife watching in Ecola, or stroll along trails while enjoying views out over Pacific Ocean beaches with lush rainforest inland from where they stand!

Top 2: Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The Columbia River Gorge is a meandering path through the Cascade Range that stretches 130 kilometers long with depths of over 1,200 meters. It now has been designated as part of America’s National Scenic Areas program and houses an abundance of nature in its picturesque surroundings!

One of the most scenics drives in America, and it’s also a great way to explore Multnomah Falls. This national park is home not only for its beautiful scenery but also hiking trails with fantastic views from high above on top falls or looking down at the river below while mountain biking through lush forests full of berries!

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Top 1: Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park

This beautiful park is the only one in all of Oregon and its easy access means you can enjoy your vacation without having to drive too far. The Crater Lake National Park has an incredible view, plenty of activities for every member (and dog)of the family, great hiking trails with breathtaking views – not to mention what are considered some of their most photogenic scenery around!

Many consider Crater Lake to be the most scenic spot in all of Oregon. The lake, which stands guard over an ancient caldera and offers up breathtaking views from its rimmed edges can boast about having some lively fishing waters too! Visitors will find many different tours for them here such as scuba diving or boat rentals that give you access to explore this beautiful natural wonder at your leisure while also giving fellow travelers plenty of photo opportunities along the way.

Visitors to Crater Lake National Park will be blown away by the beauty of this amazing area. Hikers and bikers can choose from over 140 kilometers worth of scenic paths for their adventure, while those who just want an escape into nature have it all before them as well!