The Best Things to Do in Tucson, Arizona

things to do in tucson

Tucson is a fascinating place to explore and it doesn’t disappoint. The charming city of Tucson offers so much for locals, visitors alike with its scenic beauty set amidst the scorching Sonoran Desert alongside other magnificent mountain ranges in close proximity. Whether you want an active adventure or just some time outdoors there are no shortage of activities that can be enjoyed here!

The second-largest city in Arizona, Tucson is home to the University of Arizona and a thriving arts culture scene. It also contains beautiful botanical gardens, as well as historic neighborhoods which have many sights relating to America’s Wild West era such, are old forts or ranch houses restored from ruins left behind by settlers years ago.

Trail Dust Town

Nestled in the northeast of Lovettsville, VA is Trail Dust Town. A unique outdoor shopping center with Wild West-themed shops and other sights to see including a quaint old carousel that was used for scenes from classic movies like “The Wizard Of Oz” or even TV series taken place during this time period such as bonanza. For those looking for something more active, there’s Pinnacle Peak steakhouse where you can enjoy sizzling steaks while watching live herds pass by on our top floor observation deck!

Tucson Mountain Park

The Tucson Mountains are a must-see for any outdoor enthusiast. You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding in this beautiful and remote park that’s home to many scrumptious plants as well!

The range has over 100 kilometers of trails with spectacular scenery up high on top of some amazing saguaros (just remember not too much water). There you’ll be able to see endless views all around including one side down into Mexico where it borders directly onto the Sonoran Desert – what more could anyone ask from their vacation?

University of Arizona Campus

The University of Arizona’s campus is a hub for adventure. As the largest university in its state, it offers adventures both on and off-campus! Visitors can explore beautiful grounds with some old buildings that date back to early 20th-century architecture. If you’re looking for something more modern then there are also museums worth visiting such as the Museum Of Art & The State Museum which are overflowing with artworks from all around the world— Including ones made by UofA students themselves!!

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum

The DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum is a delightful site to visit. It started as just one small building with artworks inside, now it’s an incredible National Historic District that houses many more captivating pieces of artwork for you to admire!

Ettore DeGrazia’s collection of buildings is a treat for tourists with its permanent artworks. The standout sight at this museum is his paintings that highlight the history and culture in Arizona, including many abstract or impressionist pieces you won’t see anywhere else!

Gaslight Theatre

Local’s are always on the lookout for a good show and Gaslight Theatre just might be their spot. The theater, which first opened its doors in 1977 has been loved by locals since day one thanks to its Western-themed performance space as well as delicious food options like dinner or drinks while watching your favorite play (or movie).

The Wild West ambiance will make you feel right at home with fellow audience members who also enjoy cheering from inside during both happy moments of laughter alongside them; however, if they don’t please come anyways because there’s an awesome bar across the street where we drink until closing time!

Tucson Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are a short drive outside the city center. They’re home to hundreds of plants, some that you can’t find anywhere else! The mature trees and scenic views make it such an enjoyable place for visitors from all walks of life – even kids love visiting this historic oasis in their free time.

Madera Canyon

The Madera Canyon is a must-see for any nature lover, and it’s only 45 minutes south of Tucson. The Santa Rita Mountains overlooking this craggy canyon boast some of the best birdwatching opportunities in all of America! Over 250 species have been spotted at this scenic spot thanks to its serene setting among totemic ponderosa pines that provide refuge from both humans as well as other animals such as bobcats or bears when they need some peace & quiet too.

Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo is a small yet captivating zoological park home to an array of animals. I recommend you visit it if you’re in the area, as it’s not only popular with locals and tourists alike but offers something for everyone – from grizzlies bear cubs, or jaguars lounging by their water pools on warm days; giraffes galore!

In addition, there are displays that educate visitors about these fascinating creatures’ natural habitats while also giving them the opportunity feeders splash around at our wild & wet safari park- all this without having ever left Kansas City’s city center so close near Plaza.”

Old Tucson

One of the best days out for all the family is in Old Tuscon. Nicknamed ‘Hollywood in The Desert’, this former film studio has been transformed into a Wild West theme park with exciting attractions and entertainment options to enjoy!

Touring around this studio, visitors can see the places that have been used for many movies and TV shows. The most famous being Gunfight at O.K Corral which was filmed here in 2005! As well as touring around with a guide to learn more about all it has seen over time, there are also reenactments of gunfights where people get into character so you understand what happened before your very own eyes- without having been partaking yourself.

Catalina State Park

The captivating Catalina State Park lies half an hour’s drive north of the city. Encompassing craggy canyons and sparkling streams, it has trails for hiking or mountain biking to be enjoyed with breathtaking views over mountains that Tucson is visible in the distance at its base -a treat indeed!

Tohono Chul

Tucked away in the Arizona desert are a peaceful botanical garden and cultural museum. The Tohono Chul connects people to the awe-inspiring art, nature, and culture from around Sonora through their museum exhibits. You can also explore its exquisite gallery of sculptures that showcase works by American Southwest artists like Rufina Chamorro (a prominent Tucson indigenous painter).

Mission San Xavier del Bac

One of the most important historic sights in Arizona, and one that you won’t want to miss is a place called ‘Mission San Xavier del Bac’ which can be found just outside downtown Phoenix. The magnificent white Baroque building exhibits some of the finest remaining Spanish Colonial architecture left for us here within our country today!

Built between 1783 and 1797, the mission is remarkably one of Arizona’s oldest structures. It has an elegant entrance with its exterior that makes it a striking sight for pilgrims or tourists alike! With frescoes on every inch inside as well as statues around your neck when you enter – this church will not disappoint anyone looking to get their spiritual fill.

Saguaro National Park

The Saguaro National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in America. It has trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding that wind through dramatic desert landscapes dotted with cacti called saguaros or “cactus people” by Tucson locals!

The park is a preserve for the Sonoran Desert but also includes Tucson and Rincon Mountains that run through it. While there are plenty of places to explore, my favorite sight would have been its swathe or spiny saguaro which tower up 12 meters tall as iconic images on American Southwest landscapes.

Pima Air and Space Museum

The Pima Air and Space Museum is one of the world’s most extensive museums for aviation, with over 400 aircraft on display. The hangars here have room to spare as they are home not just to civilian planes but military ones too! What makes this place so special? There are many exhibits that document how we got from propeller-powered flight all the way up until today’s drones–including a replica spaceship used by NASA astronauts during training missions (I’m guessing you’ll want an audience when visiting).

Sabino Canyon

Nestled to the northeast of Tucson, Sabino Canyon is an enchanting place for outdoor enthusiasts. With grand views and a variety of activities like hiking or horseback riding available in this wilderness area located entirely within Coronado National Forest, there’s no shortage of amazing things you can do here!

Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway

This road takes you right up to the summit of Mount Lemmon, which is considered one of its scariest roads. It’s also home to some spectacular scenery and views with natural wonders that reflect Arizona’s diverse geographic regions as well as manmade ones such as Copper Canyon Bridge (the second highest suspension bridge).

Hiking through the Catalina Mountains is a journey you will never forget. The hike has beautiful views of Tucson and its desert landscape, but it’s not without risk! You’ll have to be careful as there are many dangerous obstacles on this route such as large rocks that could fall at any moment or steep ravines where one slip would mean certain death for sure.

My advice: take plenty of water with you just in case something happens – don’t let your guard down ever because anything can happen up here!”

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a popular destination for visitors to Southern Arizona. The botanical garden and zoo are not the only attractions, it also has an aquarium with fish from around the world as well as amazing natural history displays!

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a must-see for any traveler who wants to get an understanding of the natural history, animals, and plants that inhabit one of our world’s most intriguing deserts. The museum provides travelers with insights into coyotes or cougars in their native habitat as well as giving visitors more information on all things Sonoran!