Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine Review

smeg coffee maker

The Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine makes a wonderful, strong cup of coffee that’s sure to keep you going all morning. It can’t make lattes but it has other features such as an auto start mode and aroma settings so your sodium intake doesn’t have too high of rates either!

Smeg DCF02 at Amazon for $209

Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine Overview

The Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine is a retro-inspired design that features large quantities of filter coffee in one go. It also has an intuitive timer function, and you can keep your hot drinks warm for up to 40 minutes after brewing with the included warming plate!

A delicate or intense aroma will be delivered based on what type of drinker you are–perfect if one taste isn’t enough but not exactly thrilling about waking up every morning at 5am 🙂

The Smeg offers many features, but its design and size make it difficult to use. The interface on this machine also steams up when brewing coffee or water tank isn’t easy enough fill up with desired amount of liquid at once which can lead some people away from using them in favor for more traditional options such as Nespresso machines.

The price and availability

List price $199.95 / £179 / AU$305.67

The Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine is one of those products that you can’t help but admire from afar, no matter how much money or time I spend in my day. The design alone makes me question why anyone would choose any other type of brewing method when this bad boy exists!

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  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Adjustable aroma intensity
  • The machine is able to make 10 cups of coffee at once.

The Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine is a large and impressive machine. It measures 14.25 x 9 inches (W x D), making it too tall for our kitchen cabinets which restricted where we could put this coffee maker in the house to store properly; however, its unique design reflects their focus on combining modern convenience with old-school style appeal that will fit right into any setting or home decorating preference!

You’ll find eight different colors available through UK retailers such as Amazon Prime Now at just £319 / $329 per unit but if you’re located elsewhere around Europe then there’s fewer color options available – seven total across both countries including US markets where consumers can choose between black/silver stainless steel or white gloss finish only instead.

The Smeg Coffee Machine is a sleek and stylish coffee machine that features an easy to use design. It has 47 fl oz / 1.4 liter capacity, which means it’s big enough for 10 standard mugs of coffees but small when compared with other models on the market today!

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We love that this drip coffee machine has a glass carafe, which is great because it means you can’t accidentally break the jug. Not having to use paper filters also cuts down on waste and keeps our planet clean! There’s an included reusable filter so we don’t have anything left over after using these machines; but if preferred not use them at all then there are two baskets inside where others will fit just fine too – one holds old ones for recycling or throwing away with food trash (yay!), while another contains new types ready-to-use.

The Smeg Drip Filter machine has a clock and four buttons on the front. One of these allows you to program in your preferred time for brewing coffee, while another makes it easy to set up an automatic brew cycle so all that’s needed from you is turn over this baby every morning without fail! The buttons on this machine are more than just pretty to look at. They have a purpose; from turning it on and off, adjusting the aroma intensity or selecting how many cups you want in your mug before it stops brewing (which is four).

The glass carafe sits on a hot plate which is automatically activated when the Keep Warm setting kicks in after coffee has finished brewing, and it keeps your delicious beverage warm for up to 40 minutes.


You can start brewing coffee with the Smeg Drip Filter machine in just three easy steps: wash your carafe and lid, rinse thoroughly throughly, then turn on. There’s no set-up required before you’re ready for unstopable goodness–simply fill it up using any old sink or bucket if necessary! The water reservoir isn’t detachable so be careful when pouring; however this handy little appliance makes all of life easier as soon as they are put onto their warming plate during first use (and after)!

For our first brew, we decided to make enough coffee for two cups and spooned the required amount of ground beans into a reusable filter. The machine takes about two minutes when on; it also averaged 45 decibels which is pretty good considering many libraries have noise levels around 40 dBs – most came from where I was pouring rather than what’s happening inside this coffeemaker! One thing we noticed is that the clock screen got steamed up when it was being used, although this wasn’t too much of an issue and just needs wiping down.

There’s a four-cup button on this Smeg coffee maker, but you can only choose between 10 and 20 cups. If your brew is larger than ten (10) ounces then be sure to stay near the machine as it will stop when done brewing!

We measured out two cups of coffee and found that each cup, according to the carafe in this coffeemaker was actually only 5floz/150ml whereas a standard 8-ounce mug usually holds about 16 ounces. For those who like their drinks on the lighter side or want more than one person can drink per sitting you’ll be better off using four settings with 12 to 14 fluid oz capacity mugs so there’s plenty left over! The hot liquid tasted smooth as well; it wasn’t too strong nor did any strange flavors come through during heating time which is always nice when drinking anything at home alone before work starts up again later today 🙂

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It’s always a good time to drink some coffee. I like having my morning ritual and now, thanks to this machine by Design Toscano!, it will be just as easy for me in the mornings! It’s really simple- all you have do is put water into one side of your carafe (or french press) before bedtime then let everything else runs its course through auto mode on its own when programmed correctly at 8am…perfect way start up bright & early feeling refreshed after those long nights sleep without having worry about whether or not anything was done dirty during that slumber because there wasn’t any manual work involved whatsoever 🙂

If you’re looking for a high-quality, long lasting coffee maker that also happens to be affordable than the Smeg Drip Filter may just what your are searching. With it’s adjustable water hardness settings and touchy features such as being able silence button presses when pressed down on them this product has got everything any home barista could ask for in one package!

Cleaning the machine is relatively easy – you can place all of its parts in your dishwasher and leave it for an hour. To descale, simply add some tapwater to a pan with baking soda (or vinegar) then run two rinse cycles before cleaning again!

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Why should you buy Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine?

  • This Smeg coffee maker means you can set it up to brew your morning cup of joe as soon as the sun starts shining.
  • This machine can make up to 10 cups of coffee at once, so it’s an ideal choice if you are making drinks for a large household or guests.
  • With the Smeg Drip Filter machine, you won’t have to worry about wasting any pod or plastic with your morning caffeine. The only leftover waste will be used coffee grounds which can easily get recycled!