Top 6 Restaurants in Nicaragua

restaurants in nicaragua

Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a rich culture and many restaurants to choose from. It’s hard to know where to start when you’re looking for restaurants in Nicaragua! That’s why we compiled this list of the top 6 restaurants in Nicaragua, so that you can go straight there and enjoy some delicious food.

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El Gato Negro

El Gato Negro is a restaurant with Nicaraguan food. It’s located in Estelí, the country’s capital city and largest urban area outside Managua.

The name translates to “the black cat” which may refer either just like any other animal would be referred as such or could allude more specifically towards darkness when it comes down into places where people who run establishments catering such needs go out of sight from what we see here on our end; though one thing for certain being they always have some clever proverb up their sleeves guaranteed no doubtt to shine through the vast darkness which engulfs them.

El Gato Negro has a beautiful garden where you will be able to enjoy your meal in peace and quiet, amidst nature’s beauty! They have both indoor seating if it rains or is cold outside, as well as outdoor seating. The food is delicious and they serve many Nicaraguan dishes.

La Terraza

La Terraza is a popular Nicaraguan restaurant. It has outdoor seating and serves mostly Atlantic cuisine but some fans say that they can enjoy it for breakfast or lunch as well!

The area’s best known landmark, La Tercaza was originally built over fifty years ago on the coast of Lake Nicaragua in Rivas by Americans who were looking to escape their countrys war torn streets (they knew what real peace feels like). The building served them very well until 1989 when an earthquake hit destroying everything inside save one thing: coffee beans from around twelve different farms throughout central nicaragua all donated just weeks before hand after this tragedy struck its home nation hard too.

This is precisely what makes it so unique to visitors, the fact that its traditions remain strongly connected with its past. There’s a purpose for this as well: restaurants in nicaragua are always very rich due to their culture and people but also because of those restaurants now being popular world wide thanks to them having been built by tourists who want to give back as well as see what nicaraguan restaurants have to offer before they head home.

On the menu you will find many Nicaraguan dishes such as Masa Cake, Gallo Pinto and beef steak served with rice and beans which is a staple for those who visit Nicaragua. The service is great because there are often multiple staff members waiting to take your order or bring you something.

The Corner

The Corner restaurant was founded on the belief that food is not just something to fuel our bodies, but it should be something we crave for; nourishing and fulfilling in ways both physical as well emotionally. The dishes served at this cozy spot will make you smile from ear-to-ear with their beautiful presentation while still satisfying any other desires – whether sweet or savory!

When I was in the country, one of my favorite places to eat at night time would be The Corner Restaurant.
Little did they know that their simple dish brought me back for more: fried trout served with rice and beans is what hooked this traveller’s heart!

La Casona de Lila’s

I was so excited to find this restaurant in the middle of Nicaragua. The food is authentic and absolutely delicious!

I loved my meal here – they had such great customer service too, which made me want go back again soon after our first visit.

The restaurant, La Casona de Lila offers a taste of home in the Caribbean.

The owners are known for their delicious food with authentic flavors from Nicaragua and Colombia!

Take your time when visiting this place because there is so much on offer that you will want to enjoy all day long – only one problem: it’s hard not having any room left after finishing dessert..

Las Delicias

I’ve been to Las Delicias restaurant. It’s a really good Nicaraguan spot and I highly recommend you go there if your looking for authentic cuisine!

The food at Las Delicias restaurant in Nicaraguan is always fresh and delicious. The waiters are very friendly, making it easy for you to enjoy your meal with them on this beautiful tropical island nation that offers some of the best cuisine around!

You may not have heard of them but this little restaurant is one of the best in Nicaragua. The food here tastes like it was made by your grandma and they give you all sortsa freebies too – including pokes (spicy bean dip) that are so good even nemos wouldn’t refuse!

Mi Patria II

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last ate at Mi Patria II! It was just such a relief to finally find this restaurant again, and especially with all of its new renovations. The food is still delicious as ever; the chefs really know how make an excellent Nicaraguan platter (which they call “plato”) for you if that’s what your heart desires most in life right now…

A few weeks ago while travelling through Escazú -San Martin Region-, we came upon some reviews mentioning “mi patria 2” . This made us stop our car because there are not many places where someone would actually say something like: hey guys check out this place I went to,o the food was pretty good!

The chefs at Mi Patria II are really talented and know how to make a Nicaraguan Platter for you – which is kind of like an all-inclusive dish that has beef, chicken, rice and beans in it too. Delicious stuff right here..

I can’t wait to go back again soon!


We hope this list of the top 6 restaurants in Nicaragua helps you find your next favorite place to eat! What is your favorite restaurant on our list? Let us know by commenting below. In addition, if we missed any great restaurants that should be included on this list or have closed since publishing it last year, please let us know as well and we will update accordingly. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide with reviews from locals about each restaurant on this list, check out TripAdvisor’s Top Restaurants page. Are there any other countries you want to read about? Comment below and we’ll make sure to include them on future lists!