The 10th Largest Island in the Philippines

Largest Islands in the Philippines

The Philippines are home to an astonishing collection of over 7600 islands, only 2 thousand (or 20%) of which are permanently inhabited. While many small and idyllic atolls can be found throughout this archipelago; some battle it out for world records as being among the largest on earth when measuring total land area!

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Top 10: Bohol (3,821 km2)

The Bohol Island is a picturesque, oval-shaped island with quaint stone churches and mischievous tarsier monkeys. The Chocolate Hills are the most famous landmark on this beautiful landmass – over 162 miles of coastline packed full of waterfalls and natural caves! As if that wasn’t enough beauty in one place, there’s also another 70+ satellite islands just waiting for you to explore them all.

Top 9: Cebu (4,468 km2)

Cebu Island is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in all of Philippines. The lush coastlines are dotted with spectacular beaches, while limestone hills peek out from behind it’s forests on mountainsides overlooking blue waters. Inland you’ll find picturesque clearings where wild orchids grow next to vividly colorful tropical flowers near cinderblock houses without electricity–a reminder that this place has been untouched by time since around 1100AD!

To some, Cebu may be known as the “heart of all things beautiful” or a paradise in disguise. The island is home to over 3 million people and consists primarily developed areas around its bustling capital city with Spanish colonial history that leaves much else untouched; however there are hundreds if not thousands more smaller islands making up this Philippine province – collectively called ‘Cebu’.

Top 8: Leyte (7,368 km2)

Leyte island is not only a farming country but also home to many historic sites and battlegrounds. The most famous being the Battle of Leyte Gulf which was fought here between Allied forces from all over Asia against Japanese Imperial Navy soldiers in order to secure victory at sea during World War II’s Pacific Theater campaign. More than 200,000 fighters took part making it one huge melee with more casualties than any other battle before or since!

Top 7: Mindoro (10,572 km2)

Mindoro, a large island located southwest of Luzon and northeast of Palawan. It is home to over one million people split into two provinces – Occidental Mindoro (Oriental) with it’s deep valleys that stretch for 100 miles along its length; Tamarau water buffalo found nowhere else on Earth make this an ideal escape from monsoon season when you can enjoy spectacular white sand beaches coupled by winding rivers & lakes all while escaping Manila traffic!

Top 6: Panay (12,011 km2)

One of the most beautiful islands in all of Asia, Panay has been getting a lot more attention recently. It’s home to 4 million people and is often used as just another stepping stone for reaching Boracay or going on your own adventure exploring nearby caves and rivers

Top 5: Palawan (12,189 km2)

Arawakan-speaking Filipinos have inhabited Palawan for centuries and still do today, making up about half of its population. The largest island in the province has a largely untouched tourism industry with few visitors from outside these shores due to lack or accessibility – until now!

It may surprise you to know that the Philippines has been called a “last ecological frontier.” In 2016, it was voted by Conde Nast Traveller and Travel + Leisure as one of the world’s most beautiful islands. To get there now is an adventure in itself; with jungle landscapes descending below your feet until they reach white sand beaches lined with palm trees proudly displaying their grandeur for all who visit them!

Top 4: Negros (13,310 km2)

Negros is the 4th largest island in the Philippines. The boot-shaped island of Negros is one the Visayas islands, which are a cluster in the Philippine Sea. It has more than 100 miles worth exploring along it’s coastlines with both ocean waters and shoreline that range from roaring surf at high tide all way down to calm lagoons where you can swim without worry about dangerous currents pulling tourists under like they do elsewhere on this beautiful archipelago!

The island of Palawan is a land full of wealth and beauty. The large amount its agriculture have made it one Filipino’s richest region, as well as being home to some incredible diving sites offshore that should not be missed by any diver interested in exploring new territory!

Top 3: Samar (13,429 km2)

Samar Island is a largely hilly island punctuated with scenic coastal plains and flood lands. Located off the coast of central Philippines, it’s surrounded by sea on three sides while connected to Leyte province via San Juanico Strait that also separates it from Compostela Valley in Bohol Sea (a part known for its iconic mountains).
The most easterly located island in Visayan group – Samar boast stunning beaches perfect for beach-lovers but not so much when you’re looking up at an unending collection cliffs or dashing through rolling hills where every turn reveals another view unlike any other place around!

Top 2: Mindanao (97,530 km2)

The Philippines are home to some of the world’s most stunning islands, and Mindanao is no exception. This mountainous island stretches for nearly 300 miles from north to south across four seas: The Bohol Sea in the east; CelebesSea(or Raja Ampat) on its west coast which borders Indonesia’s Mimika Islands Group ; Philippine Seas just off Sulu Archipelago – this southern sea also encompasses Palawan Strait towards Malaysia . Although there isn’t any mountain higher than Mount Apo (the tallest peak), visitors will find plenty more reasons why they should come here before their tour ends !”

The island of Martinique is often called the ‘pioneer frontier’ for its huge stretches of untouched fertile land. It has been a farming region since Europeans first arrived in abundance and began cultivating corn, rice, fruit trees like coconuts or oranges as well coffee plants which are native to this part of Caribbean sea
The area also produces cacao beans used to make chocolate!

Top 1: Luzon (109,965 km2)

The island of Luzon is not only the Philippines’ largest and most populated, but also fifteenthlargest when measured by land area. Located in northern Philippines it’s home to 50 million people which makes up over half its total population for this nation – granting them their final title as fourthmostpopulatedislandintheworld!