The Best Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

things to do in phoenix

Phoenix is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Valley of the Sun has everything from golf courses and hiking trails to mountain biking, rock climbing – even in the scorching heat!
The city’s abundance of parks provides peace with beautiful surroundings all year round.

Phoenix is a fascinating city with so much to offer. It’s an excellent economic and cultural center for not just Arizona but also the whole Southwest region, boasting plenty of incredible art galleries as well as magnificent museums that you can go check out if your interest lies there. In addition, there are many exceptional restaurants where they serve delicious food in cozy environments; then we have bars around town that host some great live music events every night! This place has it all: gorgeous gardens, interesting historic tourist attractions… Plus major sports teams (the Diamondbacks) who play baseball here – what more could someone ask from their day off?

Wrigley Mansion

Set just a short drive to the northeast of downtown Phoenix is this wonderful Wrigley Mansion. It’s atop an impressive knoll, and has a spectacular architecture with great tours that take you around all its sumptuously decorated rooms!

The Wrigley Mansion is a Spanish-style building that has exquisite tile work and features more than twenty rooms. The tour will teach you about the history of this beautiful house, which was built by wealthy people from predecessor families such as Marquez or Parkman in Chicago around 1854 AD. Nowadays it’s home to private club meetings where guests can enjoy fine dining with phenomenal views while relaxing by their outdoor veranda!

Goldfield Ghost Town

Lying on the eastern outskirts of Phoenix is a ghost town that was once a thriving mining town. The small, picturesque community offers tours and experiences including gunfights in old saloons as well as ziplines high above Arizona’s desert floor while visitors ride through its narrow gauge railroad track with views for miles upon miles showcasing beautiful mountain ranges all around them!

If you’re looking for a historical gold rush town with plenty of history and Western fun, then try visiting one of the reconstructed ghost towns in California. Gold was discovered nearby by prospectors around 1848 but died out before it could flourish into a thriving mining center like other areas did during that time period due to lack or supplies coming from up north where most ore deposits were found. However, there are still many sites left behind such as old homes converted into saloons or abandoned mineshafts which provide insight into what life would’ve been like back then while bringing families together through adventure traveling.

South Mountain Park

You’ll never think about city parks in the same way after visiting South Mountain Park. This expansive, mountainous landscape offers a variety of activities such as hiking and biking among others that you can enjoy with your family or friends!

The ruins of a grand past, the Piestewa Triangle is home to one of nature’s greatest wonders. The park contains 80 kilometers worth of trails that are perfect for hiking and mountain biking among other things such as horseback riding in its endless scenic beauty. One can often spot large lizards here too! A popular destination within this immense space offers breath-taking views from Dobbins Lookout which showcases some of our country’s highest points along with Phoenix below – making it an unforgettable place indeed.”

Papago Park

For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Papago Park is an ideal destination. Home to many tempting attractions as well as beautiful landscapes that will make your heart skip a beat or two with its peacefulness, this park has something for everyone!

The desert is a land of astonishing rock formations and hidden treasures. The Hole in the Rock, Big Butte park has some of Nevada’s most iconic views as you’ll see from its diverse landscape that features cacti dotted hillsides to mountain scape front Clear Lake where Arizona’s first governor was laid to rest centuries ago!

Japanese Friendship Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is a beautiful, serene space to wander through. Alongside the koi pond are stone lanterns and streams that lead you past some of nature’s most striking plants for contemplation.

The tranquil garden was opened to the public in 1996 after nearly a decade spent designing and perfecting its layout. In fact, it is owned by Phoenix and Himeji – sister cities of Japan that collaborate on this project for enjoyment both sides offer visitors alike. Visitors can enjoy basking under these beautiful trees while taking part one some cultural events happening here such as tea ceremonies or tai chi classes; they also have workshops with different types of ikebana art demonstrations available if you want more than what’s typical from those offerings!

Lost Dutchman State Park

You’ll find the Lost Dutchman State Park at an altitude of 2,500 feet just outside Phoenix. It features lush green forests and invigorating mountain views as well as what’s left behind by gold mining in Arizona’s past: ghost towns like Goldfield which is close by!

The quiet, serene setting of the Superstitions Trail riding area offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy nature. With scenic views from every direction, it’s easy not only to see why this park was established in 1977 by Arizona State but also what makes exploring these mountains so worthwhile!

Roosevelt Row District

What was once a dilapidated, decaying, and even dangerous district just a few short decades ago has now become one of the most dynamic areas downtown. Home to lots of incredible art galleries, local restaurants, and boutiques as well as many other attractions such as yoga studios or dance loft spaces; Roosevelt Row is at the heart center for all things artsy-culture related!

The Roosevelt Row District is a place of creativity and innovation. With its many murals, innovative artists’ studios, and shops to browse in this unique neighborhood are sure not only be pleasing but also informative for anyone who visits it! There’s always something going on here like festivals or cultural events that will keep you entertained – from art enthusiasts like me looking at all new artwork each week when I’m home visiting family; to travelers desiring more than just fancy buildings while sightseeing around town–Roosevelt Robe has everything any tourist could want: variety (and lots character).

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum in Phoenix is an award-winning museum that provides the public with a captivating collection of Native American artworks, artifacts, and archaeological findings. The main focus is on indigenous culture from America’s Southwest but it also covers everything else like their history or heritage as well!

While its holdings have grown significantly since it first opened in 1929, the museum now houses 40,000+ items. In addition to displaying beautiful beaded work and baskets from around North America as well as textiles with traditional arts on view for all visitors to see here at their galleries- there are Hopi kachinas which can only be found within this collection or if you’re lucky enough live near one who has access then come visit us during any festival season where they perform alongside other artists of different backgrounds!

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is one of the most renowned and recognized landmarks in this region, with its tall slopes providing breathtaking panoramas for visitors. It lies northeast between Phoenix and Paradise Valley. The mountain gets it’s due not just because of how much it resembles a kneeling camel but also from all that outdoor activity available on top–from hiking through cacti-covered landscapes or enjoying views from high up into some faraway valley below; there really isn’t anyone who won’t find something about which they can get lost when looking at these picturesque scenes!

The magnificent beauty of Camelback Mountain offers many opportunities for visitors. From basking in its peace and serenity, or bouldering around its base you can hike along with one of the trails that will take your breath away as it becomes more rugged with every step up into Echo Canyon where there is some really challenging climbing but well worth all those views over Phoenix & Scottsdale from atop this giant!

Scottsdale Old Town

The perfect getaway destination, Scottsdale is a city full of interesting things for you to see and do. Along with its lovely Old Town featuring fun activities like shopping or dining at some great restaurants on Main St., there are also art galleries as well as museums dotted throughout this western town’s landscape that will satisfy anyone’s appetite!

As the area dates back all the way to the 1920s, several interesting historic sights and beautiful old buildings can be found scattered around its streets. Most of the space is taken up with either souvenir shops or Wild West-themed saloons & restaurants but in addition, Scottsdale has plenty for visitors like chic boutiques galore as well swanky nightclubs that are popular among locals alike!

Musical Instrument Museum

Set just twenty minutes’ drive from the city center is one of Europe’s best-known and most impressive museums, the Musical Instrument Museum. With over 15,000 instruments on display including ones collected all-around 200 countries/territories, it’ll take your breath away as well!

Since opening in 2010, it has been a firm favorite among visitors to Phoenix as its grand galleries are crammed with impressive instruments from around the globe. While wandering around this museum you can see and listen to everything from Chinese sanctions and Indian surbahars to Indonesian boat lutes or Nepalese Phet banams (a double-headed drum). In addition, there’s plenty of photos, prints of performance outfits that will inspire your next adventure!

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Desert Botanical Garden

One of the most popular, peaceful, and picturesque places to visit in Phoenix is Desert Botanical Garden which lies at the north end of Papago Park. Now home to over 50 thousand plants from around the world with gorgeous paths that take you through lots of arid yet attractive desert landscapes!

The Desert Botanical Garden is home to an extensive collection of wildflowers, cacti, and interesting art installations. If you’re in Phoenix on your travels then it would definitely be worth checking out this beautiful botanical garden!